Explore The Untouched Beautiful Places In Kohima

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Gopika VC

On the road from Imphal to Dimapur, on National Highway 39, there is a cemetery for soldiers who died in wars.

Kohima War Cemetery


Locals call the village Khwuno-ra. This is a community of Angami Nagas 20km from Kohima. The village is renowned as the "first green village in India."

Khonoma Village


This Kohima spot has tremendous floral bloom. You'll be amazed at the number of flower species in the Botanical Garden.

Kohima Botanical Garden


This is a popular Christian church in Kohima. Peaceful cathedrals and symbols overcome the city's brutal past.

Kohima Cathedral


One of Kohima's top tourist villages. Nagaland and Kohima's ancient legacy is embodied in the village.

Touphema Village


After reaching Kohima, explore Shilloi Lake in Lutsam. The lake's tribal traditions and superstitions make it a popular tourist destination.

Shilloi Lake, Kohima


It's a popular tourist spot in Kohima. Kisama Heritage Village is another name for it. This settlement is in Kohima's valleys.

Naga Heritage Village


Kohima zoo is a great place to see Nagaland's unusual wildlife. The zoo has Nagaland's state bird and animal.

Kohima zoo


This is the most touristy city in the state. The state's art and culture are the most interesting things about it that you will see on the trip.



This is the best northeastern national park. This park is also called Intanki National Park. The park covers 200sq km.

Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary