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Himachal Pradesh

Karsog-5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions and Activities



Karsog-5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Karsog is an agriculturally prominent town in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. Primarily, the geography of the city is more into the valley side. The soil of the town is known for its high fertility levels. Most of the crops find good harvest in the land of Karsog. Wheat and corn are the major staple crops cultivated in this valley town. However, the city has a lot of apple orchards, attracting tourists to the location in the harvest months of June and July.

This city has also got a bunch of Hindu pilgrim locations attracting devotees from different parts of the country. The architecture of these temples has superior aesthetics in their design and structure. The city has also been mentioned in the holy text of Mahabharata. According to the text, the name of the city has been derived from a devil figure who used to consume a townsman every day. Hence the meaning of the city gets translated into the daily morning; where “kar” means daily and “sog” means morning. The Pandavas also had their visit to this city. Karsog also experiences snowfall on an average of 6 days a year.

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Top Tourist Attractions In Karsog

Whether you are an admirer of ancient cultures or a nature lover, you have a handful of places to visit in the territory of Karsog. The locations are mostly offbeat and you won’t be able to find the usual flooding crowds in the tourist destinations of Karsog. The relatively lesser tourist density keeps the nature of Karsog untouched by pollution and disturbances.

Top Tourist Attractions In Karsog

The temples in the valley town are rich and proud in being a part of the ancient legends and cultures. The village settlements of the town are also worth visiting to feel the exotic rustic vibes unlike most of the popular hill stations in India. Since the town is not that snow-filled, this matches well for your family trip as well as for a romantic and friends’ trip.

The specialty of most of the tourist destinations in Karsog is that you get the chance to indulge in the natural beauty of a valley town surrounded by the views of majestic mountains and dense green forests. The lesser tourist crowd is also perfect for you to take ample time in each location and experience their minute specialties and features. In total, Karsog becomes a must-visit location in Himachal Pradesh in every sense. 

1. Kamaksha Devi Temple 

This Hindu pilgrim destination is located in Kau, a calm and cool village in the Karsog valley. The village and the location are at a distance of 17kms from the place called, Chindi. The popular Ashtadhatu idol is the major significance of the temple which makes it quite distinct from the rest of the pilgrim spots.

About Kamaksha Devi Temple 

The idol is made from a combination of 8 metals and is believed to possess magical properties on account of the same. Devi Kamaksha is the main deity in the temple. Devi Kamaksha is synonymous deity to the goddess Durga. The temple has also several artistic works carved on wood making it a marvel to visit. The credits to the artwork do not go to any special artists who were invited to the city.

Rather it is the artistic mastery of the natives getting unveiled in the wooden carving of the Kamaksha Devi Temple. The carvings have been done in a style similar to the Pagodas. The temple owns its legendary significance of being renowned as a place where the goddess Durga could trounce the demon of Mahishasur. 

2. Kunhoo Dar

If you are ready to travel a distance of 23 km from Chindi, Kunhoo Dar is something that you should not skip visiting at any cost on your trip to Karsog. Local cab services are available to reach the destination. This is one of the rarest soul-filling viewpoints found in the valley town. The cab services end at the Karsog bazaar where the destination is just within 1km walking distance.

About Kunhoo Dar

You get to see the Karsog valley in its full stretch by paying a visit to Kunhoo Dar. Shikari Devi peak is also something you will find from the viewpoint of the place. Pir Panjal and Hanuman Tibba are the other popular peaks that have got their views from the location.

The views of these peaks are subject to the weather conditions on the day you are planning to visit Kunhoo Dar. However, this viewpoint has got something or the other for you to see in all 360 degrees. Unlike other viewpoints that we usually come across, Kunhoo Dar is not set in a high-altitude location making it easily accessible to people of most age groups. You can also enjoy peaceful trekking to the place without getting exhausted.

3. Mamleshwar Temple

Mamleshwar temple is the top-rated pilgrim destination on the map of Karsog. Lord Shiva gets worshipped here as the main deity. Lord Shiva in the temple is considered to be the presiding deity of the valley by the locals. The stylistic features of the temple get attributed to Kathkuni. The scenic views from the location of the temple will excite you with the richness of greens and lofty mountains.

About Mamleshwar Temple

The hints and touches from Mahabharata are also find their self in the temple. This temple is quite ancient as per the estimated date of its construction.The wood art of the temple designs and the legendary dholak and grains of wheat make this place one of a kind. This Dholak is believed to have been used by the Pandavas on their visit to the place.

The grains of wheat preserved here are quite ancient and weigh around 200 gm. Generally, you find fewer people in the town but the surroundings of the temple are even less crowded owing to its positioning in a kind of suburban area. The construction of the temple is quite interesting with an arch of slates in a square shape, a high platform on which the temple stands itself, and the stones and wood used. 

