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Rajgir: Discover The Historic Destination In Bihar!



Rajgir Explore The Historic Destination In Bihar!

Rajgir is a beautiful place of historic implications situated around Bihar. It is in the district of Nalanda. Besides being a historical place, Rajgir stands as a spiritual place for both Jainism and Buddhism, as this region is said to be connected to both Gautama Buddha and Mahavir. Rajgir was better known for its royal implications throughout the earlier times.

So, most of the site’s fascinating tourists are either spiritual or historical places. Staying in Rajgir and not visiting any one of them would be an excessive loss. Listed below are such prevalent tourist destinations of Rajgir.

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Best Places To Visit In Rajgir

Rajgir Glass Bridge

A spectacular glass bridge is growing the beauty of Rajgir and is a must-visit place if you are around the city. It is nearly 10 km away from the Rajgir Railway Station and 6 Km away from the Rajgir Wildlife Safari.

The major determination behind the construction of the bridge is to give a viewing platform to the destination. The Bridge is situated inside the Nature Safari Park, and no one should ever miss it throughout the tour to Rajgir.

Rajgir Glass Bridge

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Vishwa Shanti Stupa is a prevalent Buddhist pilgrim site. It is located on Ratnagiri hill. It is a white attractiveness, presenting the 4 phases of Buddha’s life through 4 golden statues of Lord Buddha.

The Peace Pagoda is said to be constructed by a Japanese Buddhist monk, Nipponzan Myohoji in 1969. This stupa is the world’s tallest Peace Pagoda and is considered a symbol of peace and harmony.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Ajatshatru Fort

This attractive fort is generated in a rectangular shape with stone towers at every corner and also has a stupa prevalent as the Ajatshatru Stupa, which is scattered around an area of 6.5 sq meters. Tactlessly, the fort is not in any good condition anymore.

Ajatshatru Fort

It can’t be identified as the fort at the initial glimpse, but still, it can attract more individuals and provide with them a feel of how well-conserved history looks. You can also click the images and discover history at the fort, which makes it a must-visit destination for Rajgir tourists.

Rajgir Wildlife Safari

Nearly 4 km Away from the Railway station, the Rajgiri Zoo Safari is one of the most fascinating places there. It is situated near the Maniyar Math (the best tourist place itself) around Rajgir, Bihar.

Someone who admires visiting wildlife and safaris should involve in the trip. Enclosed by the mountains of Vaibhgiri and Songiri, it is adjacent to the prevalent Pant Wildlife Sanctuary in the last of the Jethian Hills.

Rajgir Wildlife Safari

One very imperative factor about the park is there is no cage for any animal. They all can roam spontaneously in the forest area in the complete park. Sightseers only have permission to visit in a safe and environmentally friendly vehicle, or they can use the Covered Glass bus with a capacity of 22 visitors at a time.

Pant Wildlife Sanctuary

Pant Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Rajgir, 5 km from Rajgir Train Station. Situated nearby Bimbisara Prison, it is one of Rajgir’s most stayed tourist sites and Bihar’s most prevalent wildlife sanctuaries.

Pant Wildlife Sanctuary

Pant Wildlife Sanctuary also better known as Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary, comes in the area of the Nalanda Forest Division of Bihar, India, under the supervision of the Nalanda District Administration. 


King Bimbisara contributed the Bamboo Grove, Veluvana to Buddha for his residence. Today, it is a beautiful park with admiring insights into bamboo, flowers, and a great pond with Buddha’s image in the center.


Bimbisara Jail

After becoming a Majesty, Ajatshatru put his father King Bimbisara in this jail constructed inside the Ajatshatru Fort. It is one of the most better-known places to visit in Rajgir owing to its ancient history.

Bimbisara Jail

The king was imprisoned here because of his devoutness to Lord Buddha and was shifted to another small room in his last days so that he can see and distinguish Lord Buddha who was staying in the fort at that duration.

Enclosed by stone pillars and high walls, this jail is located near the Maniyar Math. You can love the ruins and learn about Indian antiquity and also get an all-encompassing view of the prevalent Japanese Peace Pagoda at the top of the hill. You can also discover the Ajatshatru fort, Shanti Stupa, and the Cyclopean wall adjacent.

Pandu Pokhara

Another attractive monument of history from the time of Mahabharata, Pandu Pokhara, is spread around 22 acres across the town. According to the Historical stories, King Pandu (father of Pandavas) confronted the Rajgriha (currently better known as Rajgir).

