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Andhra Pradesh

Visakhapatnam: Explore The New Capital Of Andhra Pradesh!



10 Attractive Destinations To Visit In Vizag (Visakhapatnam)

Visakhapatnam, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh is An ancient port city in India that has due significance in the tourism of contemporary times. The state of Andhra Pradesh belongs to the southern region of India.

Mesmerizing beaches are one of the major attractions of the city. Moreover, the landscape of the city is also quite distinctive and impressive in comparison with the other coastal towns of the country.

The city is also culturally and historically sensitive making it a potential location for academicians and students to indulge in their quest for knowledge. The oldest shipyard in the country is also located in the city of Visakhapatnam, justifying its title as a “port city”. Moreover, the people of the city have also set up amazing creations and art for the visitors to watch and enjoy.

Even though it has been growing as a commercial city since the older days, the city has got spectacular natural views and wonders feasting nature lovers visiting the city. Visakhapatnam is one of the rare cities where you can enjoy a captivating coastline along with lush greens simultaneously.

Apart from all these, Visakhapatnam is not a typical South Indian town of happening tourism and is littered with surroundings. People both natives and tourists visiting the city are so keen on maintaining the cleanliness and order of the city as it is. Here are some of the places which would be great for your Vizag vacation plans. 

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Araku Valley 

Even if you are in the city of Visakhapatnam for a beach vacation, you will get that bonus point of exploring a hill station. Araku Valley situated in the city of Vizag is one such location. However, you need to travel more than 100km from the city center to reach this quaint hilly location.

Araku Valley 

This is kind of an off-beat destination and most of the tourists are not much aware of the place or keen about visiting it. Among those who visit the place, a majority are the natives of the city. Most of them opt for the place for a perfect weekend getaway.

However, tourists won’t regret visiting the place since it is blessed with the unmatched charm of green nature and is sufficient to fill you with unlimited positive energy and peace. Don’t worry about reaching the location from the city center concerning the distance.

There are proper transport facilities like local trains helping you reach the location without much hustle. Moreover, these train journeys are impressive with the natural experience they offer. You will pass through 58 tunnels and 84 bridges along the journey and all of them get accompanied by captivating landscapes and views. 

Rama Krishna Beach 

The beach is known in its abbreviated form, RK beach among the natives and tourists as well. People belonging to all age groups are found enjoying the views and vibes of the beach. An ashram of Ramakrishna Mission has situated nearby the beach. The name of the beach is attributed to this Mission ashram.

Rama Krishna Beach 

The surroundings of the beach would always be cool and calming making people spend a lot of their time here enjoying the matchless comfort. Moreover, the serene water of the ocean is an obsessive view to indulge in.

If you are fond of enjoying beautiful sunsets wherever you go, Ramakrishna Beach is one such location that will give you that one-of-a-kind experience rare to get anywhere else. That is the reason why the beach is seen as more crowded with people during the evening time.

Nightlife on the beach is also quite active and eventful. You can also engage in activities like beach volley to make your time well spent. Sunbathing, surfing, and sea bathing are the other common activities found on the beachside. Sometimes, camels are also found on the beach, offering you thrilling rides in a picturesque location. Fishing boat cruises are also available to enjoy a full-fledged view of the sunset on RK Beach. 

Bojjana Konda

These are 6 rock caves found in the city of Visakhapatnam. The construction period of these caves is believed to be the 4th C AD. It was a time when Buddhism was gaining popularity and acceptability among the natives of the city. These rock caves have carvings and art symbolizing and visualizing Gautama Buddha and various aspects of Buddhism.

Bojjana Konda

The aesthetic superiority of the art and designs found on the walls of the rock caves are often found praised by the tourists visiting them. Thus spirituality seekers and art enthusiasts are found alike in the location. Buddhist monks would visit the location to practice meditation and pay their religious respects. The Archaeological Survey of India is responsible for the maintenance of this spiritually sensitive, historic location.

The top of the caves can be reached through a stair made of stones, protected with railings. However, the climb is not that risky so almost everyone can make it up to the rock caves. Bojjana Konda hills are the hills on which the rock caves are located. The Monolithic stones found inside the caves have been a material of study for history scholars across the nation. 

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum 

Unlike the usual museums you might have come across, the INS Kurusura Museum of Vizag is built inside a real submarine. INS Kurusura is the name of the submarine. This is the 5th submarine in the country. The museum is located in a serene location with breathtaking views of the sandy beach and the musical waves of the blue ocean.

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum 

You can visit the museum on the go if you are visiting RK Beach since the museum is situated on the premises. You can also find the War Memorial of Visakhapatnam nearby the museum.

A lot of stories, artifacts, and pictures in the museum would tell you about those feelings of patriotism, struggle, and sacrifice. The lifestyle inside the submarines would amuse you making you respect and admire people who do that for real in life for their country.

The INS Kurusura was a functional submarine until 2001. The submarine was later decommissioned and turned into a museum. You will get a clear idea about the Indian Naval Forces and their efforts for the nation on the visit to the museum. If you are a tech enthusiast, a lot of facts and stories of your interest would also be served in the museum related to the submarine. 

Simhachalam Temple

One of the most visited pilgrim destinations for Hindus in the location. Lord Narasimha is the major deity worshipped here. This is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Stone carvings are a distinctive feature of the temple. The design integrated into the construction makes the temple a piece of art more than just a spiritual center.

Simhachalam Temple

The combination of Shri Varaha Lakshmi and Narasimha Swami is another peculiarity of the temple since it is quite rare. These forms are believed to be the incarnated forms of Lord Vishnu in the third and fourth time respectively.

