Archana Hebbar: More Interesting Facts About Archana Hebbar


Abirath EV

If you enjoy Indian food and have ever tried to recreate it using YouTube videos, you may have come across the channel name "Hebbar's Kitchen."

She is a popular food blogger and social media celebrity. She posts short videos and recipes, which helps her audience fall for her fast.

She also has a blog where she writes down recipes and uploads videos. The blog is also known by the same name, Hebbar’s Kitchen.

She is a South Indian by birth, and her native or birthplace is Udupi, a city in the Indian state of Karnataka.

She obtained her master's degree in engineering and worked in the field for a period of time during the course of her life.

Archana Hebbar has a fit physical appearance and appears well-dressed. The vlogger is 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

Her mother Sharada taught her the basics of cooking. The name of her father is Krishnamoorthy. Archana Hebbar has a twin brother named Abhishek.

She is currently in a committed relationship with Sudharshan Hebbar, and the two of them tied the knot in 2014.

She also has a little cutie pie named Anvi. This may be the only personal information she has published on her YouTube account to date.

Her videos on YouTube, her blogs, and her other business endeavors all are her major sources of income