Must visit Places And Beaches In Andaman's Havelock Island!

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Gopika VC

Long stretches of turquoise waves and white sands make it Asia's best beach. It's ranked 8th in the world and a wonderful pleasure.

Radhanagar Beach


Love marine life? If so, Elephant Beach is ideal. The tourist spot is known for its reef and coral beauty and snorkelling and diving spots.

Elephant Beach


Shaheed Sweep is called the "Vegetable Bowl of Andaman". You can cycle, snorkel, and take a glass-bottom boat on this island.

Neil Island


Sapphire blue water and pearly white sand are exquisite. On this beach, you can swim and sunbathe. This beach on Havelock Island is a popular spot for photography.

Vijaynagar Beach


Head to Barren Island because you can see the active volcano from there. This is the only volcano in South East Asia that has been known to erupt, and it did so in 2017.

Barren Island


Kala Pathar Beach is as interesting as its name. You can spend hours on the beach snorkeling with your partner, friends, or family.

Kala Pathar Beach


Want a romantic walk near a beach? Guitar Island Beach awaits. The guitar-shaped beach inspired its name.

Guitar Island Beach


Offbeat adventurers love Long Island. It's a contemporary village with many conveniences. Evergreen woodlands are refreshing.

Long Island


Andaman's Lalaji Bay Beach should be on your bucket list. Its peaceful vibes and stunning shoreline make it a must-visit.

Lalaji Bay Beach


Havelock Island's north passage is so beautiful that it takes all the attention.T here is a quiet place that will make your heart melt.

Merk Bay Beach