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Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: Explore The City Of Lakes!



Bhopal Explore The City Of Lakes!

Bhopal is a charming town with a mélange of intriguing bazaars, different rustic mosques, temples, serpentine alleys, architectural heritage, museums, astoundingly beautiful Havelis, grand palaces towards the north and modern infrastructure, and lavish shopping centers towards the south.

It is the state’s capital city of Madhya Pradesh with astonishing contrasting landscapes, sheer greenery, enormous natural beauty, and exciting culture. Bhopal is fondly named ‘The City of Lakes’ as two attractive lakes are located in the heart of the city. You can see the rich reflection of amusing Mughal architecture in the historical monuments. 

In addition, towards the north, you’ll be greeted by the old city that comprehends fascinating mosques, narrow alleys, astounding food corners, and buzzing chowks. On the other side of the upper lake is the new and more developed Bhopal.

Modern, with varied roads, shopping complexes, plush hotels, and restaurants. Both conflicting sides are well-connected and propose something to everyone! There are different religious shrines and jyotirlingas. Adventure fanatics get a unique opportunity to discover its cascading Falls, Ghats, sanctuaries, and parks.

Table of Contents

Van Vihar National Park

Situated in Bhopal, Van Vihar is a National Park and a Zoological Space that functions under the guidelines of the Central Zoo Authority. It is situated just adjacent to the Upper Lake in Bhopal, nearby Shymala Hills.

  • Van Vihar National Park
  • Van Vihar National Park

The animals here are kept contiguous to their natural habitats, making it a haven for individuals who love nature. You can spot a massive variety of animals involving leopards, cheetahs, Neelgai, panthers, and many more, as well as birds such as kingfishers, bulbuls, wagtails, and some other migratory species.

A visit to Van Vihar National Park becomes more pleasurable when you take the safari ride. In addition, the adjoining upper lake boosts the beauty of this park. It gets even prettier throughout the winter season when it’s time for the birds to migrate. Sightseeing across the park is quite easy as it gives admittance to its travelers via a network of roads passing through it.

Upper Lake

One of the most celebrated places in Bhopal, the Upper Lake, nearby referred to as ‘Bhojtaal’ or ‘Bada Talab’, is the oldest man-made lake in India. Dating back to the 11th century, the lake is supposed to have been constructed by Raja Bhoj.

  • Upper Lake
  • Upper Lake

The lake is unheeded by a grand royal garden named Kamla Park, which is another tourist magnet, alluring tourists into its tranquil folds every year. The atmosphere and setting of the two places are too amazing to be ignored, and warrant a topmost spot in your Bhopal tour itinerary, without any distrust.

Sanchi Stupa

Settled in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, Sanchi is an imperative historical and archaeological site, situated at a distance of nearly 46 Km. from Bhopal.

Sanchi Stupa

Better known for its ancient Stupas and other implausible Buddhist structures dating back to the Mauryan era between the 3rd century BC, and 12th century AD, the place also holds great religious importance for Buddhists, who swarm here in great numbers from dissimilar corners of the globe.

Most noteworthy of all the archaeological recoveries in this small town is the ‘Sanchi Stupa’, the oldest stone structure in India constructed during the 3rd century BC on the orders of the then Mauryan Emperor, Asoka. Engraved from a single semi-spherical rock, the sacred stupa is better known to treasure the old Buddha relics.

Bhimbetka Caves

Located at nearby 45 km south of Bhopal, the monumental Bhimbetka Caves have been avowed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is supposed that the caves date back over 30,000 years! They are home to wonderful rock shelters, along with some of the most attractive prehistoric cave paintings in Asia.

  • Bhimbetka Caves
  • Bhimbetka Caves

The place displays strong aesthetic vibes, due to the gorgeously sculpted rock formations within the caves, which are hedged by dense, verdant vegetation and woods. One of the most interesting places to visit in Bhopal, the Bhimbetka Caves are truly one of their types, which by themselves establish a timeless piece of art.

Udayagiri Caves

Located North-East of Bhopal, in the town of Vidisha, ‘Udayagiri Caves’ are one of India’s most noteworthy archaeological sites dating to the Gupta rule during the 4th and 5th century AD. It comes in the list of top tourist places to visit in Bhopal.

Udayagiri Caves

These Udayagiri caves are a treasure trove of rock-cut sculptures of frequent Hindu deities and Jain pantheons, exemplifying classical Gupta art. In all, the region abounded across twenty caves out of which one is enthusiastic to Jainism and the remaining 19 to Hinduism.

