Basar: An Unexplored Hidden Place In The Northeast Of India!

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Ruchika Mandora

The Galo tribe lives in Basar, a charming highland hamlet. This area of Arunachal Pradesh is rich in diversity and lovely spots to explore.

The BASCON festival, which takes place once a year in November and is considered to be the most well-attended event in all of Basar

This location is 578 metres, or 1896 feet, above sea level and features weather that is rather chilly due to its elevation.

This beautiful waterfall in Basar falls from a height of 70 meters and offers stunning views.

Top attractions in and around Basar

Hido Hidi Waterfall

To get to this cave, you can walk through dense forests, over fences, through rice fields, and over bamboo bridges.

Bat Cave

This forest is full of trees, flowers, butterflies, narrow streams of water, waterfalls, and lots of green plants.

Nguda Pokcho Forest

Basar is best visited in summer, from March to July. As Basar is a tiny hilly range, the weather is pleasant for exploring this season.

Traveling by air is the fastest way to get to Basar. The Dibrugarh Airport in Assam, which is about 150 km away from Basar, is the closest airport.

A cab or private vehicle from Dibrugarh can take you to Basar. The road drive to Basar on Indian national or state highways is an excellent way to see the North-strange East's landscapes

The Basar Railway Station is about 2.5 km away and is the closest railway station. From the railway station, you can take a bus or a taxi to any place in town you want to go.