Best Places To Visit In Jeypore, The City Of Triumph!

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Gopika VC

Jeypore is the second largest city after Brahmapur in south Odisha and the Koraput Subdivision. Nature gave Jeypore waterfalls and lush forests.

The 175-meter-high Duduma waterfall has a single cascade that rips through the rocky Eastern Ghats and the large, dark-green deciduous forests in this area.

Duduma Falls


In the cave, there is a huge Shiva Linga that legend says Maharaja Veer Vikram Dev found when he was king in the 17th century.

Gupteshwar Caves


The area is best known for its green valleys, which bring people there because of how beautiful they are. A factory for Aero-Engines has also been set up here.



A well-known Shiva Temple is in Minna Jhola. During the holy Shiv Ratri festival, the temple brings the town to life.

Minna Jhola


On the Kolab river, there are three waterfalls here that drop nearly 30 feet. It is a popular place to have a picnic because of how nice it looks.



Shakti waterfall is 15 kilometres from Jeypore and accessible by NH26. This waterfall is called the "s" waterfall because it forms a "S."

Shakti Waterfalls


On Sardar Patel Road stands the Raj Mahal. Due to government ignorance and popular apathy, this area needs quick revitalization.

Jeypore Palace


The place is known for its natural beauty, wildlife, and Koraput's tribal people. The tribal member here is called an Adivasi or original inhabitant.



84 km distance from Jeypore. This area is rich in flora and wildlife, with brooks, forests, valleys, and meadows. Deomali has the Bhotra, Bhunia, and Paraja tribes.



Jeypore Park lies in the city's centre and has a lake. Jagannathan Sagar is the lake. The park is one of Jeypore's most popular attractions.

Jeypore Park