The most prominent of all relief sculptures found in these historic caves is the monument of the Hindu God Vishnu shown in the form of Varaha (boar) liberating the Mother Goddess (Bhu Devi) from being sunk in an ocean.

The site is also full of Sanskrit engravings dating back to the reigns of Chandragupta II and Kumaragupta I. On top of the hills sprinkled with these caves, one can also see some fine archaeological remains of Buddhist stupas and Hindu temples.

If you are forecasting a trip to Sanchi from Bhopal, you can effortlessly combine it with an excursion to this historically imperative, yet a little unidentified site.

Moti Masjid

One of the most motivating mosques in the country, Moti Masjid was constructed in 1862 by the most advanced and free-thinking lady of her time, Sikander Jahan Begum. Crafted with attractive, pure white marble, the architecture of the mosque holds an outstanding semblance to the historic Jama Masjid in Delhi.

Moti Masjid

The astounding white facade of the monument has made it the name ‘Pearl Mosque’, which has an impressive courtyard that opens a window to some of the most astonishing views of the city. A flawless retreat for history lovers and the inquisitive, Moti Masjid, is essential on your Bhopal tour.

Shaukat Mahal

Shaukat Mahal is one of the most attractive buildings with a discrete style of art and architecture. It is a magnificent blend of Indo-Islamic and European styles. It has complex carvings of the Post Renaissance duration and Gothic styles.

Shaukat Mahal

Shaukat Mahal is called the hall of the public audience throughout the past times of Kings and rulers. You must undeniably visit Shaukat Mahal for its overgenerous qualities of artistic brilliance.

Birla Museum

One of the most enthralling places to visit in Bhopal, the popular Birla Museum is a part of the wonderful Birla Mandir Complex which also harbors a sacred memorial of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and a Laxmi-Narayan Temple.

  • Birla Museum
  • Birla Museum

Housed in the Arera Hills, the impressive museum towers over the tranquil Lower Lake, and affords you a panoramic view of the attractive city of Bhopal unfolding before your eyes!

Bhojpur Temple

Yet another of the most prevalent places to see and visit throughout your holidays in Bhopal is the ancient ‘Bhojpur Temple’, also better known as ‘Bhojeshwar Temple’ constructed during the 11th century AD throughout the reign of Raja Bhoj.

Bhojpur Temple

Enthusiastic to Lord Shiva, the temple is situated in the heart of the archeologically imperative site of Bhojpur, nearly 28 km. from the city of Bhopal.

The religious importance of this ancient temple is so high that it is often denoted as the ‘Somnath of the East’ and pilgrims from dissimilar corners of the country travel here in great numbers to pay their homage to God.

The Shivlinga at this temple is the principal stone structure around the world and is carved from an individual rock.

Taj ul Masjid

Situated at NH 12, Kohefiza, Bhopal, Taj-UL Masjid is the greatest mosque in India with a capacity of 175,000 individuals. Referred to as ‘The Crown of Mosques,’ it reflects the wonderful blend of Mughal and Indo-Islamic architecture.

Taj ul Masjid

Followers visit this awe-stirring mosque with a well-manicured lawn, spacious courtyard, and three enormous domes made of marble constructed over the central edifice along with two towering minarets. The remarkable archways are vast and awe-inspiring. The artwork on the imposing mosque is astounding Taj-UL Masjid.

Gohar Mahal

Perched on the banks of the tranquil Upper Lake in Bhopal, Gohar Mahal is unquestionably one of the most historically attractive places to visit in Bhopal. Constructed in 1820 by Qudsia Begum, who was one the first free-thinking females of the country and the first female sovereign of Bhopal, the palace is ornamented with intricate interior carvings and attractive decorations on the exterior. 

Gohar Mahal

The palace also attends as a model site of the Indo-Islamic architectural style. The prodigious hall chaperones the idyllic lake, while the interiors of the hall host different ancient paintings and intricate woodwork, and beautiful art.

Raisen Fort

Raisen Fort is an extensive historical edifice placed atop a hill engrossing a vast water reservoir, palaces, and a few temples within the fort. Located in the city of Bhopal, the 800-year-old fort has 9 gateways, fortifications, domes, and the remains of different buildings from the early medieval duration. It’s now a habitat for hundreds of bats.

  • Raisen Fort
  • Raisen Fort

Raisen fort is also a beautiful monument of a Muslim saint Hazrat Peer Fatehullah Shah Baba. It is supposed that the shrine can fulfill the wishes of the pilgrims. Until the 16th century, the fort was under the supremacy of the Rajputs and several other Hindu rulers.

