Enjoy The Scenic Beauty Of Chikhaldara, Maharashtra!

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Gopika VC

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is a well-known national park with lush flora and the Government Garden, formerly the Company Garden.

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary


Devi Point is a prominent tourist site in Maharashtra, located 1.5 kilometers from Chikhaldara's bus stop near Amravati.

Devi Point


The Gugumal National Park in Amravati, Maharashtra, is a popular national park. The Melghat Tiger Reserve includes the 1987-established national park.

Gugamal National Park


Melghat Tiger Reserve was one of the original nine tiger reserves established under Project Tiger in 1973-74 to protect Bengal Tigers.

Melghat Tiger Reserve


Chikhaldara has several views where tourists can see the area's beauty. Hurricane Point in Chikhaldhara in Maharashtra's Amravati district offers lush green nature.

Hariken Point


Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens features several flora. The forest department meticulously maintains the garden. That was amazing for kids to rejoice.

Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens


Panchbol Point provides a stunning view of the area. Four kilometers from Bir Lake, in the Chikhaldara district, is the Panchbol Point, a scenic spot.

Panchbol Point


Wan Sanctuary is a part of this nature sanctuary on the Melghat Tiger Reserve's southwest border. Dwindling under Maharashtra's Amravati District.

Wan Sanctuary


The Narnala Fort in Maharashtra's Achalpur district is famous. Narnala Fort sits in the Satpuda mountain range in Akot Taluka of the lovely Akola District.

Narnala Fort


At Chikhaldara, Semadoh Lake is at Gugamal National Park's entry point. Boating and fishing at the lake are popular activities here.

Semadoh Lake