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Chakrata: Explore The Sun-kissed Himalayan Ranges!



Chakrata: Explore The Sun-kissed Himalayan Ranges!

Before see-through the Top Places to visit in Chakrata, let’s know about this attractive Hill Station. Chakrata, a distant highland village in Dehradun, is situated at 2,118 meters above sea level, enclosed by evergreen trees that slide down the Himalayan range and are holy with different locations to visit.

The attractive cantonment hill station is an accurate weekend getaway for anyone looking to spend some quiet time with nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The tourism lures of Chakrata, which is situated amid Uttarakhand’s terrains, appeal to those with an exploratory and adventurous spirit.

Not only can one be enthralled by the serene gardens of the Ram Tal or put on an investigator’s hat to ponder the secrecies of the Budher caves, but there are different other activities as well, such as camping in the Hathni Kund wilderness, bird watching in the charming Tiger Falls, and plunging oneself in the river while rafting at Yamuna Adventure Park. This place is a new site to visit, proposing outstanding photo opportunities in the Deoban forests.

We will deliver you a variety of selections that you can take part in on your visit. Here is the list of the most prevalent tourist places to visit in Chakrata and the best things to do in Chakrata.

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The word ‘Deoban’ derives from “Deo” meaning Deodar trees and “Ban” meaning forest. Better known for treks and forest traces, the sunlight lush with shadow and light in between the army of pine trees is a tourist happiness—the enjoyable blots of light form prevalent camping spots.


Situated at a height of 2200 meters to 3025 meters above sea level, the Deoban observes scenic terrains – Vyas Shikhar is the most significant peak and gets marvelous views of the distant Himalayas. With appealing peaceful quadrants that reflect inner peace, Deoban also better known as ’God’s Forest’(Devban), is one of the attractive places to visit in Chakrata.

Chilmiri Neck

This is one of the uppermost peaks around the Chakrata region and one of the major touristy places to visit in Chakrata. The peak proposes magnificent views of the Himalayan range involving famous peaks such as Bandarpoonch, Rohini, and Swarg peaks.

Chilmiri Neck

This is also home to different species of migratory birds that visit every winter, making it an idyllic destination for bird watchers. The peak can be arrived by taxi or a short trek from Chakrata.

Dense forests enclose Chilmiri Neck from all sides, and it is like flat land, located on top of a hill. You can spot different migratory birds and butterflies here.

Kimona Falls

Kimona Falls stands at a height of 35 meters and is enclosed by a dense Oak Forest. Great spot for a picnic as one celebrates being in the lap of nature. However, Kimona falls is still an unfamiliar and ostracized stop for tourists. Hardly 3 km from Chakrata Kimona falls can be celebrated the best in summers as the winters get too cold.

Kimona Falls

Location nearly 10 mins further drive from Chakrata market. Water falls from an altitude of 35 meters and tourists can celebrate rappelling down this waterfall. There are dense oak and deodar forests that edge this waterfall.

Moigad Fall

The creamy length of Moigad falls, situated near Chakrata on Delhi-Yamunotri Street, is prodigious for adventure and calming attractive interactions with nature. Tourists celebrate relaxing drives through the milky water sweats, which are enclosed by lush forests and captivating loudly between the hills.

Moigad Fall

The nonviolent fall is 50 meters long and is one of Chakrata’s most celebrated tourist attractions. It’s a great idea to bring supplies because the falls are unpretentious by commercialization.

Hathni Kund

The Hathni Kund is set commanding the Yamuna River in the Yamuna Nagar region of Haryana State.  The gushing water body spitting out of the Himalayan foothills of Paonta Sahib remains into these plains of Haryana. It was built to generate a water system and was completed in June 1999.

Hathni Kund

Hathni Kund is a hub hosting activities such as rafting, camping, and body surfing along with wildlife tracts for escapade sports. Apart from adventure, bird-watching is very prevalent.

The peaceable calm surrenders of the reservoir fill 31 types of waterbird. The occurrence of a restaurant helps fascinating tourists to stop over here on lengthier journeys.

Budher Caves

Located at a distance of 30 km from Chakrata, Budher caves are one of the most prevalent places to visit in Chakrata. The caves, also better known as Budher Gopha, have both historic significance and are also a spot that churns adrenaline. Since the caves were exposed by a German national Miola, the caves are also better known as Miola Caves.

Budher Caves

The 150 km long caves are supposed to be dug by Pandavas throughout their refugee before Mahabharata.

Formed out of limestone rocks with bright stalagmite and stalactite formations, with a problematic task of navigation, the Budher caves are still not wholly explored. Hence making them a great spot for spelunking or discovering or caving.

A few most unusual activities near Chakrata are discovering Budher caves. It is an idyllic place for those who are looking for thrills in Chakrata. But those who have exasperated its claim that the trip is demanding. This is the first-hand account that Budher Caves’ examined.

Tiger Falls

A prevalent attraction in Chakrata, Tiger Falls is also a nice cinch spot. Slightly problematic to walk, the path to the falls makes for a small trek of 5 km. Once you reach there, you will be enclosed by flourishing deodar vegetation and a breathtaking waterfall, falling down the hill to form a small pond at the bottom.

