Zanskar Expedition 2022: Look Out For These Places

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Gopika VC

The Shafat Glacier, with a length of 14 kilometers, is ranked seventh among India's top ten glaciers.

Shafat Glacier

This Himalayan glacier is often compared to Shafat. Snow from the glacier progressively reaches the Nun and Kun mountain ranges.

Parkachik Glacier

The Drang Drung glacier is one of the top two largest glaciers in the Ladakh region. The glacier is 23 kilometers long.

Drang Drung Glacier

The lake, which is not far from Sonmarg, is a high-altitude lake with beautiful landscape and tranquil settings.

Umasi La

Nun Kun is a mountain that separates Jammu and Kashmir from Ladakh. This mountain massif is made up of two major peaks: Nun and Kun.

Nun-Kun Massif

Zangla fort or palace is a destroyed marvel to explore and gaze back into history's golden grandeur. The fort is situated in a typical Zanskar rural setting.

Zangla Fort Or Palace

This is one of the most important water sources in Zanskar. The river is also a tributary of the Indus River.

Zanskar River

Similar to the Zanskar, the Suru is a tributary of the vast Indian river Indus. The river is 185 kilometers long.

Suru River

The second largest of Zanskar's monasteries. This monastery is associated with the Tibetan saint Marpa.

Stongdey Monastery

The monastery is a southern branch of the school. The monastery is a work of art that took centuries to complete.

Sani Monastery