Explore The Scenic Hill Village Sangla, Here Are The Top Spots!

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Gopika VC

Famous for its pine nut orchards and apple and cherry trees. Chitkul, Karchham, and Batseri are popular Sangla villages.

It is a very important place of worship for Hindus, who come to the temple every year in August and September for the famous "Fulaich fair" events.

Bering Nag Temple


You'll find a modern Buddhist temple and a 10-meter-tall Buddha statue. Tourists appreciate the monastery and its surroundings.

Buddhist Monastery


Tourists from throughout the country visit Sangla Meadows to admire its greenery and Himalayan snowcaps.

Sangla Meadow


The five-story tower is made of stone and has a roof with a gabled peak and a ridgepole. The rafters hold the stone together at small intervals.

Kamru Fort


It's fun to drive to the village of Chitkul. You can go hiking through the forest, and there is also a wildlife sanctuary for all you nature and wildlife lovers out there.



Tibetan wood carvings abound in this shopaholic's paradise. Tibetan-style wood carvings include cookware, décor, and souvenirs.

Tibetan Wood Carving Center


From this small village, you can also see the peaceful, snow-covered peak of the Kinnaur Kailasha mountains, which are on the edge of the Kinnaur district.



A place where people like to fish, camp, and hike is near a rippling river that looks like it belongs in a picture.

Baspa River


You may buy local handicrafts in Basteri Village. Shawls and Kinnauri caps are famous in the village.

Batseri Village


Sangla is notable for its wood carvings, shawls, and headgear. Kinnaur apples are world-famous.

Shopping in Sangla