Karsog-5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions and Activities

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Idhika Tejal

Karsog is a town in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh that is known for its farming. The city is mostly in a valley, which is its main type of geography.

People know that the soil in the town is very fertile. The land of Karsog is good for growing most crops.

This city also has a number of Hindu pilgrimage sites that draw people from all over the country. The design and structure of these temples are more beautiful than most other buildings.

Most of the places to visit in Karsog are special because you can enjoy the natural beauty of a town in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains and dense green forests.

This Hindu pilgrimage site is in Kau, a small village in the Karsog valley that is quiet and cool. The village and its location are 17 km away from a place called Chindi.

Kamaksha Devi Temple

Kunhoo Dar is a place you should not miss if you are willing to travel 23 km from Chindi to get there on your way to Karsog.

Kunhoo Dar

On the map of Karsog, the Mamleshwar temple is the most popular place for pilgrims to visit. Lord Shiva is the main god that people worship here.

Mamleshwar Temple

People often come to this area near Karsog valley to see the Kamrunag lake and the Kamrunag Dev Temple. There is also a great view point from which you can see the Dhauladhar range and the Balh valley.


The majestic Himalayas give you the wonder of Jalori Pass, which is surrounded by lush, green nature and is a sight to behold.

Jalori Pass