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Vacation In Nashik! Best Places To Visit In 2022



Vacation In Nashik! Best Places To Visit In 2022

Nashik is the largest city in Northern Maharashtra and is positioned on the banks of the river Godavari. Owing to its favorable geographical location, there are hundreds of beautiful places to visit around the city. This fascinates countless visitors and tourists every day and is measured as one of the finest places to visit near Nashik and even in complete Maharashtra. 

Additionally, the town is known for its mythological as well as historical importance. Apart from mythology and history, this ancient holy city in Maharashtra is also frequented by travelers for its scenic beauty. Hence, if you have been planning road trips to Nashik, you will relish every bit of your trip to this town.

The correct time to travel to Nashik is during the winter season, which begins in November and lasts till February. Let’s look at some of the places in this lovely town that are worth visiting.

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Harihar Fort

At 22 km from Trimbakeshwar and nearly 45 km from Nashik, Harihar Fort or Harihargad is a small hill fort in the Upper Vaitarana range near Trimbak across the Nashik district of Maharashtra. In addition, also well-known as Harshgad or Harishgad, the fourth is one of the prevalent monsoon trekking places near Nashik.

About Harihar Fort

Harish Fort was one of the forts in the custody of the Ahmadnagar Sultans. It was visited by Captain Briggs during 1818 AD. During 1636, CE, Harishgad, Tringalwadi, Trimbakgad, and a few aspects forts were given by Shahji to the Mughals. Harishgad was one of the 17 strong places that surrendered to the British on the fall of Trimbak during 1818 CE. 


Placed in the old city of Nashik, Ramkund is a bathing ghat swarmed by devotees all year across. It is believed that Lord Rama functioned the death rituals of his father here. Individuals come here with the ashes of their loved ones and immerse them in the water hoping they would find redemption.

About Ramkund

Additionally, at 2 km from Nashik Central Bus Station, Ramkund is the most imperative sacred bathing tank in the Panchavati location of Nashik City. This is one of the prevalent places to visit in Nashik throughout Kumbh Mela. Ramkund, measuring 27 x 12 sq. m was constructed by Chitrarao Khatarkar during 1696 AD. 

Based on the legend, this sacred bathing tank on the bank of river Godavari is believed to be the spot where Lord Rama had taken his bath throughout their exile. It is also said that Lord Rama has functioned his father’s funeral rites in this kind and therefore Ram Kund is also well-known as Asthi Vilaya Tirtha.

This is one of the must-visit places as part of Nashik tour packages. Ramkund is a holy place for Hindus. Devotees have faith that a dip in this tank will fulfill their wishes and free them from their sins. Additionally, you can calm by the Ghats, or take a dip in pond, which stays crowded on the Askhaya Tritiya and throughout the Kumbh Mela but you can catch the astonishing sunset across the pond even from a distance. 

Dudhsagar Falls

Concerned as one of the finest falls in the view, Dudhsagar Falls proposes a panoramic view with spectacular scenery. The cascade is in full verve throughout the monsoon season and quite a sign to behold. Additionally, it is one of the best tourist places in Nashik nearby. The waterfall is remarkable and will mesmerize you with its power and beauty.

About Dudhsagar Falls

Positioned only a short drive away from the main city, the waterfall, also well-known as Someshwar Falls, is positioned amidst serene surroundings. Although it doesn’t have a considerable height, the waterfall throughout the rainy season is at its full capacity and truly a sight to see.

You require to visit the place utilizing private transport and can plan a day trip across the location. This is a prodigious place for a quaint picnic away from the crowded city. Dudhsagar Falls is 9 km away from the Nashik bus stand and can be reached by local transport. 

Sula Vineyard

The Sula Vineyards is a prevalent winery that is positioned in Nashik, 180 km to the Northeast of Mumbai, and is renowned for its variabilities of grape wines, likewise Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Zinfandel. The company began from a mere 30-acre estate across Nashik and has now prolonged to nearly 1800 acres spread around Nashik and Karnataka.

About Sula Vineyard

This large estate is open to the public for a round of wine tasting and a tour of the vineyard on all days during the year and has attained immense prevalence over the years. Sula Vineyards is home to 60 wineries and boasts of being the first-ever winery across the complete nation. The vineyard also houses a resort to live in, a winery, and a tasting room in which individuals can taste dissimilar varieties and samples of wines that are introduced at the winery. 

The vineyard is a perfect getaway for individuals who wish to spend their weekend or day off in leisure, away from the din of the city. The ambiance and surroundings of the place are such that travelers do not even realize that they are around India, and the scenic views transform them into another universe altogether. 

Most of the prevalent companies have their factories set up around this place. The unparalleled experience of viewing the procedure of making wine will make you fall in love with this location. Sula is the name that is resultant from the owner’s mother’s name “Sulabha.” If you visit this place, you will attain knowledge about the history behind the creation of this winery.

Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam holds a very superior place in the hearts of travelers. It has a fascinating river scene, boating activity, and migratory birds, and this makes it a heaven for tourists looking for picnic spots. It is a very massive dam, and the sunset is very nice here visible coloring over the lake.

About Gangapur Dam

This place is good, with picturesque shoots and a good picnic spot with family. It is preferred to visit this place between October to March owing to the good water level. Throughout the summer, most of it is dry, and therefore it is not recommended to visit this place in summer. 


 About Salher

The highest fort in the Sahyadri, Salher is a lesser-known but tremendously gorgeous trekking destination that should be a must on your bucket list. The Salher Fort is a place of great historical and religious importance, with several tales of adventures and spiritual awakenings that will keep you company on this trek. Do not miss this place, it is sure to become one of the greatest adventures you will ever have. 

