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Explore The Natural Tourist Destination Of Manipur!



Explore The Natural Tourist Destination Of Manipur!

Manipur is one of the northeastern states explored the most in the Indian territory. The city of Imphal being its capital, the state has got innumerable places to explore and indulge in its territory. The state also borders the neighboring country of India, Myanmar. Therefore, it has also got some political significance at a national level. Manipur is popular for its rich culture and so be prepared for a vacation where you will be hit with exotic flavors of northeastern culture with all the power and pleasure.

The state is popular for being the home to Raas Lila. This variety of classical dance is invented and improvised by the state itself during its older days. Maharaja Bhagyachandra was the man behind the innovation of this aesthetic dance form. From arts to sports, Manipur has a legacy of its own. When it comes to the context of sports, Modern Polo is also developed from the grounds of this state. However, it is known by the name of Sagol Kangchel among the local populace. Apart from sports, arts, and culture, there is a lot to experience and discover on a vacation to this state. We have tried to list the best-suited ones for your varied interests. 

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Loktak Lake

This is the natural side of Manipur which you will be impressed with. Loktak is a lake that belongs to the freshwater category. The approximate area of the lake is measured as 287 sq. km. The area can fluctuate between 250 – 500 sq. km during the different seasons of the year. It is a high-altitude lake with an elevation measurement of around 768m. These geographical features add to the magnificence levels of the lake. If you are in the capital city of Imphal, you can reach the location within a distance of just 30km.

Loktak Lake

Moreover, to encourage tourism and engage the people visiting the location, boating services are also set in this lake. For those who are visiting the lake with a group, such activities would be the best. This lake has also got the international importance of being the largest freshwater lake in the whole world. Moreover, hydroelectric power projects are functional in this freshwater lake making it quite significant in the regional context too. The biodiversity and vegetation found near the lake are also quite impressive, especially for nature lovers. 

Kangla Fort

This was a palace during the earlier days in the city of Imphal in Manipur. Eventually, the palace got converted into a fort and now it is partially in its ruins. Metei architecture is the major attraction of this fortified palace. This kind of architecture is quite rare to see and explore in the territory of India. It was in the year, 1632 that the fort got opened in the city. During the royal reign period in Manipur, Kangla was considered the capital of the state and not Imphal. This also emphasizes the importance of the fort and the surroundings in which it is situated.

Kangla Fort

A lot of tourists can be seen in the surroundings of the fort enjoying their time exploring the ruined aesthetics of the fort. An easily accessible location also contributes to the flourishing tourism of the fort. When analyzing the records of history, it can be seen that King Khagemba was the figure who initiated the construction of the fort. However, if you have plans to visit the fort, make sure you are not planning it for a Wednesday since it will remain closed during that particular day of the week. 

Singda Dam

This is another dam with a higher tourism prominence located near the city of Imphal in the state of Manipur. This dam has been constructed as a multipurpose project in the river of Singda. You can easily reach the dam at a distance of 19km from the city center of Imphal. National Projects Construction Corporation Limited was the authority that was assigned to the construction of the dam. When it comes to the category of earthen dams in the territory of India, this dam assumes the first position in the case of height.

Singda Dam

Winter is the best season to visit the dam on account of the epitome of picturesqueness visible during the period. However, to reach the most beautiful points in the location, you will be required to climb some risky steep. This can be quite difficult for those who are not physically fit. But the scenes and the feel you will get from reaching the point will satisfy you in every sense. The agriculture of the surroundings is also dependent upon this dam. 

Keibul Lamjao National Park

This is one of the must-visit destinations in your trip to Manipur on account of the splendidness of its biodiversity. It is located in the district of Bishnupur in the state of Manipur. This national park is spread over an area of 40 sq. km. One of the peculiar features of this national park is that it is found in a floating condition. This natural peculiarity is one such thing that attracts a bunch of tourists to the location of the park. Even if you are not into exploring wildlife and biodiversity, this visit will give you something different and beautiful from its topographical specialties.

Keibul Lamjao National Park

It is also connected to the lake of Loktak discussed above. Brow antlered deer is one of the species having greater celebrity repute in this national park. Considering all the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the entire world, this is the only one that is existing in a floating condition. Phumdi is the name by which this floating foliage is known. You can spend a good 2-3 hours enjoying the visuals and diversity inside the national park. 

Khayang Peak

Natural royalty of the state of Manipur can be explored and experienced from the peaks like Khayang. This peak is situated at an elevation of 3114m from the ground level. This peak is situated in the district of Ukhrul in the state. The extensive group of hills, the lush greenery, the mist of the atmosphere, etc. will reveal its best colors on your visit to the peak of Khayang. All you need to do would be climbing the peak with a determined mind. The panoramic view possible from the top of the peak would be magical and mesmerizing for sure.

Khayang Peak

Moreover, the climate with that persistent chillness in the air and calmness embracing you are some of the most adorable characteristics of the vacation you will experience from the peak of Khayang. When it comes to the peaks in the district of Ukhrul in Manipur, this is measured as the highest one. The crystal clear streams, their rhythm of flow, and also the tranquil hamlets, etc. will fill your mind with an absolute sense of joy and peace. Adventure buffs would also feel satisfied in a trip to this location with that spirit and power accompanied in trekking. 

