Best Places To Explore In Nashik-2022

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Ruchika Mandora

Harihar Fort or Harihargad is 22 kilometres from Trimbakeshwar and 45 km from Nashik in Maharashtra's Nashik district.

Harihar Fort

Ramkund is a bathing ghat in old Nashik frequented by Hindus year-round. Lord Rama allegedly performed his father's death ceremonies here.


Dudhsagar Falls, regarded as one of the best falls in the area, offers a panoramic vista with breathtaking scenery.

Dudhsagar Falls

The Sula Vineyards is a popular vineyard in Nashik, 180 km northeast of Mumbai, known for its grape wines, including Chenin Blanc, and More

Sula Vineyard

Tourists love Gangapur Dam. Its river scene, boating activities, and migratory birds make it a picnic paradise.

Gangapur Dam

Salher, the tallest fort in the Sahyadri, is a lesser-known yet breathtaking trekking location that should visit!


Geographically, the intriguing rocks are relatively close to the fort of Madan Mahal. The rocks discovered in the area were formed by a volcanic eruption.

Pandavleni Caves

Dhodap is a Maharashtra hill fort. The fort, one of many in the Nashik district, is located at an elevation of roughly 4700 feet above sea level.


Brahmagiri is a peak in Maharashtra's Western Ghats, 3 kilometers from Trimbakeshwar Bus Station and 31 kilometers from Nashik.

Brahmagiri Hill

The Dabhosa Waterfall is 61 kilometers from Trimbakeshwar, 19 km from Jawhar, 168 km from Mumbai, and 88 km from Nashik.

Dabhosa Waterfall