Kempty Falls Mussoorie: A Travel Guide To Milky Streams Of Uttarakhand

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Gopika VC

Kempty Falls in Mussoorie is a great picnic spot. Over 150 years ago, British man John Mekinan built it.

Kempty Falls Mussoorie is located near Ram Gaon, south of Kempty, in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India.


Visit Dumas Beach between October–February. The weather will be nice, making it the greatest time to see this place's splendour.

Best Time To Visit

Kempty Falls in Mussoorie is subject to climate conditions such as the Summer, Winter, Spring, and Monsoon seasons.

Climatic Conditions

* Swim in the cool water created by the cascading water or play in it. * The small artificial pool close to the waterfall is perfect for boat rides.

Things To Do

The summer season, or the months of March through June, is the best time to see Kempty Falls in Mussoorie.

Best Time To Visit

By Air: The nearest airport to Mussoorie is Jollygrant Airport in Dehradun, which is around 59 kilometers away.

How To Reach?

By Road: Many private and government buses and taxis travel to Mussoorie from adjacent towns every day in Uttarakhand.

By Train: The nearest train station to Mussoorie is Dehradun Railway Station. It is around 36 kilometers from Mussoorie.

The traveler can experience a variety of great local street food and specialties at Kempty Falls in Mussoorie.

Food And Accommodation

Mussoorie shops sell Pashmina, silverware, woolens, carpets, etc. Mussoorie handicrafts are the greatest to buy.