Tiger Falls

Enjoy the tranquility of the falls and the surroundings by having a small sinch beside the pond. If you are looking for Chakrata things to do, this is the location to be. In addition, it is a little problematic to walk through to reach here.

When you arrive, you’ll be enclosed by lush deodar plants and a remarkable waterfall that cascades down the hill and generates an ephemeral pond in the middle. You can take in the serenity of the falls as well as the surrounding area by celebrating a small picnic by the pond. If you’re incisive about the best Chakrata places to visit, then this is where you should be. 

Ram Tal Horticultural Garden

One of the prevalent attractions of Chakrata, Ram Tal Horticultural Garden has situated 9 km from Chakrata on the Chakrata-Mussoorie route. Covered by variabilities of climbers, conifers, lichen, ferns, flowering plants, and woody trees, the garden is home to the celebrated Black-headed Jay, Grey Treepie, and Oriental turtle dove.

Ram Tal Horticultural Garden

An apple garden and a natural pond in this horticultural garden are among the major attractions of the place beside the enormous expanse of greenish lawns.

Yamuna Adventure Park

One of the most audacious things to do in Chakrata is in Yamuna Adventure Park. Here you can do river rafting, camping, trekking, river crossing, swimming, and many other activities. There are different stay choices here for accommodation.

Yamuna Adventure Park

Travelers who love adventure can have a prodigious time at Yamuna Adventure Park. Here you can do camping, river rafting, trekking, swimming, river crossing, and several other activities.

There are different stay options here for accommodation. Travelers who love adventure can have a prodigious time at Yamuna Adventure Park.


Koti-Kanasar is an attractive location noticeably ideal for a picnic or a honeymoon. It is enclosed by a dense green forest-the green meadows allure tourists and makes it faultless for an excursion. A little town Koti Kanasar is also located here with few houses.


Kanasar is better known for maintaining very old Deodar trees, extraordinarily well. Asia’s major Deodar tree with a circumference of 6.35 meters exists in its woodland. Prevalent for trekking, treks to Buder Gupha take 2 hours and Deoban takes 3 hours from Kanasar nearly 3 km away from Kansar is a Forest Rest House, placed ingeniously on a slope, this delivers segregated colored hallmark of the terrains.

Best Time To Visit Chakrata

Boasting beautiful weather all year round, Chakrata is a hill town with rich lush green woodlands, old sanctuaries, and caverns in the state of Uttarakhand. However, the summer (March – June) is the best time to visit this picturesque little town that gets densely covered with blooms which is a magnificent sight to behold.

Another ideal time is throughout Monsoon when the complete town looks lively. Winters are rather cold with infrequent snowfall.

How To Reach Chakrata? 

Since this place is a prevalent tourist destination, it’s frequented by a good number of travelers all year round. Reaching this place won’t be a hassle, as it’s well linked with all the foremost tourist lures inside the state and outside of it.

Given below are more particulars on how to reach Chakrata by air, rail, and road. However, rail and roadways are the most favored means of traveling to this place. For more details, please contact our travel advice-givers.

Reach Chakrata by Air: The closest airport to the town is Jolly Grant nearly 115-kilo meters away from the region. Jolly grant is a domestic airport well linked with Delhi airport. Delhi airport is an international airport and is well associated with foremost cities abroad as well.

Tourists from outside the country can conveniently reach the town via the Delhi-Jolly grant to Chakrata. Delhi and Chandigarh are well linked with unvarying flights with Chakrata. Taxis are accessible at the airport to Chakrata covering a 3-hour distance. If you rent a taxi that may charge nearly Rs. 2000 for one trip from the beautiful airport of Jolly grant to Chakrata.

Reach Chakrata By Rail (By Train): The closest railhead is situated in the capital city Dehradun. The distance between the railway station and Chakrata town is nearly 87 kilometers. It is conveniently accessible from Dehradun town.

Taxis and buses are accessible from Dehradun to Chakrata. One can rent a taxi or can share with other passengers which will cost you less amount. Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand State so, most of the better-known cities of the country are recurrent to Dehradun station. Particularly, Shatabdi and Mussoorie express link Dehradun to the foremost cities of India. Railway networks link the town with such cities as, Howrah, Bombay, Delhi, Varanasi, Lucknow, and Amritsar.

Reach Chakrata by Road (By Bus): Motorable roads link Chakrata with different cities in Uttarakhand and outside the state as well. Buses are accessible from ISBT Kashmir Gate to Mussoorie and Chakrata. Buses from Mussoorie and Dehradun districts are also accessible to Chakrata. Chakrata is also well-linked with Himachal Pradesh by road via Paonta Sahib. Chakrata is nearly 311 kilometers away from Delhi the distance can be enclosed by 8 hours of traveling.


The hill station of Chakrata is nearby to Dehradun. Deodar and pine forests, gushing waterfalls, ancient temples, and wonderful Himalayan Mountain varieties make Chakrata one of the most attractive hill stations in Uttarakhand. There are different sightseeing places in Chakrata that are picturesque, relaxing, and adventurous. There is a whole thing to do here, from trekking to nature walks and river rafting.

You can forecast and book a Chakrata tour package with us and discover the beautiful tourist places in Chakrata. Or else, to assist you with sightseeing tours in Chakrata, you can find any of our Uttarakhand holiday packages.

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