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Himachal Pradesh

Sangla: Explore The Hill Town Kinnaur | Himachal Pradesh!



Sangla Explore The Hill Town Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh!

Sangla is an attractive hill town situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the valley of Baspa, this place lies in closeness to the Tibetan border. The town has been called after a village with a similar name, which means “pass of light” in the Tibetan language.

The region’s picturesque beauty is mesmerizing as it rests in the superior Himalayas and is encircled by forest slopes and mountains. Until 1989, travelers had to take a special allowance from the government of India to visit this place owing to its position on the Indo-China border. In this article, we have listed a few places to visit in Sangla

However, this rule was eradicated later, to encourage tourism in the region. The place is well-known for its pine nut orchards and beautiful trees of apples and cherries. Villages such as Chitkul, Karchham, and Batseri are some of the prevalent tourist lures of Sangla.

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Bering Nag Temple

The well-known Bering Nag Temple is the prime lure in Sangla valley, which is visited by an inordinate number of individuals every year, precisely between the months of August and September. This is one of the best places to visit in Sangla. It is a very imperative place of worship for Hindus, who visit the temple to attend its famous” Fulaich fair” events”, which take place every year during August and September.

Bering Nag Temple

This attractive temple is enthusiastic to Lord Jagas, also better known as Lord Shiva, whom the local individuals worship for the wellbeing of the village and its inhabitant. Travelers never miss visiting this attractive temple destination, which is only a few kilometers away from Sangla. One can conveniently visit Sangla by car or bus and then come to Bering Nag Temple, by following a simple trek of a few kilometers.

Buddhist Monastery Sangla

The well-known Sangla Buddhist monastery is located just close to the Reckong Peo in Brelengi Thus. The Buddhist Monastery is prevalently known as Brelengi Gompa. It is worth noting that the prevalent monastery came into existence during the year 1992.

Buddhist Monastery Sangla

It was founded by the Mahabodhi Society to deliver assistance to Dalai Lama for witnessing the Kalachakra ceremony. It has already appeared as one of the extremely famous tourist destinations and every year thousands of tourists from different corners of the globe throng the spectacular Buddhist Monastery. The Buddhist Monastery is also the best places to visit in Sangla

You will come across a modern Buddhist edifice and a 10-meter-high status of extremely revered Buddha. The tourists have fallen in love with the attractiveness of the monastery and the things across it. we have marked these as the best places to visit in Sangla.

It is worth revealing that Buddhism culture has exerted an enormous influence in the Sangla valley. The scores of monasteries have already managed to fascinate many tourists as they have advanced a prodigious liking for them. Tourists are engrossed by the natural beauty of the Buddhist Monastery and the neighboring places.

The topmost highlight of the Buddhist Monastery involves the wooden walls. The roof of the monastery is precisely designed to propose a breathtaking experience to visitors. The Tibetan culture is yet another high point of the tourist destination. Tourists get a sneak peek of the culture and love to discover it every time they visit the place.

Sangla Meadow

The beautiful Sangla Meadows, also better known as Sangla Kanda is another very prevalent sightseeing attraction neighboring Sangla, which is better known for its natural views and snow-enclosed mountain ranges. Tourists from every corner of the country visit this delightful place to enjoy the attractive beauty of Sangla Meadows, enclosed in greenery and enclosed snow-capped mountain ranges of the Himalayas.

Sangla Meadow

Sangla Meadows also makes for an accurate site to see the Kinner Kailash mountain variety with a 180-degree view. The tourists visiting here can celebrate the view of the local huts of Himachal along with the taxes and lifestyle of its local individuals. The place is wholly covered with attractive green gardens & apple orchards that tourist love seeing. Also, the distance between Sangla Meadows and Sangla valley is not much and visitors can conveniently reach the spot by car or taxi.

Some individuals enjoy trekking though and they come here to experience trekking in the spectacular location of Sangla Meadows. One can do a full-day trek here that origins from Sangla Meadows and passes through glaciers and some of the most spectacular scenery of the area.

Throughout the trek, one can enjoy the all-encompassing views of the Kinner Kailash range and further celebrate overnight camping, which is another prevalent activity that takes place in this attractive valley.

Kamru Fort

Kamru village is better known for its tower-like structure at its greatest point, known as Kamru Fort. The fort is supposed to be almost a thousand years old and was constructed by Lord Badrinath himself.

Kamru Fort

The five-floor high tower is attractively made out of stone, bound at small intervals with wooden rafters, and surpassed with a gabled roof and a ridgepole. It has two arrival points, a gate engraved out of wood and another of metal. At the key gate, a spectacular image of Lord Buddha greets the visitors. 

It is said that the fort is, in fact, a monument that is home to 33 crores (330,000,000) of gods and goddesses. Inside the fort campus, there is another shrine enthusiastic to Kamakhya Devi that is said to have been brought here from Assam.


Chitkul is said to be the last populated village within the Indian boundaries on the old Indo-Tibetan Road. Located at a height of 3450 meters, the village is situated at a distance of 28 km from Sangla, about 600 kilometers from Delhi in the Kinnaur Valley.


It is like a doorway that opens into an exquisite landscape of breathtaking beauty and a tranquil environment. There are orchids, mountains, meadows, enormous rocks, rivers, jungle, and grasslands in the village with the aid of which it has made a unique uniqueness for itself.

A drive to the Chitkul village is enjoyable. One can go trekking across the forest as well as a wildlife sanctuary for all the wildlife as well as nature devotees out there.