Pandavleni Caves

Positioned nearly 8 km to the South of the center of Nashik in Maharashtra in India, the Pandavleni Caves, also well-known as Pandu Caves or Nasik Caves are ancient rock-cut caves that are positioned on the tableland of the Trivashmi Hills. These caves date back to the period between the 3rd Century BC and the 2nd Century AD.

About Pandavleni Caves

A collection of 24 caves known as the Pandavleni caves stands for Hinayana Buddhism. The mystic caves also entail museums, musical fountains, and several outlets of food. Several shrines, monasteries, pillars, water tanks, and carvings can also be found inside. The Pandavleni Caves were built by prominent rulers of that time, such as the Satavahanas and Kshataratas, for the Hinayana Buddhist monks.

Of all the 24 caves, cave numbers 3 and 10 are the most fascinating ones. The architecture of these caves is unique and inspiring. The inside of these caves also comprises inscriptions that act as significant study material for researchers and scholars to this day. 


Dhodap is a hill fort in Maharashtra. One of the numerous forts across the district of Nashik, the fort is located at an elevation of nearly 4700 feet from the ground. There is a popular temple of Jagdamba in the Dhodap fort, along with an idol of Hanuman at the top of one of the tanks.

About Dhodap

There are several caves atop the fort and one of them is measured spacious. There are reservoirs and tanks of water at the topmost. There are inscriptions in Persian at the entrance to the fort, which is structured in the form of a tunnel. Some human reimbursements can be found inside the fortifications as well. 

Brahmagiri Hill

At 3 km from Trimbakeshwar Bus Station and 31 km from Nashik, Brahmagiri is a mountain adjacent to Trimbakeshwar in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Located at an altitude of 1,298 m, Brahmagiri is the source of the sacred River Godavari. Brahmagiri actually means the hill of Lord Brahma.

About Brahmagiri Hill

Based on the mythology, sage Gautama and his beautiful wife Ahalya resided on this hill. A cow was unintentionally killed by Saint Guatama while trying to ward it off. To wash his sin, he worshipped Lord Shiva to bring the river Ganga to earth from heaven. Pleased with Sage Gautama’s devotion, Lord Shiva requested the Ganga River to flow down in the form of Godavari to make the Sage Gautama pure.

Therefore, the river is also well-known as River Gautami. Earlier, this place is considered a vast form of Lord Shiva and therefore mountain climbing was considered a sin. During the year 1908, Seth Lalchand of Karachi and Seth Ganeshdas constructed 500 stone steps at a cost of Rs. 40,000. 

Dabhosa Waterfall

61 km from Trimbakeshwar, 19km from Jawhar, 168 km from Mumbai and 88 km from Nashik, Dabhosa Waterfall is a fascinating waterfall located at Dabhosa village in Thane district of Maharashtra. This is one of the greatest waterfalls in Maharashtra near Mumbai. The Dabhosa Waterfalls are formed over Lendi River and cataracts down from a height of nearly 300 feet.

About Dabhosa Waterfall

This waterfall is more fascinating in the rainy season with full flow and lot of greenery across. It is an attractive sport with Valley Crossing, Kayaking, Rappeling, Zip Line and Laddering, Trekking and Fishing. The Jawhar Hill Resort and Dabhosa Waterfall Resort are the 2 accommodation choices near Dabhosa Waterfalls.

How to Reach Nashik? 

By Train

The railway station at Nashik Road is a very imperative station for the city of Mumbai to Kalyan, Manmad to Bhusaval, and to Kolkata or Delhi. The central railway section of Railways of India was the first captivated division in the country of India. The railway station is only 11 km far from the center of the city and that is why it is well-known as Nashik Street Nashik.

The Indian railway also broadcast rail routes to the road of Dahanu. There is also a new plant for bottling that will establish around Nasik. One train from the city of Hyderabad will start shortly. Trains to the pilgrimage Shirdi also go from the city of Nasik.

Another one-railway station is Deolali (only 10 minutes train journey to Mumbai city) which serves the inhabitants of Deolali cantonment location. Nearly 50 trains go through this railway station recurrently and it also well linked towards City of Mumbai, Nanded, Guwahati, Agra, Bhopal, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Nagpur, Jamshedpur, Aurangabad,  Jammu, Mangalore and Madgaon and several other cities of India.

By Air

If you want to reach Nashik by air, you can fly into Nashik International Airport, formerly well-known as Ozar Airport. This airport is situated 20 km northeast of the city of Nashik.

By Road

Nashik is well linked with all other cities of the country by road. The national highway of the Mumbai-Agra passes via the city of Nashik. It is also well linked to city of Pune with highway NH-50. Nashik is a major road connection of major state highways. Nashik is also linked to Surat, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Pune, Dhule, Ahmednagar, and all other imperative cities of India. During the last, some years it has been emerging large road infrastructure.

A privately built expressway is going to complete between Nashik and Mumbai. The NH-3, the national highway is being altered into a multi-lane highway and this multi-lane street has nearly 6 flyovers that will go through the city of Nashik.

The flyovers will start from the major garvare point and will reach the temple of Hanuman at Panchvati. One of the flyovers of them is nearly 6800 meters long and the flyover will start from the city of Mumbai Naka and will reach the temple of Hanuman. Larsen and Toubro company are building this imperative project that costs thousands of crores.

If you are new to Nashik or want to visit the place for a tour, look at these Nashik tourist locations, which should be a part of your itinerary.

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