Bhopal: Explore The Historical Monuments And Mughal Architecture!

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Ruchika Mandora

Bhopal is a fascinating town with intriguing bazaars, rustic mosques, temples, serpentine lanes, architectural heritage, museums, and stunning Havelis.

Nature lovers appreciate this place since the animals are kept in their natural habitats. You can see leopards, cheetahs, Neelgai, panthers, and many other animals.

Van Vihar National Park


The Upper Lake, also known as "Bhojtaal" or "Bada Talab" in the area, is one of the most well-known places in Bhopal. It is the oldest man-made lake in India.

Upper Lake


The oldest stone monument in India, the Sanchi Stupa, was built by Asoka in the 3rd century BC. The sacred stupa has old Buddha relics and is carved from a semi-spherical rock.

Sanchi Stupa


The UNESCO-listed Bhimbetka Caves are 45 km south of Bhopal. Caves may be 30,000 years old!

Bhimbetka Caves


The Gupta-era Udayagiri Caves near Vidisha, northeast of Bhopal, are one of India's most important archaeological monuments.

Udayagiri Caves


Moti Masjid, one of the most inspiring mosques in the country, was built in 1862 by Sikander Jahan Begum, who was the most advanced and free-thinking woman of her time.

Moti Masjid


Shaukat Mahal is one of the most beautiful buildings. Its art and architecture have a unique style. It is a beautiful mix of European and Indo-Islamic styles.

Shaukat Mahal


The Birla Museum is part of the Birla Mandir Complex, which also includes a Laxmi-Narayan Temple and a Shiva-Parvati monument.

Birla Museum


Raja Bhoj built "Bhojeshwar Temple" (Bhojpur Temple) in the 11th century AD. The Shiva-devoted temple located in Bhojpur, 28 km from Bhopal.

Bhojpur Temple


Taj-UL Masjid is India's largest mosque near NH 12, Kohefiza, Bhopal, having a capacity of 175,000. The "Crown of Mosques" combines Mughal and Indo-Islamic architecture.

Taj ul Masjid


Gohar Mahal is one of the most historically interesting places to see in Bhopal. It is perched on the edge of the peaceful Upper Lake.

Gohar Mahal


Raisen Fort, located on a hill, contains palaces, a large water reservoir, and several temples. The 800-year-old Bhopal fort contains 9 entrances, defences, and domes.

Raisen Fort


In 1977, the "National Museum of Mankind" opened as the "Tribal Habitat Museum." In 1993, this museum renamed Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya.

National Museum of Mankind


Here, you can celebrate and enjoy many different things, like zorbing, hiking, boat rides, 4 kiosks, and 3 points of view.

Sair Sapata


Shaurya Smarak, a 12-acre public park in the city's Arera Hills, includes an underground museum dedicated to military heroes.

Shaurya Smarak