Chakrata: Best Spots For A Weekend Trip!

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Ruchika Mandora

Chakrata, a remote Dehradun village at 2,118 metres above sea level, is surrounded by evergreen trees that slip down the Himalayas and has several holy sites.

Tourists love the sunlight and shadows between the pine trees. Campsites are often bright blots. It is 2200–3025 metres above sea level.



The mountain offers stunning views of the Himalayas, including Bandarpoonch, Rohini, and Swarg peaks. It attracts migratory birds every winter, making it a birdwatcher's paradise.

Chilmiri Neck


Great place to have a picnic and enjoy being in the middle of nature. But tourists still don't know about Kimona Falls and don't go there. Hardly 3 km from Chakrata.

Kimona Falls


The 50-meter-long, peaceful fall is one of Chakrata's most popular tourist attractions.

Moigad Fall


Hathni Kund offers rafting, camping, body surfing, and animal tracts for adventure sports. Bird-watching is popular too.

Hathni Kund


before Mahabharata, Pandavas dug 150 kilometers of caves.onal Miola discovered them. It is supposed that  before Mahabharata, Pandavas dug 150 kilometres of caves.

Budher Caves


When you get there, you'll be surrounded by lush deodar trees and a beautiful waterfall that flows down the hill and into a small pond at the bottom.

Tiger Falls


Ram Tal Horticultural Garden is 9 km from Chakrata on the Chakrata-Mussoorie road. The garden houses the Black-headed Jay, Grey Treepie, and Oriental turtle dove

Ram Tal Horticultural Garden


You can go river rafting, camping, trekking, swimming, crossing a river, and doing a lot of other things here.

Yamuna Adventure Park


Its lush meadows and deep woodland make it perfect for a day trip. Koti Kanasar is a small town with few houses. Kanasar maintains old Deodar trees extremely well.