Explore The Natural Tourist Destinations In Manipur With Friends!

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Ruchika Mandora

Manipur is one of the most explored northeastern states in Indian territory. Manipur is known for its rich culture.

Lake Loktak belongs to the category of freshwater. It is a lake at a height of approximately 768 metres above sea level.

Loktak Lake


In the past, this was a palace in the city of Imphal in the state of Manipur. In the end, the palace was turned into a fort, and now part of it is in ruins.

Kangla Fort


This dam was built in the river Singda as a project with more than one goal. From the centre of Imphal, which is 19 km away, it is easy to reach the dam.

Singda Dam


The Keibul Lamjao National Park covers an area of 40 square kilometers. The floating nature of this national park is one of its specific features.

Keibul Lamjao National Park


From heights such as Khayang, the natural royalty of the state of Manipur can be explored and experienced. This summit is located at an elevation of 3,114 metres above sea level.

Khayang Peak


This beautiful natural valley is located in the Manipur metropolis of Imphal. This valley is at the center of Manipur, hence most tourists visit it.

Imphal Valley


Khangkhui Cave is famous not just in the tourism industry, but also in many other areas. These caves are around 15km from Ukhrul.

Khangkhui Cave


This is another Manipur attraction worth visiting. With a sense of adventure and a willingness to risks, you can go. The peak altitude is 2,835m.

Shirui Kashung


Shirui Kashung is another Manipur destination worth visiting. With a sense of adventure and a willingness to risk, you can go. Peak elevation is 2,835m.

Santhei Natural Park


Nillai is a Manipur tea estate in Ukhrul. This aromatic visit will give you a sensual nature experience.

Nillai Tea Estate


Manipur Zoological Gardens is known for conserving unique and exotic species native to the region.

Manipur Zoological Gardens