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Explore Jeypore: Oldest And Biggest Town In Koraput Odisha!



Explore Jeypore Oldest And Biggest Town In Koraput Odisha!

Jeypore is the second biggest city after Brahmapur across south Odisha and the Sub-Division of Koraput area, Odisha, India. Jeypore is a Municipality and the biggest city in the integrated Koraput area, Odisha.

Jeypore expressed in Odia as Joypur truly indicates “the city of triumph”. Nature has offered Jeypore generously with cascades and thick green timberlands. This is additionally a perceptible business put on southern Odisha. Below we have mentioned a few lists of the best places to visit in Jeypore

It is encompassed by slopes of the Eastern Ghats and the more well-known Araku slopes on 3 sides like a pony shoe with the western side opening up to Chhattisgarh around focal India. Jeypore is an ancient town with a specialty ever of. The town is incorporated by woodlands with for the most part Sal and teak trees. The town was the capital of the neighborhood lord in time extensive past occasions and is better known for its old fortifications, royal residences, and sanctuaries.

The significant dialects talked about in this locale are Odia and a couple of original dialects. There is a social blend of Adivasi individuals and standard individuals of Odia culture. Jeypore, being decided at the center of the southwest horn of Odisha, is an incorporation of the way of life and conventions of the East and the South of India. This mix of various dialects and societies carries Jeypore its novel food, dialect, and way of life.

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Duduma Falls

The 175-meter high single-fall cascade of Duduma waterfall tears through the rocky rocks of the Eastern Ghats and the dark green deciduous forest that is so extensive in this region. It generates an exhilarating scene amidst the rustic greenery right along the border of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Duduma Falls

It is not the conventional tourist spot one frequently visits when in Odisha, but the coastal state’s attractiveness does not end with sea beaches and temples. Situated nearly 70 km from Jeypore, Duduma waterfall fascinates those travelers who love nature and want to discover places beyond the stereotypical boundary of tourism.

Sinking off River Machkund, which portions its name with the local township and gets its name from the pilgrimage site Matsya Kunda nearby Paderu in Andhra Pradesh, the waterfall crashes into a billion white crystals 574 feet down on the ground.

The magnificence is at its full display, particularly during and after the monsoon. Along with the attractive waterfall, there is also a hydel power project plant and a habitual dam to facilitate it. With preceding permission from the authorities, you can pay a visit to the powerhouse and get a first-hand experience of how this substitute source of energy is generated. 

Altogether, the spectacular natural beauty as well as the scope of methodical exploration make Duduma Waterfall a must-visit lure site if you want to see the untouched, virgin sides of Odisha-Andhra Pradesh.

Gupteshwar Caves

The Gupteswar Cave is a cave shrine situated in the Koraput district. Located nearly 55 km away from Jeypore, the limestone cave has a shrine enthusiastic about the Hindu God Shiva. There is an enormous Shiva Linga hidden within the cave, which legends say was exposed by Maharaja Veer Vikram Dev during his rule during the 17th century. 

  • Gupteshwar Caves
  • Gupteshwar Caves

The cave can be stretched by a series of 200 steps which will take tourists to the shrine. The arrival is only 3 feet high and 2 feet wide, so it is not for the faint-hearted. You can take the stimulating climb to the shrine and arrive at it to view the Shiva Linga. 

Additionally, the cave is enclosed by wood, so you will have a good time climbing to its mouth. You can arrive at the caves via Boipariguda – Digapur – Jeypore Road, which leads from Jeypore to the caves.


Sunabeda is a town in Odisha, India, that is located in the Koraput region’s valleys. The area is better known for its lush valleys, which draw visitors to its natural attractiveness. In addition, an Aero-Engine Factory has been established here.


Traveling to Sunabeda on national highway 43, which passes through the mountains, is a remarkable experience. Sunabeda is a town in Odisha, India, that is located in the Koraput region’s valleys. The area is better known for its lush valleys, which draw visitors to its natural attractiveness.

In addition, an Aero-Engine Factory has been advanced here. National Highway 43, which travels through the highlands, carried a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you travel to Sunabeda town. Hence, you should visit here.

Minna Jhola

Minna Jhola is situated at the confluence of 3 rivers and carried the ideal setting for relaxation and upgrading. Minna Jhola is home to a better-known Shiva Temple, which brings the town to life throughout the holy Shiv Ratri festival. The occasion is noticeable by an inordinate deal of pomp and fervor.

Minna Jhola

Women from the neighborhood flock to this beautiful temple to make their gifts. On the river’s bank, a profuse and deep forest has taken up residence. According to Hindu mythology, every convergence in India is considered exceptionally sacred, therefore the town itself is considered divine.

A cab or an auto may conveniently transport you to Minna Jhola. The bus is the most cost-effective means of transportation, and it is also voluntarily available in this location.


There are 3 waterfalls in this place that flow from nearly 30 feet on the Kolab river. It is a prevalent picnic spot because of its appealing location. There is a rest house for companions in Bagara and a trip with family and friends would be rather invigorating. This is also considered one of the best places to visit in Jeypore.


Tourists are only demanded to take a short ride via NH26 to reach the waterfall and celebrate the day among the inordinate ravines and green forested slopes of the Deomali Hills. The attractive waterfall cascades down from a reef and generates a stunning view for individuals who come here.

