World's Best 10 Places To Live 2023!

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Gopika VC

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Despite the tourism draw of the nation's capital, Osaka has become an attraction in its own way.

Osaka, Japan

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It has all the good things about a big city without many of the bad things. It's clean, safe, easy to get around, and full of nice people.

Toronto, Canada

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Geneva's flawless healthcare score, high stability and infrastructure scores, and high cost of living make it livable.

Geneva, Switzerland

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City life includes nature. Lake Louise and Banff National Park are two hours away, and the city boasts mountain vistas everywhere.

Calgary, Canada

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Switzerland's commercial hub is hyper-efficient. Despite immaculate streets and on-time trains, the city surprises.

Zurich, Switzerland

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It's elegant yet natural. The city is cosmopolitan, but it's easy to get outside and live the active Northwest lifestyle.

Vancouver, Canada

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From interesting neighborhoods and spectacular gourmet locations to amazing Sydney shopping and some of the world's top ocean pools, this city has it all.

Sydney, Australia

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The world's most livable city is Melbourne. The city's world-class art, coffee, and gastronomy continue to draw tourists.

Melbourne, Australia

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Copenhagen's timeless charm draws visitors returning despite its reputation for cutting-edge restaurants and hotels.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The opera, Schönbrunn Palace gardens, and Sachertorte (chocolate torte) will keep you entertained in this city with great healthcare and education.

Vienna, Austria

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