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Know Everything About Siruvani Waterfalls: A Complete Travel Guide!

located about 535 km from Chennai and 50 km from Palakkad. People also call it Kovai Kutralam Falls. It is one of Coimbatore's most popular waterfalls.

The Kerala government built Siruvani for Tamil Nadu with money collected by the Tamil Nadu government to meet the drinking water needs of Coimbatore.

The gates on either side of the road around the dam are built in the traditional styles of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The taste and mineral content of the water from the Siruvani River make it popular. It is more famous for having the second sweetest lake water in the world.

The Forest Department has set up the vehicles that will take people to where the trek will start. There are no extra fees for this bus service.

A approximately 1-km trip through the forest is needed to reach the bathing spot. The higher half of the falls has steep rocks, so visitors normally celebrate and bathe near the bottom.

This beautiful waterfall has mostly three different spots to try. The first one is at ground level and looks like a small pond made by the water running down the falls.

The second beautiful place is a little bit higher and has a place to stand under the cold water that is gushing out.

Also, the third place, a small, deep hole between the rocks near the pond, is the most dangerous. Due to its depth, this spot should only be tried by adults.

The forest is home to Malabar Squirrels, Bisons, and other creatures.

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