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Abirath EV

First Indian To Win UFC Event: Anshul Jubli

Anshul Jubli, also known by the moniker "King of Lions," is an Indian MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) competitor.

Anshul was born on January 13th, 1995. His father was a Border Security Force (BSF) officer who has since retired.

Because of his father's work, Anshul grew up in several states. His family settled in Dehradun after several moves.

Anshul is a graduate degree holder with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), and he graduated in 2016 after completing his studies for the degree.

Anshul desired to join the Indian military as a child. His friend's older brother introduced him to MMA and the UFC in 2015.

Anshul got $12k USD (Rs. 9,89,000.) in UFC Vegas 68. MMA fighter received a $4k sponsorship, worth Rs. 3,28,000, while his UFC earnings are projected at $160000, or Rs. 13,17,934.

Anshul also spends a lot of time training at the Tokas Boxing Club, where he is instructed by Rohit Tokas, one of India's top male amateur fighters, and his squad.

Anshul joined CFC Delhi in 2018. Anshul learned a lot through a hard training program despite early failure. He won a tournament sponsored by Sidharth, his trainer.

Coach Siddharth praises Anshul as a natural fighter. He claims Anshul has no off-season and trains year-round.

Since Anshul started fighting professionally, his primary goal was to fight in UFC and become the first Indian world champion.