Although the nawabs of Bhopal originally captured the fort, it is currently under the custody of ASI. The wonderful fort stands on an outlier of a rock which has an enormous stone wall pierced with 9 gateways.

It drowns in a wilderness and a profuse undergrowth of vegetation and wild long grass. The devotees who visit the temple on other days tie a piece of cloth on the grill gate for the fulfillment of their requests. 

National Museum Of Mankind

Also popular as the ‘Tribal Habitat Museum’, the ‘National Museum of Mankind’ was established in 1977. In 1993, this museum was retitled Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, at the instance of the Ex-Prime Minister, the Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

  • National Museum Of Mankind
  • National Museum Of Mankind

Scattered over an area of 200 acres of land, nearby to the ‘Upper Lake’ amidst Shamla Hills in Bhopal, the museum is the only one of its form in India and is world-popular to house an outstanding collection of prehistoric rock lodgings dating back to the early stone-age era that prevailed on the Indian subcontinent during bygone times. It is one of the top tourist places to visit in Bhopal.

Sair Sapata

This entertainment zone which is essentially a play park is a prodigious place to visit and a popular one. Both adults and kids can be seen here walking and playing all day long. One can celebrate and relish various activities here such as zorbing, hiking, boat rides, 4 kiosks, and 3 viewpoints.

  • Sair Sapata
  • Sair Sapata

There is also a musical garden, a toy train, and an interruption bridge which makes it an unquestionably fun place to be visited with children. This is one of the prevalent tourist places in Bhopal and where individuals can indulge in adventure sports in Bhopal.

Shaurya Smarak

One of the newest additions to the range of motivating places to visit in Bhopal, Shaurya Smarak is principally a war memorial inaugurated during the year 2016. Developed as a public park, sprawling around an area of 12 acres in the Arera Hills region of the city, Shaurya Smarak houses an underground museum that has galleries enthusiastic about war heroes.

  • Shaurya Smarak
  • Shaurya Smarak

The park features several statuaries and installations that evoke a sense of patriotism, memorizing the soldiers who laid down their lives in the service of the nation. The most prominent feature of the park is a 62-foot-tall sculpture portraying Indian Army.

Best Time To Visit Bhopal

Bhopal, the ‘City of Lakes’ holds everything you need for a faultless getaway. Meticulously crafted tours to Bhopal involve excursions to picturesque lakes, ancient ruins, and sacred mosques.

These tourist attractions and other pleasing attributes blend in to create a sight to savor. You can forecast a trip to Bhopal anytime around the year, but November to February is the best time to visit when the average temperature varies from 8 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius.

The climate in Bhopal proposes hot summers that bring intense heat, a heavy monsoon that receives rain showers, and enjoyable winters that carry cool winds.

How To Reach Bhopal? 

By Air: The city of Bhopal is simplified with an international airport that not only links the city of Bhopal to major other Indian cities but also the rest of the world.

The Bhoj International Airport is the closest airport to Bhopal and is situated just 13 kilometers away from the city center. Different airlines such as Jet Airways, Air India, and more function direct as well as associating flights to Bhopal. Direct flights save time while connecting ones save money.

By Train: Traveling to Bhopal by train is also a suitable way to reach the city. There are several railway stations in the city of Bhopal likewise Bhopal Junction, Bairagarh station, Dewanganj station, Habibganj station, and Nishatpura station.

Bhopal Junction is the chief railway station serving Bhopal and associating it with the foremost parts of India. The Bhopal junction railway station is located quite close to the city center and is just 2 kilometers away. For transfers to the wanted destination within the city, one can use different means of transport such as bus, tuk-tuk, cab, or a private taxi.

By Road: The city of Bhopal has a well-established road transport system. Traveling to Bhopal by road is a convenient choice for individuals coming from the closest cities like Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Agra, and more as the Bhopal route from these cities is quite picturesque.

Road trips from such cities are quite scenic and pleasurable because of the appealing route, plain-sailing highways, and short distances. One can travel from such cities to Bhopal by booking a bus ticket, renting a cab, or by personal vehicle. 


Bhopal is a great example of the harmony that prevails between two cultures with temples standing impressively side by side with mosques such as Taj-ul Masajid and Moti Masjid. You can also involve Udayagiri Caves in the town of Vidisha in your list of places to visit and closest to Bhopal.

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