Dimapur- Nagaland, 10 Amazing Places To Visit!

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Idhika Tejal

The Triple Falls is a prominent tourist attraction in Dimapur. As the name suggests, this area offers three waterfalls in one place.

The Triple Falls


The Kachari Ruins are a top tourist attraction in Dimapur. It's thought to be a reflection of the fertility cult's presence and rituals and the area where they practiced them.

Kachari Ruins


The village of Chumukedima, set just outside of Dimapur, is another must-see destination. Here you'll find most of Dimapur's best accommodations

Chumukedima Village


The Dimapur Zoo is a must-see with kids. The city's proximity makes it an attractive option for inhabitants. It's 6 km from town center.

Dimapur Zoological Park


Diezephe Village, outside Dimapur, is a handicrafts and handloom hub. The village is a great spot to shop in Dimapur.

Diezephe Village


Sumi Baptist Church is a popular location for tourists in Dimapur. It's close to the city center and may be reached on foot with local knowledge.

Sumi Baptist Church


Dimapur's Shiva Temple in Singrijan is very popular. The temple was supposedly built in 1961. This religious building has many mythology and historical events.

Shiva Temple


Along with the Nagaland zoological garden, the Rangapahar reserve forest is one of the top 43 sites to visit in the North East. Wildlife and fauna are its main draws.

Rangapahar Reserve Forest


Nagaland Science Centre is a must-see for nerds. This scientific institute, like others in India, was constructed to improve science comprehension without objections.

Nagaland Science Centre


Khekiho Memorial Park is a must-visit in Dimapur. It's near Nagaland Cricket Stadium and Yimchunger Aso, two major tourist spots.

Khekiho Memorial Park