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Joi Barua Biography! Popular Singer Of Assam!



Joi Barua Biography! Popular Singer Of Assam!

Joi Barua has had a significant effect on Bollywood music for quite some time, even though “Joi-Looking out of the Window” is the band’s first album to be issued in Assamese. In addition to Joi Barua, the band consists of Pawan Rasaily, Ibson Lal Barua, and Manash Chowdhary.

Also Partho Goswami, with Joi serving as lead vocalist.

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Who Is Joi Barua?

Joi Barua is the youngest of his parents, Ranjana Barua and Rohini Dhar Barua, and was born in Digboi, Assam. Jayanta Barua is the given name of Joi Barua. When he was four years old, his father handed him a violin; since then, he has loved playing and making music.

Who Is Joi Barua?

When Joi Barua was in middle school, his family moved to Jorhat. His older sister encouraged him to enter a singing competition when he was seven. He won the contest even though he disregarded his young age and lack of training.

Joi Barua’s father, who always pushed him to bring music outside the classroom, and his former principal, Sister Mabilia, played significant roles in shaping his lifelong dedication to music. He is now well-known throughout India as a performer and songwriter.

Joi Barua Career

After beginning, Joi Barua’s career as a playback singer for films in Hindi, Assamese, and Telugu, Joi Barua, who has had a passion for music ever since he was a small boy, sang jingles for commercials. He then moved on to playback singing for films in Telugu.

Joi Barua Career

Since then, Joi Barua has not had the opportunity to get any rest. Barua, who is also the leader of a band of the same name, gained the hearts of his listeners by singing in Assamese languages, including Hindi and Telugu.

Joi Barua’s method is varied, including elements of rock, soul, jazz, and even world music. At the Big Assamese Music Awards in 2010, he was given the “Best Newcomer Singer Award” for the CD he had just released.

Joi Barua gave an Assamese song its first vocal performance as a background singer in the Hangul Theatre production of “Khiriki,” which was the first time they heard the song. Access to wireless Internet with the use of Voting on WiFi 27

Joi Barua has worked with well-known composers like Amit Trivedi, Pritam, Anu Malik, Ashitosh Pathak, Ram Sampath, Shankar Ehsaan-Loy, Salim-Suleman, Vishal-Shekhar, and Lalit Pandit, amongst others.

Joi Barua’s singing was heard in the backdrop of the Telugu film “Culver King.” His first Assamese album, released in December 2010, has been warmly received by the younger generation of Assamese speakers.

Joi Barua’s band has released music that combines western and regional Assamese folk music influences. Might start a new musical craze in the region. But it wasn’t until he relocated to Mumbai in 2003 and worked with legendary Bollywood composer Anu Malik.

On the score for the film Munnabhai MBBS that his musical career got going. There is no going back for the musician. Joi Barua has worked as a vocal arranger, playback, and background singer in several regional and Bollywood films.

Udaan, No One Killed Jessica, Dev D, Help, Azab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, and Jumbo are just a few of the films. That includes Joi Barua’s playback singing. Joi has been a part of some of the most successful advertising campaigns of recent years.

Joi Barua Ladakh International Music Festival

On April 30th, the first-ever Ladakh International Music Festival will take place in Leh’s Sonam Wangchuk Stadium, with performances by famous rock bands, competitions for local talent, and a special homage to the Indian Army.

Joi Barua Ladakh International Music Festival

At one of the highest war monuments in the world, Rezang La. In addition to The Indian Ocean, The Yellow Diary, Parashara, and the Tetseo Sisters, songwriter Joi Barua will participate in the historical event.

To commemorate the Army and the people of Ladakh, “who live in challenging conditions.” Because its musicians have stayed true to their roots, he says, Assamese music has been successful despite the commercial music industry.

The Assamese musicians and artists have a leg up on the competition since they appreciate their indigenous music traditions. The fact that they each developed a robust identity as youngsters are one of their greatest assets.

They represent the various Indias that exist. They were raised on music from performers whose lyrics and perspectives spoke to everyone. Their music has a global flavor. Joi Barua will shine a light on these heroic exploits.

For the Indian warriors who have been lost to history during the next event. Joi Barua may be relatively unknown among Assamese residents. But he has already captivated anybody lucky enough to hear his incredible voice or one of his compositions.


Joi Barua, an Assamese musician, and artist, is now based out of Mumbai, India, where he lives with his wife, Nayana Borthakur. Young people in Assam and around India look up to the now-famous singer Barua as a source of motivation.

Joi Barua kindled Joi Barua’s passion for music at a young age when his father got him a violin. Joi was only four years old at the time. When he was only seven years old, Sister Mabilia, his elementary school’s principal, saw his tremendous potential.

Since then, she has been his primary source of inspiration and guidance. After that, Joi started his career as a musician by working as a background singer in a few Bollywood films and singing jingles for different advertising campaigns.

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