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Chikhaldara: Enjoy A Serene Hill Station In Maharashtra!



Chikhaldara Enjoy A Serene Hill Station In Maharashtra!

Chikhaldara is an amazing hill station situated at an altitude of 1,088 meters above sea level in the Amravati district of Maharashtra. It is encircled by the straggling Melghat Tiger Project Area. Chikhaldara is said to have been revealed during 1823 by a convinced Captain Robinson who fitted to the Hyderabad Regiment.

Chikaldara is a stimulating hill station where Madhya Pradesh starts and Maharashtra ends. It is also the only place around Maharashtra that has coffee plantations and proposes some of the delighting must-visit locations. In addition, the Melghat Tiger Reserve is said to be home to nearly 80 tigers.

Resting around the district of Amravati, Chikhaldara is cited in the heroic text of Mahabharata. Based on the mythology, Bheema murdered the iniquitous Keechaka in a herculean stretch and then threw him into the valley around this meticulous location. The foremost lure around Chikhaldara is wildlife.

Different reserves and forests around the hill station are home to a broad variety of birds and animals. Many visitors fascinate there to see the attractiveness of nature. This location is sheltered by massive mountain ranges around it. 

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Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is a better-known national park with the thick greenery of trees as the bountiful surroundings, the Government Garden previously acknowledged as the Company Garden has a variability of fauna and flora.

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary

It was first premeditated as a popular tourist site by an English army colonel Caption Robinson. The place is complete with a host of animals and birds that will enthuse any nature or wildlife admirer.

The picturesque view of Chikhaldara can be experienced from one of the different points accessible in the locality such as Prospect Point, Devi Point, and Hurricane Point. 

Devi Point

Devi Point is a popular tourist attraction in Maharashtra, located in Chikhaldara near the beautiful city of Amravati and approximately 1.5 kilometers from the bus stop in Chikhaldara. This is one of the best places to visit in Chikhaldara.

Devi Point

At this point, there is a beautiful temple that the residuals often visit either to offer a prayer or for sightseeing and to celebrate some quality time with family and friends. Standing at this point one can witness the complete view of Chikhaldara and all of its lures.

One can also witness a beautiful sunset. The location proposes an excellent view of the surrounding valley. 

Gugamal National Park

At Amravati, the Gugumal National Park in Maharashtra state is among the most popular nationalized parks in Maharashtra state. Introduced during the year 1987, the national park is a fundamental part of the Melghat Tiger Reserve.

Gugamal National Park

Between March and June, the perfect time to visit this national park. This popular national park is home to different species such as sloth bears, pythons, cheetahs, fishing cats, tigers, and many more.

In addition, there are different medicinal plants and shrubs that exist around this national park. Gugamal National Park promises an enthusiastic treat to the forest admirers and slakes yearnings for an incessant vacation around the hills. 

Melghat Tiger Reserve

Melghat Tiger Reserve was among the first 9 tiger reserves acknowledged throughout the period of 1973-74 under Project Tiger, a wildlife maintenance project introduced around India throughout 1972 to avert the Bengal Tigers.

  • Melghat Tiger Reserve
  • Melghat Tiger Reserve

There you may witness some mere animals and some different species of birds. In the massive forest of Melghat, you may also witness the king of Melghat Forest i.e., the tiger. In addition, this spreads over a very great area of dense vegetation and mountainous terrain.

Also, the reserve also has a great variety of birds and it is better to go to the most prevalent reserves for improved chances of spotting. 

Hariken Point

There are different viewpoints in Chikhaldara where visitors can celebrate the magnificent sights of the location. Lavish green natural beauty is what Hurricane Point around Chikhaldhara situated around the Amravati district of Maharashtra proposes.

Hariken Point

An astonishing view is what this point bestows us with. Before viewing other locations around this location, we suggest tourists begin their day by spending half an hour nearby to nature and its limitless generations.

One such viewpoint is Hurricane Point, proposing you get a foretaste of the charming attractiveness of Chikhaldara. Don’t skip this beautiful point throughout your visit to Chikhaldara. 

Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens

Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens has a massive assortment of botanical plants. The garden is preserved by the forest department with a huge number of plants and flowers precisely risen. It was a really astonishing place for kids they celebrated a lot.

Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens

There are different things that are accessible for students who are interested in Botany. It is a massive botanical park with swings from tree branches on which even adults can sit and recreate childhood recollections. 

Panchbol Point

Panchbol Point offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The Panchbol Point, located 4 kilometers from Bir Lake, is a picturesque point reliant on the Chikhaldara region.

Panchbol Point

Panchbol Point is one of those places that stands amidst the serene natural beauty. It is one of the hill station’s most prevalent viewpoints with its location close to the amusing Bir Lake. One can revel in a trail trek through the lush green forests to picturesque Panchbol Point.

While on the trek individuals can celebrate the all-encompassing view of the long-stretched green valley.

The location of Panchbol Point is a paradise for snappers and the picturesque view of the green mountain diversity along with the deep valley downwards finalizes the canvas. The location is astonishing to spend some quality time with nature and serene surroundings.

Wan Sanctuary

Wan Sanctuary is essentially a postponement of this wildlife preserve which is situated on the southwestern fringes of the Melghat Tiger Reserve. Dwindling under the Amravati District locations of Maharashtra State, this sanctuary is better known for its dense and parched deciduous forest insight.

Wan Sanctuary

The inhabited Wan Sanctuary by dissimilar species of animals, involving tigers, leopards, breaking deer, sambar, and wild dogs. 

Narnala Fort

The Narnala Fort is a popular historical fort around the Achalpur district of Maharashtra, India. Narnala Fort is positioned on the Satpuda mountain range around the Akot Taluka of the beautiful Akola District.

Narnala Fort

It is a prevalent destination for history and nature lovers, as well as those looking for adventure and outdoor recreation. The fort can be arrived by different hiking tracks. This fort, which is normally more than 1000 years old, has been modified in different dynasties.

Although, after the Narnala Singh, the popular fort was called and is acknowledged for its historical and architectural status, as well as its charming beauty. It is enclosed by dense forest and is acknowledged as a prevalent trekking location.

The fort is also better known for its picturesque insights into the surroundings insight and wildlife, involving a massive population of peacocks. 

Semadoh Lake

Semadoh Lake is situated at the entry date of Gugamal National Park, nearly 25 km from Chikhaldara. At this place, tourists can celebrate boating and fishing at the lake.

Semadoh Lake

It is one of the most prevalent lakes in the district where travelers can also celebrate this awesome natural lake with entertainment amenities delivered by the forest department.

In addition, it is a very serene lake amidst scenic locations promising fishing and boating sports for visitors. 

Best Time To Visit Chikhaldara 

Chikhaldara is a picturesque hill station that can be visited any period of the year, although this destination is prevalent among individuals as a summer retreat. The cold and windy weather throughout this time of the year makes it an ideal place to beat the heat.

The complete place is enveloped in the attractive beauty of luxurious green trees and variegated hills. Tramping, walking and swimming are some activities you can pander in to lessen and invigorate your body.

The weather with a trace of warmth is also ideal to get lost around the wilderness. Apart from the months of summer, the winter season and monsoon season observe moderate climates therefore staying in Chikhaldara at any phase of the year will be a sustaining and rewarding observation.

How To Reach Chikhaldara? 

By Road: By Road, the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is very well accompanied by road. Different towns and cities around Maharashtra are linked to the Sanctuary by means of day-to-day, regular buses.

These consistent buses are either state-managed or private tours kinds. The travel fare relies on the high-quality bus you make. However, this doesn’t make for a relaxed trip.

By Train: At a distance of close to 110 km, the Badnera station is the contiguous railway station. Its deceits on the Central Railway Line.

Different inter-city and out-station trains arrive at Badnera frequently from all foremost towns and cities within and outside Maharashtra. Taxis are accessible for rent from the railway station to the Wildlife Sanctuary at a price of Rs. 7 per km.

By Air: Chikhaldara is effortlessly available by air. The Akola Airport is the closest Domestic Airport to Chikhaldara, at a distance of nearly 150 km. There are adequate taxis accessible from the airport to arriving at Chikhaldara at an economical and rational fare.


Chikhaldara is the popular and topmost hill station around the Vidarbha region. Chikhaldara has different beautiful locations such as sunset points, small waterfalls, echo points, and many others. It fascinates different tourists to visit.

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