4. Kamrunag

This place near Karsog valley is often visited for the Kamrunag lake and Kamrunag Dev Temple. The place also has an excellent viewpoint offering sights of the Dhauladhar range and the valley of Balh. Thus Kamrunag becomes the intersecting point of the religious and natural significance of the Karsog valley.

About Kamrunag

The lake and the temple are situated amidst the thick and dense deodar forest acting like a green blanket embracing comfort. Dev Kamrunag, the deity of the temple is believed to be the Yaksha king mentioned in Mahabharata. According to the legends, the king had been a worshipping figure of Pandavas.

The natives as well as the pilgrim tourists believe in the divine powers of Dev Kamrunag in fulfilling the wishes of his devotees. As a part of this belief, the devotees are often found offering silver and gold coins in the lake to please the deity. The abyss of the lake is expected to be a treasure chest of silver and gold coins thus offered by the believers. Nature lovers are also found seeking tranquillity in the location. However, the accessibility of this location is quite challenging. A 3-4 hour long walk through a risky mountain path is the dare you need to accept to reach the place. 

5. Jalori Pass

The royal and proud Himalayas presents you with the marvel of Jalori Pass in an astonishing lap of lush green nature. The flora and fauna found in the region would be exotic and the rarest of the rare even if you belong to a hill station. The flower blooms in the region are also Instagram and Pinterest-worthy with the vibrance and radiance you will find difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

About Jalori Pass

The sensation you experience in the trek to Jalori pass will overwhelm the mind with a surplus of soothing and calming emotions. You also get the chance to explore a bunch of other destinations on the visit to the pass like Sereolsar Lake, Saikiran, Shoja, Lambri, the Great Himalayan National Park and Bashleo.

Quite interestingly, you can also take small diversions and visit the forts of Fatehpurgarh, Kalagarh, and Raghunathpur something you won’t be expecting in an exclusive hilltop destination. The hamlets hidden around the region has got a virgin culture, never touched by the toxicity of urban life. You can also experience fishing in the river of Tirthan on your way to Jalori pass. 

Things To Do In Karsog

Are you an activity lover? Karsog has sufficient things to make you indulge in the place. The activity list of Karsog is an interesting blend of fun, exploration, adventure, worship, and all the possible elements you are seeking in a valley town. The amazing climate and the pleasant day weather sets the friendliest atmosphere for all activities.

Experience the thrill and joy of Karsog with a cool breeze stroking you now and then. Even if you are aiming for a particular activity, Karsog will let your eyes and soul fall in love with and try many more activities that come across your paths. Some of the most-loved activities of the Karsog valley get listed below. 

1. Trekking And Hiking 

Himachal Pradesh to which Karsog belong is known for being the best trekking and hiking location in India. But many of the popular hiking and trekking spots in the state are crowded and often lack the serenity you are seeking for. But if peace is your priority while having a romantic date with hilly nature, then Karsog becomes something that you won’t be able to resist.

Trekking and hiking in Karsog

The major treks available in the location are Kamrunag, Shikari Devi, Dhamoon Naag, and Mahu Naag. You can easily find highly offbeat trekking experiences once you reach the location if that is what you are searching for. The companionship of dense pine and deodar forests is another exclusive experience that will excite your love for the hills, treks, and hikes on the journey to Karsog.

The views that you will earn as a complementary benefit in the treks and hikes are mesmerizing and mind-blowing. Even if you are not extensively into the adventure part or if you have time restrictions on your visit, Karsog won’t disappoint you. You can always contact the locals and venture out to the safer woods and take a stroll along. 

2. Apple Picking

Who does not love picking plump red apples with a sweet, crisp kernel? Karsog is famous for being highly fertile and apple orchards in the location have attracted tourists to flock to different places. The apple orchards also serve as a major source of income for the locals in this valley town.

Apple Picking in Karsog

To experience this exhilarating activity, you must remember to plan and schedule your trip for the harvest season of apples. A family group or a friends’ gang can make the most out of their trip by indulging in the activity. However, apple picking is a paid activity in the town due to the flourishing tourist demands. You can approach any farms in the town, pay a particular amount, and enjoy picking and munching on the fresh delicacies of nature.

3. Temple Hopping

The religious vitality of the place is a cut above and we can see a lot of temples as well as rare customary beliefs being practiced in these locations. Even if you are a believer or not, such sights would excite you and let you enjoy and embrace the valley of Karsog in its fullest sense. The events like Mahishasur trounce and the stories of Pandavas and Mahabharata make the place a marvel that survived eras.

Temple Hopping in Karsog

Every temple you visit in the valley would have a quite surprising story to tell, that will fill you with bewilderment. The ancient possessions and commodities being preserved in these temples will give you a ticket for time travel, and touch and feel the history with all your senses and soul. The architecture that has been possible back in time is also an artifact to testify to the aesthetic mastery of our ancestors. 

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