Discover The Rich History And Spiritual Significance Of Rajgir!

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Gopika VC

Rajgir is a beautiful site with historical significance located in Bihar. It is in the Nalanda district.

The Rajgir Glass Bridge is found within Natural Safari Park. The primary reason for building the bridge is to provide an observation platform for the destination.

Rajgir Glass Bridge

Buddhist pilgrims visit Vishwa Shanti Stupa. On Ratnagiri hill. It's a white attraction with four golden Buddha sculptures depicting Buddha's four life stages.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Ajatshatru Stupa, a 6.5-square-meter stupa, is located in this rectangular fort with stone walls at each corner.

Ajatshatru Fort

Almost four kilometres from the train station, the Rajgiri Zoo Safari is one of the most captivating locations in the area. It is located in the vicinity of Maniyar Math.

Rajgir Wildlife Safari

Rajgir Railway Station is 5km from Pant Wildlife Sanctuary. One of Rajgir's most visited tourist spots and Bihar's most popular wildlife sanctuaries, it's near Bimbisara Jail.

Pant Wildlife Sanctuary

Buddha received Veluvana from King Bimbisara. It's now a lovely park with bamboo, flowers, and a Buddha-centered pond.


Bimbisara Jail This prison is next to the Maniyar Math and is surrounded by stone pillars and thick walls.

Bimbisara Jail

The settlement of Pandu Pokhara is approximately 22 acres in size. He constructed a more stable pond, which was later filled with rainwater and became the Pandu Pokhara.

Pandu Pokhara

The Brahma Kund is located near To Pokhara and is best known as the hot water pilgrimage site in Rajgir.

Brahma Kund

Saptaparni Caves, also known as Saptaparni Guha or Sattapanni Guha, appropriately translates to seven-leaves cave.

Saptaparni Caves

The Cyclopean Wall is over 40km in length, made entirely of stone, and encircles the entire city of Rajgir Its antique cyclopean masonry is interesting.

Cyclopean Wall

The Vulture's Peak, or Griddhakuta, is Rajgir's main attraction, especially for Buddhists. The peak, at roughly 400 m, is a popular Rajgir tourist attraction.

Vulture’s Peak

Nalanda, the most prominent Mahavihara of antiquity, was a notable Buddhist centre of academic excellence and a small pilgrimage site.        

Contemporary Nalanda University