Best Places To Visit In Panchmahal, Gujarat!

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Ruchika Mandora

Panchmahal refers to the five sub-divisions located at the easternmost tip of Gujarat and is a district that is a hidden gem.

The Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect camping spot and resort for Vadodara's urbanites due to its proximity. It's a must-see in Panchmahal.

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary


Champaner is the only Islamic-Mughal city whose architecture has not been altered by modernization.



It is an incredible place that soothes your spirit and mind from the rush of the city. This is a massive circular construction made of stone. It has a large arched entrance.

Brick Tomb


The walls of the Citadel stretch north to south, and each of the two-story gates at this point included rooms for the watchmen.



It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vadodara and contains several religious sites in the Sursagar Lake region. It is the ideal resort for those seeking tranquility.

Sursagar Talav


Helical Stepwell is one of the ancient step-wells in Champaner that you should visit. The Helical Stepwell is surrounded by verdant vegetation and offers a lovely ambiance.

Helical Stepwell


The valley of the enormous expanse of Mouliatul, also known as the Navlakhi Valley, is situated to the north of the highest summit of Pavagadh mountain.

Makai Kothar And Navlakha Kothar


Kallar is a tiny village in the Kerala district of Thiruvananthapuram, India. It is renowned for its beautiful splendor and is a popular picnic and tourism location.

Hamirsar Lake


Sikander Shah's Tomb is a massive Islamic-style stone edifice that is known as the final resting place of the Sultan of Champaner.

Sikander Shah’s Tomb


Another Champaner heritage mosque. The late 15th-century Lila Gumbai Ki Mosque stands 670 meters northeast of Champaner's Jami Masjid, the planned city's center.

Lila Gumbai Ki Masjid


Mahmud Begada, a popular Gujarati sultan, built Bawaman Masjid. It is a popular mosque on the western side of an old city's fort gate or historical entry to an archaeological park across that city.

Bawaman Mosque


The Panchmahal District's Sakar Khan Dargah Halol is one of the state's best dargahs and a popular tourist attraction.

Sakar Khan Dargah Halol