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10 Best Beautiful Locations To Explore In Kohima!



10 Best Beautiful Locations To Explore In Kohima!

Kohima is one among the handful of tourist destinations in the North-Eastern region of the nation. According to the boundaries, the city of Kohima belongs to the state of Nagaland, India. The city has also got the second position in size in relation to all other cities in the state. The city is also known by the name of Kewhira. It is also the capital city of the state of Nagaland. The founding year of the city gets marked as 1878.

This foundation happened as a part of the establishment of the British Empire headquarters of the district, Naga Hills. The city carries the painful history of being the war field to the second world war and the bloodshed it created. The battle fought in the city as a part of the second world war is known as “the Stalingrad of the East”. The translated meaning of the city is “the land where the flower grows”.

This itself speaks out the charm and elegance of the city with all its senses. A visit to this city is also traveling back to the days of colonialism and the British Raj in the nation. Extremes are felt when it comes to the climatic conditions experienced by the city. Hence severe water scarcity is experienced in most of the city during the dry months of the year. This Eastern tourist location in the country has got something more than you expect and here are they.

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Kohima War Cemetery

This cemetery devoted to the war soldiers is located on National Highway 39 on the Imphal-Dimapur road. The war mentioned in the name of the cemetery happened in the year 1944. It happened in the background of the Japanese invasion of Indian territory. The war was fought between a Commonwealth force and these Japanese groups. Deputy Commissioner’s Bungalow became the location of the war. Garrison Hill was the place where both groups moved and caused the maximum loss of lives.

Kohima War Cemetery

The location of the Kohima war cemetery is in this Garrison Hills. Don’t expect the ruins of the Bungalow in the location but the location preserves the marks of the concrete lines of the building. There are a total of 1420 burials in the War Cemetery from the battle fought as a part of the Second World War. 1 non-war burial is also found in the cemetery. Kohima Cremation Memorial is also an attraction found in the cemetery where several Hindu and Sikh war soldiers got cremated honoring their systems of faith. 

Khonoma Village

Locals refer to the village as Khwuno-ra. This is a village of Angami Nagas located 20km away from the center of Kohima city. The village is known as the “first green village in India”. The brave and determined people of the village during the older days were much appreciated. The terrace cultivation and the agricultural abundance of the city in its contemporary days are also something remarkable about Khonomo.

Khonoma Village

Moreover, the city is also home to a lot of endangered species that are peculiar to the North-Eastern region of the country. The environment in the city provides a better shelter and habitat for those organisms to preserve their species and thrive. This is why the village is known as the green village in the country. Tragopan Sanctuary has also helped the village attain the title. Khonoma is also the place where a British official called, Guybon Henry Damant got killed in the year, 1879.

During the earlier days, the native people of the Khonomo village regarded hunting as something sacred. This made them indulge in the activity which eventually made the village a famous location for hunting. Competitions in hunting were also conducted in the village during those days. You can also visit the three forts located in the village to feel the life and glory of the past of Khonomo. 

Kohima Botanical Garden 

This is a place of abundant floral bloom in the city of Kohima. You will be stunned by the sights of different varieties of flower species growing crowded in the Botanical Garden. You can indulge in a pleasurable stroll along the garden for about 2-3 hours. It is the perfect way to refresh and relax your mind and feel the soothing of mother nature and its colorful life.

Kohima Botanical Garden 

The garden will be open on all days from 9 in the morning to 4 in the evening. Your Kohima tour will not come to a proper end if you miss out on your visit to the location. When you plan to visit the Botanical Garden try planning your trip in the winter months of the year. This is because of the pleasant weather conditions during the time to enjoy the garden. New Minster’s Hill Ward is the exact location of the garden in Kohima.

The Nagaland Government’s Forest Department is responsible for the maintenance and undertaking of the garden. Nature photographers are mostly seen in the location to click the clicks they have been longing for. 

Kohima Cathedral 

This is a Christian place of worship in the city of Kohima now a popular tourist destination too. The violent history of the city is overcome by such cathedrals and symbols that advocate peace and love. The church has been constructed by taking the contributions from the Japanese after the battle of Kohima. The Cathedral was taken as a place to offer posthumous prayers and offerings to the soldiers who lost their lives in the wars.

Kohima Cathedral 

The cathedral is also famous for being the largest in the whole of Asia. Moreover, the architecture of the place is also quite amazing and praiseworthy in every aspect. Even though the Japanese have done significant contributions to the building of the cathedral it was the first Kohima Bishop, Abraham Alangimattathil who initiated the construction of the same. That is the reason why you can find the tomb of the Bishop in the cathedral as a symbol of honor.

You can also enjoy picturesque views of the city of Kohima from the location of the cathedral. The church is a subtle integration of the cultural heritage of Catholics and the indigenous Naga tribes of the place. The architecture, design, and art found in the cathedral has also got elements proving the same cultural amalgamation. 

Touphema Village

This is one of the major tourist villages in the city of Kohima. The ancient heritage of Nagaland and particularly the city of Kohima gets embodied in the village. The authenticity of the Angami Nagas is also found in the lifestyle and culture of the village. The huts and cottages built in the village as the residence of the locals are worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Touphema Village

The local government and the politics inside the village are worth experiencing by staying in the village. This will amaze you since it would be quite strange from the conventional system of jurisdiction and politics we have seen at our places.

The trajectories of the Naga tribes for centuries would be embarked on with perfection and accuracy in several nooks and corners of the village which will reveal the tribes’ stubborn attitude in recording history and the events in it.

There are also several tribal delicacies that you can relish on your trip to the Touphema village. Bamboo-baked fish is one such signature delicacy among the tribes which is a must-try. You can also consider visiting the village during the month of February when the annual festivals would be celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. 

Shilloi Lake, Kohima

After reaching Kohima, travel to the village area of Lutsam to visit the tourist destination of Shilloi Lake. Many tribal beliefs and superstitions have been spreading about the lake making it an honorable location for local tourists as well. The legend of the floating baby and the bobbling hands is one among them. Locals believe that no one will drown in the lake since the floating baby will protect anyone in danger. Hence the floating baby is also considered the reigning queen of the lake. Agreeing with the legends, the lake has got zero drowning reports to date.

Shilloi Lake, Kohima

Pine forest surrounding the area of the lake is a quite scenic location to indulge in. The major tourist activity active in the location is fishing from the lake. If you are a nature lover, you can also have the opportunity to observe and explore the different varieties of bird species in the locality. The surroundings of the lake are also a location where the migratory birds are seen in flocks during the seasonal months. There are plenty of rustic-vibe cottages and guest houses helping you enjoy the beauty of nature here. You can also go boating in the lake and enjoy the views. 

Naga Heritage Village

This is one of the popular tourist landmarks in the city of Kohima. You can also refer to the place as “Kisama Heritage Village”. The village is situated on the valleys of Kohima’s interiors. The vegetation and flora and fauna of the village are quite impressive to the tourists visiting the village. Many biodiversity enthusiasts are also found roaming in the village to get an impression of them.

Naga Heritage Village

These organisms are particular to the geography of the North-Eastern region of the country and hence exotic if you are not a native of the place. Moreover, the cultural activities and lifestyle of the people inhabiting the village are also extremely exciting and overwhelming due to the drastic differences it has from the culture and traditions of the main lands.

The thatched roofs of the constructions here have not yet changed and still, the people love making their stays in accordance with nature and its laws and regulations. The costumes and jewelry of the people here are also quite nature-friendly and most vibrant with colors.

The earthy rustic vibes will be throbbing all around the village with all their charm. The rules and the system followed by these people are also interesting and sometimes adaptable to our modern societies. 

Kohima Zoo

The Kohima zoological park is also a matchless tourist destination if you would like to explore the exotic biodiversity of the state of Nagaland. The state bird and the state animal of Nagaland can be seen in the zoo. They are the Tragopan bird and the wild buffalo. The positioning of zoo is on a hilltop which enhances the beauty of the zoo naturally. The Golden Langurs are one of the visitor’s favorites in the zoo.

Kohima Zoo

If you are visiting the zoo along with your family and kids, you can let your kids play in a zone set exclusively for them. This play area would excite them with a lot of information and general knowledge about the animals and organisms they would find in the zoo.

The innovation used in creating the spaces of the zoo so as to be as friendly as possible with the organisms that are housed is quite appreciable. You can spend a good 1-3 hours in the zoo if you have plans to visit the location. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about choosing the best time of the year to visit the location since it is active throughout the year. However, choose the months accordingly if you are concerned about whether tolerability. 


This is the urban center for tourism in the state. The art and culture of the state are the most prominent features that will interest you on the trip. There are a lot of tourist destinations you can try by traveling to Mokokchung. They include the Town’s main park, District Museum, Unman Village, and a lot more.


The Unman has the title of being the largest and oldest village. The Ao village is the landmark of the cultural heritage of Nagaland. Chuchuyimlang, Longkhum, Mopungchukit, and Langpangkong are some of the popular tourist destinations worth exploring in the location. The area is also renowned for its agricultural abundance.

Festivals related to harvest and sowing are celebrated with great enthusiasm by the natives of the region. This is also the festive time of the area attracting flocks of national and international tourists to the place. This is kind of an offbeat destination you can explore on your trip to Kohima. Hence unadulterated natural beauty would be the major attraction of the location.

If you are searching for some tranquil northeastern vibes in your trip, Mokokchung would be the ideal destination without any doubts. Christianity is the main religion found in the locality along with communities believing in Hinduism, Sikhism, and Islam. 

Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the best national parks you can visit on the northeastern side of the nation. Intanki National Park is the other name of this wildlife sanctuary. The park is spread over a vast area of about 200sq km. The construction credit for this charming national park goes to the British Government during the year, 1923.

Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary

The thick rainforests found in the region are a natural habitat for many organisms that are on the verge of extinction. The rainforests are also a spectacular sight to see feasting the lush green all around. Many exotic reptiles and mammals are common sights in the national park. The mountain cliffs in proximity to the national park offer a beautiful sight to visitors.

You can also enjoy memorable camping in the location of the national park. Moreover, this is the place where you should choose if you are more into adventurous activities in Kohima. The Hoolok Gibbons are the celebrity species found in the national park. Since the park is maintained without many adulterations, the untouched beauty is seen with all the grace in the location. 

Best Time To Visit Kohima

October to May

How To Reach Kohima?

Nearest airport: Dimapur Airport

Nearest railway station: Dimapur (DMV)


Nature and culture are the two most distinctive features you can enjoy in the city of Kohima. Spirituality and history can also be found in traces and memoirs. Enjoy this northeastern vacation encapsulating those exotic cultural vibes.

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