Joi Barua: Some Interesting Facts About Joi Barua!


Abirath EV

Joi Barua's career as a playback singer for Hindi, Assamese, and Telugu films began when he sang jingles for commercials. He has loved music ever since he was a little boy.

Joi Barua was born in Digboi, Assam. He is the youngest child of Ranjana Barua and Rohini Dhar Barua.

Joi Barua's given name is Jayanta Barua. His father gave him a violin when he was four years old, and ever since then, he has loved to play and make music.

Joi Barua's family moved to Jorhat when he was in middle school. When he was seven, his older sister told him to enter a singing contest.

He won in the competition in spite of the fact that he was a beginner competitor with little prior experience.

Joi Barua uses a wide range of styles in his music, including rock, soul, jazz, and even world music. 

In 2010, he won the "Best Newcomer Singer Award" at the Big Assamese Music Awards for the CD he had just put out.

As a background singer in "Khiriki" at the Hangul Theatre, Joi Barua sang an Assamese song for the first time. This was the first time anyone had heard the song.

Joi Barua has worked with famous composers like Amit Trivedi, Pritam, Anu Malik, Shankar Ehsaan-Loy, Salim-Suleman, Vishal-Shekhar, and Lalit Pandit, among others.