Mayurbhanj: The Land Of Art And Culture Of Odisha!

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Gopika VC

It is an ideal spot for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday routine and simply rejuvenating.

Joranda Waterfall in Odisha's Similipal National Park is India's 19th tallest waterfall. Joranda Waterfall is 150 m tall.

Joranda Waterfall

This waterfall, like the Joranda Falls, is in the Simlipal National Park. The total height of this waterfall's cascades is 399 metres, or 1309 feet.

Barehipani Waterfall

If you like the local flora and wildlife, this visit's abundance of "red silk cotton trees" will entertain you. In this national park, you can also locate exotic animals.

Similipal National Park

Haripur was Bhanj's early capital. The village's brick temple is a major tourist attraction.

Haripur Garh, Baripada

The waterfall's magnificence is enhanced by Baitarani's river. Visitors love the waterfall's massive vertical gorge.

Bhimkund Waterfall

For city tourism in Mayurbhanj, this reservoir is ideal. Kala Dam is sometimes called Kalo Dam. From Kaptipada's main centre, Kala Dam is around 8km away.

Kala Dam

This is an off-beat spot to visit in the district. Solo travellers will adore this spot because of the lower crowds.

Chaulabhaja Waterfall

Devkund and the waterfall are 61km from Mayurbhanj. This temple's shrine deity is Maa Ambika.

Devkund Ambika Temple & Waterfall

The temple is in Huduco colony, Baripada. You can come anytime during the day, however the shrine closes at 9:30 pm.

Jagannath Temple, Baripada

This temple honours Kali, the fiery Hindu goddess. This temple's architecture draws casual tourists and architects and design lovers.

Kichakeswari Temple

The dam is in a pretty place because it is surrounded by green mountains and a dense forest.

Sulaipat (Suleipat) Dam

This city waterfall is in Bangriposi. Brahman Kund falls from Girisrungha Hill. Simlipal Forest includes Girisrungha Mount.

Brahman Kund Waterfall