The Thribhanga posture of the deity in the temple is also a specialty attracting tourists and pilgrims to the location. A Lion’s head and the torso of a human being is the distinctive appearance of Lord Narasimha.

The temple observes high discipline and this should not be violated at any cost if you are planning to visit the temple. The temple has also got a strict prayer routine with respective spiritual protocols for every single day and so leisurely tourism should be careful inside the temple premises. 

Victory At Sea War Memorial Visakhapatnam

The location of this War Memorial is nearby the beach making it quite easily accessible in every aspect. An eternally burning pyre is one of the attractions of the memorial. This pyre is set to honor and pay respect to the soldiers and brave hearts who lost their lives due to the wars.

The memorial is a symbol of patriotic feelings and a visit to the memorial would incite such emotions in our minds to live and work for our nation and its good.

Victory At Sea War Memorial Vizag

You can also find missiles, tankers, and several other pieces of equipment used for national safety in the memorial. The memorial is easily visible so finding its location would not be a Herculean task. The Victory at Sea War Memorial, Vizag is a must-visit place if you would like to feel and understand the past days of the nation and the pain endured to gain the comfort of independence.

It was in the year, 1996 that the War Memorial of Visakhapatnam was constructed. Soldiers who participated in the Indo-Pak war and those who were inside PNS Gazi, a sunk submarine are those who are honored inside the war memorial. If you can take your kids to the location of the memorial, it would be great to enhance their feelings toward the nation and its proud history.

Borra Caves

Borra Caves is near the Araku Valley mentioned at the top of the list. The caves are a natural attraction in the hilly landscape of the area. The deciduous forest that surrounds is another peculiar feature of the surroundings making it a haven for nature lovers visiting the city.

Borra Caves

You can also meet a lot of exotic biodiversities peculiar to the place on the visit to the caves. These caves are formed from the transformation of calcium carbonate present in the limestones to calcium bicarbonate. The river water has its flowing route through these limestones which eventually transformed into caves.

The caves have a height of about 705 meters and this height is considered to be the tallest in the entire country in the case of caves. Sunlight-falling areas and dark spots make a beautiful pattern in the interiors of the caves making it a marvel to witness. Bats and golden geckos are the usual sights inside the caves.

To reach the caves, you have to go trekking up to a particular distance so if you are an adventure seeker, this is where you should go in the city of Vizag. 

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park 

The zoological park is set on the sides of the Eastern Ghats region in Visakhapatnam. The park functions under the Kambalakonda Forest Reserve. You can meet around 80 animal species inside the park. The park is spread over a vast area of 625 acres. When it comes to the zoological parks in the entire state, the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is the largest in the area.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park 

Apart from the proximity of the Eastern Ghats, the location of park is also nearby the Bay of Bengal making it an environmental hotspot.

A separate biological garden is also set inside the park which will be fun and joy for the kids if you are taking them along with you on the trip. Entry to this section is permitted only for the daytime since the butterflies are unable to take flight during the night hours.

The walls of this section are creative and colorful like the butterflies and will educate and enlighten us about the biological info regarding the species. The name of this zoological park is accredited to Indira Gandhi, the former prime minister of the nation. It was on the 19th of May, 1977 that the park was made open to the public. You can also make use of the mini train to visit the sights inside the zoo. 

Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose is a magical viewpoint situated on the southern side of the city, Vizag. You can visit the location if you would like to enjoy a whooping view of the entire city with its harbors, greenery, beaches, hilly terrains, and many more. The viewpoint is at an elevation of about 358 meters.

Dolphin’s Nose

The cooling breeze and calming atmosphere of the views are amazing to spend some peaceful time on your Vizag vacation. You will be able to enjoy a rejuvenating experience in the lap of nature. Breathe some fresh air, inhale the maximum positivity, exhale all the negative energy, and fill your soul with splendid and soothing views and the most vibrant colors of Vizag in the location.

This is also a perfect location to wrap up your Visakhapatnam vacation. Since the matchless experience, you get from the location can satisfy all your senses to their fullest, you will also earn that creative boost from the location.

Apart from all these, this is an ideal location for tourists belonging to all age groups. So regardless of whether you are visiting Vizag for a honeymoon, a family getaway, or a friend’s trip, Dolphin’s Nose would be appropriate for you. 

Tenneti Park

A park in an urban setup located inside the city of Vizag. Jodugullapalem is the exact location of the park. You can enjoy a magnificent view of the Bay of Bengal from the park. The park is the government’s deliberate attempt to promote tourism activities in the city. For the same purpose, the park has undergone a renovation recently and is now attracting flocks of tourists and natives alike to the location. A natural calamity, the Hudhud cyclone had destroyed the park once.

Tenneti Park

It was the Gitam Alumni an organization from North America that came forward with the financial support to renovate the park and bring the same to a functional state. The first-ever children’s park in the city is also the one inside the park. The park is also the oldest in the city of Vizag. Tenneti Viswanadham is the man behind the name of the park. He was a freedom fighter and political activist in the city.

He is honored by the park name and we can also find a statue commemorating the figure inside the park. This is a perfect spot to plan picnics on your Vizag vacation. Groups of families can enjoy the fullest inside the location. You can also click pictures from the park and save a bunch of memories. 

How To Reach Vizag?

Nearest airport: Visakhapatnam Airport

Nearest railway station: Visakhapatnam Junction Railway Station (VSKP)

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