Malana: Explore The Ancient Village In Himachal Pradesh!

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Ruchika Mandora

Nature enthusiasts and photographers adore this place. Malana is the perfect weekend escape if you want to relax and be surprised.

Between April and September is the best time to go to Malana. This is the best time of year because the weather is nice.

This temple's stunning wood and stone architecture attracts travellers.

Places to visit in Malana

Jamadagni Temple

This temple lies on the mountainside at lower Malana. The temple's major feature is the sacrificed animal relics on its outside walls.

Renuka Devi Temple

Its rich green forests, open valleys, lakes, barren areas, and other scenic features make it the best site for photography. You can see r are Himalayan birds, and lovely landscapes.

The Hampta Pass

No one touches Malanese people or their belongings. They follow their own laws and have a Touch Me Not Policy from ancient times.

Touch Me Not Policy

The people of Malana village think they are the descendants of Alexander the Great, and their local court system is based on Greek law.

The Greek Heritage

The Malana houses are two or three stories high, with each story bearing a different name and craftsmanship.

The best places to stay in Malana include AYOYA Malana Resort - Shiva Café, Ravers Point, Homestay Waichin Valley, Audio Temple, Shoolin LaMalana, Shiva Planet, and many homestays.