Most Attractive Places In Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh's New Capital!

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Ruchika Mandora

Araku Valley in Vizag is one such site. However, you must travel more than 100 kilometers from the city center to reach this charming hilltop spot.

Araku Valley


RK beach is known by locals and tourists. People of all ages enjoy the beach and its vistas. A Ramakrishna Ashram is near the beach.

Rama Krishna Beach


These rock caverns are decorated with carvings and artwork that represent and depict Gautama Buddha and other facets of Buddhism.

Bojjana Konda


The INS Kurusura Museum of Vizag is built inside a submarine. Submarine INS Kurusura. The country's 5th submarine.

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum


The area's most popular Hindu pilgrimage place. Lord Narasimha is worshiped. This is said to be Lord Vishnu. Temple has stone engravings.

Simhachalam Temple


The memorial features an ever-burning fire. This pyre honors troops and strong hearts who died in wars.

Victory At Sea War Memorial Vizag


Borra Caves are near Araku Valley. The caves add to the area's mountainous scenery. The deciduous woodland that surrounds the city is another unique characteristic.

Borra Caves


The zoo located on the Eastern Ghats in Vizag. It's part of Kambalakonda Forest Reserve. The park has 80 types of animals.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park


Dolphin's Nose is a magnificent Vizag viewpoint. Visit the area to see the city's harbors, flora, beaches, and steep terrains.

Dolphin’s Nose


A park in an urban area located within Vizag. The park's exact location is Jodugullapalem. The park offers a spectacular view of the Bay of Bengal.

Tenneti Park