Imphal valley

This charming natural valley is located in the city of Imphal in Manipur. The valley is also known by the name Manipur Valley. The canyon has an irregular oval shape is one of the characteristic features of the valley of Imphal. It is formed from multiple streams flowing from the hills surrounding the valley. This valley is located in the heart of the state of Manipur making a majority of Manipur tourists visit the location without fail.

Imphal valley

Hence this valley and its surroundings can be considered one of the most crowded destinations in the entire territory of the state. The mountains found in the backdrop of the valley belong to the Eastern side of the greater Himalayas. The valley is situated at quite a higher altitude with a measurement of about 2500 feet. You can go and visit the valley if you are planning for a delightful natural retreat in the state of Manipur. Indulging in the lush greens and the calming soft breeze and interacting with the exotic wildlife etc. will serve you an experience that would be peerlessly perfect. 

Khangkhui Cave

This is a limestone cave formation you can visit during your vacation to the state of Manipur. Khangkhui Mangsor is the other name by which the cave is known especially among tourists. This cave is not just prominent in the tourism sector but also in a lot of varied different contexts. Archaeologists and historians are mostly found in this cave and its surroundings to learn and research its disciplinary peculiarities. The paleolithic age and its characteristic cultural elements have also been discovered from this place.

Khangkhui Cave

From the town center of Ukhrul, you can reach the destination of these caves at a distance of around 15km. This cave is also significant talking about the Second World War period. During those times, the soldiers used this cave for the purpose of hiding. You can travel to the location with a thirst for knowledge, culture, and also some history. This trip can be the most exciting if you can appreciate a subtle blend of culture, history, and adventure. There will also be some mystic feels and vibes when you hit the location of the caves. The almost dark ambiance will also add to the scary feelings reflected by the location. 

Shirui Kashung

This is another worthwhile tourist attraction on your trip to Manipur. You can hit the location with a spirit of adventure and a mind to take risks. 2,835m is the altitude measurement of the peak. Shirui lilies are one of the most popular attractions you can find in the location of the place. Apart from these lilies, you can also see a river that flows through the mountain ranges. These natural sights attract a lot of environmental enthusiasts to visit the location.

Shirui Kashung

You can definitely enjoy that detoxifying experience from the peak and its surroundings since the nature found here has got exceptional healing properties. You have to trek in this location if you wish to see the picturesqueness of the place. So that if you are planning for a casual visit and not in the mood to undertake something risky, you may not be able to accomplish the visit in its fullest sense. Moreover, walking through the peaceful patches of forests found in the location will help you get connected to nature in the most intense manner possible. 

Santhei Natural Park

This is another natural park that will excite you if you are a lover of exotic wildlife, vegetation, and more. You can reach the location in just a distance of 21km if you travel in the northeastern direction from the city center of Imphal. Apart from the wildlife and biodiversity, this is that location in your Manipur vacation where you can go to enjoy and indulge in the cultural grandeur and richness of the state. The customs, beliefs, norms, rituals, traditions, spiritual practices, etc. of the state are expressed in the most beauteous form in the National Park of Santhei.

Santhei Natural Park

Several ancient and unique temples can also be seen in the location of this national park. Witnessing the tradition and beliefs of the local tribes of Manipur can be one of the most hilarious activities you can indulge in when you pay a visit to this national park. Moreover, you will be amazed to see the villagers’ attitude toward preserving and protecting the wildlife and natural resources found in the area. Unlike the other national parks found in India, this is something unique providing you with the best rustic vibes ever. 

Nillai Tea Estate

This is the tourist location in Manipur where you should go and see the agricultural abundance and economic power source of the state. The tea estate of Nillai is found in the district of Ukhrul in the state of Manipur. The visit would be absolutely aromatic so this will give you a sensual experience along with nature. The lush greens of nature are also quite impressive when you are taking a stroll through the estate. The tea estate visit can also be quite insightful in learning and understanding the process of making the best quality tea leaves from scratch.

Nillai Tea Estate

You can also get to know the varieties of tea made in the estate with different quality levels. Moreover, the making of tea dust having medicinal properties is also something that is worthy to visit on the trip to the estate. You can also try sessions for tea tasting to experience the real flavor blast in your taste buds. From the city center of Ukhrul, you need to travel a distance of 20km to reach the destination of the tea estate. Summer months of the year would be the best to hit the location of the estate so that you can see a lot of sights and processes that will excite you. 

Manipur Zoological Gardens

Manipur Zoological Gardens is something that is famous for being the center for the conservation of rare and exotic species that are characteristic of the landscape and topography of the place. Iroisemba is the exact location where you can find the zoo. You will be excited to see the species of dancing deer inside the zoo. Such exciting species can also make your kids happy and thrilled if you are taking them along with you.

Manipur Zoological Gardens

It is spread over a vast area that measures around 68 hectares. The year of the inauguration of this zoological garden can be seen as 1976. There are a total of 400 species preserved and protected inside the zoo. This is quite near to the city center of Imphal and you can reach the place in just a distance of 5-6km. There will also be a lot of pine trees near the location of the garden making it a picturesque place to click photos of your Manipur vacation. 

How to reach Manipur?

Nearest airport: Imphal International Airport

Nearest railway station: Dimapur Railway Station (DMV)


Go with an open mind to experience and enjoy everything you come across. The natural, cultural, and spiritual diversity of the place will have a lot to offer you apart from the clichés. The Best time to visit Manipur is from September to April

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