The journey to Chitkul is an altogether dissimilar experience in itself. It is sparsely inhabited by as many as 600 locals who are warm, loving, and tremendously hospitable towards the tourists. While traveling to the valley, you will see River Baspa on your right, and on the way, you will also pass through the Rakcham village which is primarily better known as the model village of the region. Different campsites are located within the apple gardens by the side of the Baspa River.

This slight village is a must-visit place, and one should stay for at least a day here as the scenery keeps you magnetized all the time. It is an accurate place to spend some time off from busy lives and monotonous routines in the dominion of natural beauty.

Tibetan Wood Carving Center

We all would acknowledge the fact that tourist destinations such as Shimla and Manali have gotten too jam-packed these days and travelers are rushing to offbeat terminuses in such peace. One such off-beat destination is the attractive Sangla Valley; a place covered in the remote hills of Himachal, way too attractive and never jam-packed.

Tibetan Wood Carving Center

In short, the place is perfect for someone who wants to visit an off-beat location where they spend some peaceful and pacific moments away from the horde. Situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Sangla Valley is a river valley, also predictable as Baspa Valley. Sangla is the major town in the valley overloaded with all the modern amenities such as a petrol pump, Bank ATMs, Post offices, Restaurants, bars, mid-range hotels, and different shops selling all day-to-day supplies. 

The town has a foremost tourist footfall as the well-known Tibetan Wood Carving Center is here. A heaven for shopaholics, this place is protuberant for its Tibetan products made of wood carvings. One can find all variabilities of wood carvings from wooden kitchenware to beautification pieces and souvenirs carved in Tibetan style.

The goodies involve the good-looking idols of dissimilar deities. If you fall short of gifting concepts, this place would absolutely solve all your dilemmas. Once again well-known among tourists, Tibetan Wood Carving Center has goodies for every age.

The wooden carvings are for demonstration as well as sale also. The possessions exhibit the artistic culture of the natives here. This center is located near the Saffron Farm in the peripheries of Sangla Valley and is accessible through a road.


Rakcham is a picturesque village located in Himachal Pradesh nearly 23 km away from Chitkul, the last Indian village before the Tibet Border. The picturesque little hamlet is situated in the enchanting Baspa Valley by River Baspa, which is an imperative tributary of the Sutlej. The region is enclosed with dense vegetation during the year.


The serene snow-enclosed peak of Kinnaur Kailasha mountains that border the district of Kinnaur can also be observed from this little hamlet. A very exceptional trait of the village is its remoteness. The village is not as inhabited as many other villages in the region and is disengaged from the rest of the world.

There aren’t postal services or admittance to the internet in Rakcham. The local population here mostly continues on crops introduced between April and October before the frigid winters strike. The winters are so cold that the locals migrate to low-lying locations and return in April to begin farming every year. In short, Rakcham has nothing but a few local shops carrying daily essentials.

Baspa River

It’s time for some great activities and adventure! A rippling river with a photographic picturesque beauty is an idyllic place where tourists prefer to fish, camp, and trek.

Baspa River

Covering a long distance all the way through the mountains around the area, one can observe the rainbow and brown trout there. A nonviolent pace to relax is a must-visit.

Batseri Village

Located nearly 8 km from Sangla, Basteri Village is a place where you can shop for some interesting local handicrafts. Handmade shawls and Kinnauri caps are the most well-known items in the village.

Batseri Village

Do not forget to purchase pine nuts or chilgoza, which are full-grown here. Trout Fishing Farm, which lies on the way toward this village, is not to be skipped.

Shopping In Sangla

Sangla is well-known for its wood carving work and other handicrafts such as handmade shawls and caps. Look out for Kinnaur apples which are one of the best in the world.

Shopping In Sangla

Best Time To Visit Sangla

Overall, the climate of Sangla is relatively pleasant throughout the year, although the winters incline to be a bit harsh. Summers are hot but the heat is not actually scorching. The temperature throughout summer assortments from 8 to 30 degrees Celcius. Monsoon season in the valley brings a slighter amount of rainfall. it’s also one of the best places to visit in Sangla.

The winters, not suggested as a visiting season, are tremendously cold with temperatures between 10 and -10 degrees Celcius. Visit Sangla during summers or monsoons to determine the place at its best, but if you are visiting throughout winter, make sure you carry a woolen.

How To Reach Sangla?

Owing to its distant location in the Greater Himalayas, Sangla has restricted air and rail connectivity. However, it is decorously linked by road with the other cities of Himachal Pradesh.

By Air: The closest airport to Sangla is the Jubbarhatti Airport in Shimla (194 km away) and it celebrates good connectivity with the foremost cities of India. One can board a bus to Reckong Peo or take a direct taxi from here to arrive at Sangla. The bordering international airport nearby Sangla is Chandigarh, which is 333 km away. From Chandigarh buses to Reckong Peo are accessible, and taxis, on the other hand, can be booked till Sangla.

By Rail: The closest railway station to Sangla is the Kalka Railway Station (288 km away), which is well-linked to all the foremost cities of India. Private Buses and cabs are accessible here to take you to Shimla from where recurrent buses and taxis are accessible to take you to Reckong Peo and Sangla.

By Road: From Delhi and Chandigarh, unvarying HRTC buses are accessible for Reckong Peo. From the Reckong Peo bus stand, two buses are accessible for Sangla, one in the morning and one nearly mid-morning. Taxis can be rented to reach Sangla from Reckong Peo.


Sangla is a stunning place with an enormous array of flowers and trees rising everywhere. They introduce the valley feature as more surreal, refreshing, and resplendent. Something which makes Sangla Valley a prevalent place is the abundance of fresh fruits. 

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