Must Visit Places In Mussoorie In This Winter Season!

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Ruchika Mandora

This popular place to visit in Mussoorie is a lake, just like its name says. The river Kempty in the area created the lake.

Lake Mist 


Mussoorie's excellent temperature and wonderful scenery are its hallmarks. This is a top landmark of Mussoorie tourism.

Cloud's End


To attract tourists, the government built an artificial lake in the city's centre. it's called Mussoorie lake.

Mussoorie Lake


The Lambi Dehar Mines are the place to go if you want to explore and see something that is thought to be "paranormal" in the hill station setting.

Lambi Dehar Mines


This is a naturally formed beauty in Mussoorie town. This is only 3km from the town centre. The main tourist attraction is the rock formations.

Camel's Back Road


It's 2024m high. The Himalayas are the location's most thrilling vista. Snow-covered peaks will bring you delight and exhilaration.

Gun Hill


This Mussoorie viewpoint will please you from a new standpoint. Red Hill is the meaning of "Lal Tibba." This spot is on Depot Hill.

Lal Tibba


An exotic waterfall in Mussoorie's magical woodlands. This natural gem is 7 kilometres from the city core. Bala-Hisar road is the location.

Mossy Falls


A lot of the Tibetan Monasteries in the town are in Happy Valley. The name "Happy Valley" is a perfect fit for this valley full of flowers.

Happy Valley


In fact, Sisters Bazaar is a small market in Mussoorie. But the number of people who come to the place can be absolutely crazy. The town of Landour is where the bazaar is.

Sisters Bazaar


This is a prominent building in Mussoorie that gives off colonial overtones. The home still stands on the hill with pride and prestige.

George Everest's House


A typical place for tourists to go in Mussoorie. This is the place to go on a trip if you like to try new and exciting things.

Mussoorie Adventure Park


Get ready for this 3022m high-altitude hike. This is the highest point in the lower Himalayan ranges in the state of Uttarakhand.

Nag Tibba Trek


This pretty little town is one of the things that people come to Mussoorie to see. The town is 2250m above sea level. The destination is known for its beautiful views.