Tourists can celebrate by having a picnic at this spot and make it a day tour comprehensive with other waterfalls situated nearby. The great thing about this spot is that it can be conveniently reached by both private and public transport which habitually takes tourists to this picnic spot in Jeypore.

Shakti Waterfalls

The Shakti waterfall is situated 15 km away from Jeypore town and can be reached quite conveniently by the NH26 highway. This waterfall is also called the “s” waterfall since it chutes down in the shape of the letter ‘S’. The waterfall cascades from a tallness of 20 ft. and endure to be one of the best Koraput tourist places to visit in Jeypore. 

Shakti Waterfalls

Tourists come here to dip their feet in the cool waters and celebrate a day out in peace. You can also choose for trekking expeditions which are accessible nearby, and pass through the waterfall on their way.

Jeypore Palace

This Raj Mahal is an architectural marvel situated on Sardar Patel Road. Because of the government’s unawareness and the unwillingness of the general public, this area requires immediate attention to be revitalized.

  • Jeypore Palace
  • Jeypore Palace

The palace was commissioned by the famed king King Veer Vikrama Dev in the 17th century. The Jeypore palace was the seat of the one-time Kingdom of Jeypore and was governed by the kings of the Sankara dynasty. The castle is now nearly in ruins but opens to travelers to come to see the lost glory of the Jeypore empire. 

The palace will provide you with a glimpse of ancient Indian architecture and the lifestyles of the royals back during the day. You can tour its premises and learn more concern the Sankara dynasty, which hold the city before its colonization. The palace can be traveled within a day, so you can club neighboring tourist spots on the same day.


Koraput is one of the most imperative towns in Odisha situated at a distance of 22 km from Jeypore. The place earns its fame from the scenic natural beauty, striking wildlife, and the tribal folks that dwell in the dense green forest of Koraput. The tribal individual is better known as an ‘Adivasi’ or ‘original inhabitant’. This is also one of the best places to visit in Jeypore.


These tribal individuals have now somehow begun adapting to new lifestyles owing to the advent of industrialization in this place. One ancient and well-known temple enthusiastic about Lord Jagganath is located here.

A unique feature of this temple lies in the fact that all devotees are enabled inside the temple nevertheless of caste or creed. Every year, thousands of people come to this temple to pray for the Lord’s blessings.

Some foremost rivers such as Machhakund, Kolab, and Bansidhar make their manner to the Indian Ocean through Koraput. The diverse flora and fauna, lush valleys, enormous mountains, and cascading waterfalls make Koraput a sightseer hotspot.


Deomali, at 1,672 meters above sea level, controls the distinction of being the maximum mountain in both Orissa and the Eastern Ghats. It’s nearly 84 kilometers from Jeypore. This area is rich in flora and wildlife, with murmuring brooks, dense forests, deep valleys, and superseding meadows.


Along with Mali, Deomali is home to the Bhotra, Bhunia, and Paraja tribes. Hang gliding, trekking, and mountaineering are prevalent activities in this area. In Deomali, railway tracks travel through tunnels with remarkable views.

The attractiveness of the surroundings is improved by the existence of high hills and valleys. The journey becomes fascinating and worthwhile to take. Even the road routes are frightening and risky since they have different blind corners and appear to plummet spirally from the peaks. This is a must-see lure for all visitors to Jeypore.

Jeypore Park

In the center of Jeypore, Jeypore Park is situated alongside a beautiful lake. Jagannathan Sagar is the name of the beautiful lake. This park is one of Jeypore’s most protuberant tourist attractions. The park has a Rs 5 arrival fee. Riding a boat around the lake enables individuals to experience the tranquility of the water.

Taking a toy train ride in the park enables visitors to escalate the beauty of nature. The reason for the large influx of individuals to Jeypore Park is the toy train and boating. Small kids will celebrate themselves at the park’s play sections. Many individuals can also be seen walking across the park in the morning and evening. This park is a prodigious area to visit with family or friends.

Best Time To Visit Jeypore

October to February are the best months for a journey to Jeypore. Summers in Jeypore is harsh. Winters are cold, but untroublesome for tourists. One should also circumvent monsoons as this region of the country receives weighty rainfall.

How To Reach Jeypore?

By Road: One can arrive at Jeypore by boarding buses that are accessible from Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, Vishakhapatnam, and Vizianagaram. Apart from buses, travelers can avail of taxis or auto-rickshaws from neighboring places. Different travel agencies that are put up in the nearby places deliver four-wheeler vehicles to arrive in Jeypore. 

By Train: Jeypore is served by enormous rail services. The railway lines are linked to any part of the state. From Vishakhapatnam, the Kirandul express can be roomed to reach Jeypore. The ride is very exhilarating because the railway tracks pass through some interesting locations of Araku Valley.

By Air: Jeypore once had an airport that is now non-functional and is only used for some VIP tourists and chartered planes. As of now, the closest airport to Jeypore is Vishakapatnam airport which is 237 km away whereas Bhubaneswar airport is 507 km away. One can advantage of taxis, and buses from these airports to Jeypore. 


There are individuals belonging to dissimilar ethnicities in Jeypore which reflects in its varied culture – from the festivities, they celebrate to the different delicacies of the Oriya cuisine. To realize and treat your taste buds to dissimilar food items and while you are at it, take home some packs of cashew nuts from Jeypore.

They are export superior and thus world well-known. Travel and food are the best amalgamations, after all. If you plan a trip to Jeypore (which you unquestionably must), October to February is the best month to visit this place. 

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