After winning, he introduced a more stable pond which was later filled up with rainwater and transformed into the Pandu Pokhara.

Pandu Pokhara

Later the area was turned into a beautiful entertainment park to take part in different outdoor activities such as bull riding, bungee jumping, horse riding, and zip lines. Trampoline, and boating, for both children and adults.

You also get an enormous space to play games such as cricket, volleyball, badminton, and even basketball. People who love selfies and want to take images of these beautiful natural places can take images at the selfie point.

Brahma Kund (Rajgir Hot Spring):

Hot springs are not conveniently available in the country. But only 3 km away from the Railway Station of Rajgir, there is Rajgir Hot Springs which are full of the ordinary Holi water around Rajgir, Bihar. This kund is situated nearby Pandu Pokhara and is also better known as the pilgrimage place in Rajgir with hot water. These attractive water springs are located at the end of Vaibhava Hills and can win your heart in seconds with their attractiveness.

Brahma Kund

Saptaparni Caves

Saptaparni Caves, also better known as the Saptaparni Guha or the Sattapanni Guha accurately means the 7-leaves-cave. This Buddhist cave is measured as the location where Buddha resided here for some time before his death and also as the location where the first-ever Buddhist Council was detained after Buddha’s death.

Saptaparni Caves

Being one of the most prevalent places to visit around Rajgir, the Saptaparni Caves can be arrived by taking a 40-minute uphill ramble from the backside of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple.

You can also sightsee the Hindu and Jain temples nearby the caves. You can also celebrate the attractive atmosphere nearby and calm on the natural rock platforms. It is said that Lord Buddha pondered in the caves and you can also celebrate the peace and spiritual vibes of the location.

Cyclopean Wall

A massive wall in Bihar, The Cyclopean Wall, is nearly 40 kilometers long, wholly created of stone, and encloses the whole Rajgir. It is an attractive and antique example of attractive cyclopean masonry, which was scattered all over the globe.

Cyclopean Wall

This wall was generated by Jarasandh, who was the 2nd ruler of the Brihadratha or Rawani dynasty, to prevent the city from enemies and imposters.

Vulture’s Peak or Griddhakuta

The Vulture’s Peak or Griddhakuta is a foremost attraction in Rajgir, especially for Buddhists. This is owing to the place being one of the 2 foremost places where Buddha preached his sermons for different years.

Vultures Peak or Griddhakuta

The peak is just outside the restrictions of Rajgir. At an altitude of nearly 400 m, the peak is among the most prevalent places for sightseeing in Bihar. The peak’s further claim to celebrity is on account of the panoramic scene you can get of the surroundings from on topmost of the hill.

Contemporary Nalanda University

Nalanda, the most prevalent Mahavihara of ancient times, a noteworthy Buddhist seat of academic superiority, and a modest pilgrim center, all rolled up in a small piece of religiousness, remains an equally worthwhile and fulfilling location today. It has a flourishing spirituality, history, culture, tourism, and architecture. 

Contemporary Nalanda University

Best Time to Visit

Rajgir witnesses the best weather during the winter months of October and March. During this period the temperature is mild and the weather is enjoyable and comfortable. The prevalent Rajgir Mahotsav is also renowned during the month of October.

How to Reach? 

By Air: There is no airport here. The nearest airport to Rajgir is in Gaya, which is nearly 68 km from the city. You can conveniently get transport from the airport to Rajgir likewise cabs and buses.

The airport is an international airport, and you can conveniently get flights from India’s neighboring regions and almost all foremost Indian cities to Rajgir.

By Road: By Road, to get to Rajgir, you have to get into Bihar first. State-run buses link Rajgir to the different important cities in Bihar effortlessly. You can arrive at Rajgir and all the different tourist places close to the city utilizing private and government buses conveniently. This is one of the most affordable approaches for you to get to Rajgir.

By Train: Rajgir has its own train station, and it is situated less than a kilometer from the city center. The Rajgir station is well-linked with the Gaya railway station, which is the major junction station of its line.

The Gaya railway station is situated some 60 km from Rajgir. You can effortlessly get to Rajgir from the Gaya railway station utilizing local trains, buses, and rented cabs from outside the station.


Rajgir has loads of locations that you can visit on your vacation. Our commendation of the best places to visit in Rajgir involves – Cyclopean Wall, Makhdoom Kund, and Saptaparni Caves. Apart from these, there are different other places to visit that you can discover if you are on a lengthier trip!

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