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Top Amazing Tourist Destination To Visit In Mussoorie!



Top Amazing Tourist Destination To Visit In Mussoorie!

Mussorie is a remarkable hill station town in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Proximity to the Garhwal ranges of the Himalayas is what makes the location tourism-appropriate. Moreover, the social life and the hospitality you are gonna receive from the place can also blow your mind and create an intimacy towards this place.

This place also offers a wide variety of tourism activities to keep you engaged throughout your Mussoorie vacation. If you are excited about snowfall and the chilling experience, you must definitely visit this hill station in India to feel the best. Mussorie’s distinctive cuisine is also worth mentioning with a lot of delicacies that will get saved in your taste memories forever. Moreover, you can also try some exotic fruits and berry varieties grown in the area to feel a different hilly vibe.

Enchanting hill resorts and the experience they provide are something you must not miss out on the trip. Here are some places you can visit to enjoy the charm of Mussoorie in its fullest essence. 

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Lake Mist

This major tourist attraction in Mussoorie is a lake just as its name suggests. The lake is a formation by the river Kempty of the place. There is only a distance of 10km from the town center of Mussoorie to reach the location. Mussoorie-Kempty road is the exact location of the lake.

Lake Mist

Lake mist is the most visually enchanting view to be experienced from the location. The locals as well as the tourists find the place extremely relaxing and refreshing. The scenic backdrop and views of the surroundings of the lake are also quite special and mind-filling.

The lush green atmosphere is perfect for a natural getaway or a time you plan to be in deep connection with nature. Boating services are also available in the lake so that you can enjoy a fantasy-like ride through the mist which will be the most exhilarating. 

Cloud’s End

The best climate of Mussoorie and some delightful views are the peculiar features of the destination. This can be regarded as a top-rated landmark of Mussoorie tourism. There are public transport facilities available from the main bus stand in the town center. It will only take a 7.5km distance to reach the Cloud’s End from this point.

Cloud’s End

The panoramic views from the point are the most popular in the location. Moreover, the Oak and Deodar forests surrounding the location make it the favorite hangout spot for those environmentalists and nature lovers. And there is a historical landmark which you shouldn’t miss out on if you are visiting the place. It is now a heritage building constructed by the British Officer, Swetenham in the year, 1838.

This building can be considered the ancient-most in the whole of Mussoorie. The architecture, aesthetic craftsmanship, and art exhibited in the building are absolutely amazing. 

Mussoorie Lake

Targeting the masses of tourists visiting the location, the tourism department of the government took an effort to construct an artificial waterbody in the heart of the city. This is what is known as the popular Mussoorie lake. The lake has been constructed taking advantage of the blessed climate and natural environment in the location.

Mussoorie Lake

The picturesque location is extremely rejuvenating and ideal if you are planning a family picnic on your Mussoorie vacation. Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority is the government body behind the conception and execution of the lake. You can also keep your kids engaged with a lot of children’s exclusive activities set in the location.

If you wish to see the best view of the Doon Valley, this location would be the best for you. If you have time to visit the location during the monsoon months, be ready to experience the best of the place. 

Lambi Dehar Mines

If you are curious to explore and experience something regarded as “paranormal” in the hill station settings of the place, the Lambi Dehar Mines is where you should go. The location has also got the regard of being the place where the author Ruskin Bond wrote most of his stories. The lanes of the place give a mystic ambiance and this is perfect to take a stroll and experience that fear getting induced into your consciousness.

Lambi Dehar Mines

The creepy walls of the lanes accentuate the mood further and hit us with a strong gothic vibe. You can also enjoy a lot of such gothic stories tied with each nook and corner of the lanes. We suggest you take the service of a tour guide who can speak Hindi or English while taking a walk through the lanes. This will help you get the best experience out of your visit. 

Camel’s Back Road

This is a naturally formed marvel in the heart of Mussoorie town. This is just 3km away from the town center. The main tourist attraction of the place is the rock formations found there. The formations are found in such a way that it makes the shape of the back of a camel.

Camel’s Back Road

The Doon Valley can also be seen from the location in all its beauty and charm. If you are a sunset or sunrise lover, this easily accessible location is perfect for you.

You can also enjoy the majestic Himalayas from the location and get a distinct perspective of it. The road that leads you to the destination is quite beautiful so you can enjoy a walk through it during the early hours of the morning or in the evening. You can also take a sneak peek at the British Cemetery found in the location, which is almost 180 years old. 

Gun Hill

When you Google the best tourist destinations in Mussoorie, there are high chances for Gun Hill to occupy the top of the list. This location has also got the peculiarity of being the second highest in the whole of the town. The estimated altitude of the point is 2024m. The mighty Himalayas are the most exhilarating view possible from the location. The snow-laden peaks will also lade your mind with joy and excitement.

Gun Hill

Moreover, the swooping views of the Doon Valley are also delightful and calming which you can enjoy from the location. If you are seeking some locations to click some beautiful Mussoorie vacation photos, this can be your favorite place. Nature lovers would also fall for this location on account of the matchless scenic views and natural marvels the place has got to offer. 

Lal Tibba

This is yet another viewpoint in Mussoorie which will satisfy you from a whole different angle. The translated meaning of “Lal Tibba” is “Red Hill”. This viewpoint is located on the top of Depot Hill. The place is usually crowded with flocks of sunrise and sunset lovers.

Lal Tibba

Moreover, the spellbound natural beauty of the wholesome panoramic views possible from the viewpoint is something that makes the place one of a kind. Such views are possible from the location since this is the highest altitude point accessible in the whole of Mussoorie.

An old telescope has been set on the top of the hill to enjoy the stunning views the place has got to cater. If you have done enough research before visiting the viewpoint, you will be able to spot the Tibet border through the telescope. You can also enjoy the magnificent view of the peaks such as Kedarnath and Badrinath through it. 

Mossy Falls

An exotic waterfall is hidden amidst the enchanting mystic beauty of the Mussoorie woods. You can discover and explore this natural secret within a 7km distance from the city center. The exact location comes in the Bala-Hisar road.

Mossy Falls

The waterfalls and their surrounding justify the name of the same with the rocks found in the base of the falls covered with moss. Even if the falls are found within a 7km distance of the town, this can be regarded as an off-beat destination with lots of spaces to calm down and feel the spirit of joy inside.

This is an ideal location to escape from the chaos of urban tourism and seek refuge in the lap of mother nature. The untouched surroundings of the place make the spot the best for environmentalists as well as for nature lovers. Also take the effort to explore the mesmerizing view of the hidden Shivalinga near the cascade, eternally drenching in the flowing water. 

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is the center of many Tibetan Monasteries in the town. This place in Uttarakhand is also home to the legendary IAS Academy in India. You can also take visit the colorful Municipal Garden nearby the place.

Happy Valley

This valley of floral blooms completely justifies the name of the place “Happy Valley”. Here you can enjoy the cuisine variants of Mussoorie in its best quality. A visit to the place can undoubtedly make you happy and vibrant in every sense. This place has also got the “mini Tibet of India” title.

According to recent estimations, there are around 5000 Tibetan people taking refuge in the location. The 360-degree view of the location is quite scenic and joy-bursting. The Tibetan heritage vibes and the cultural uniqueness the place has to offer have succeeded in attracting tourist flocks to the destination. 

Sisters Bazaar

Sisters Bazaar is actually a small bazaar in Mussoorie. But the crowd of visitors found in the location can be absolutely unbelievable. The bazaar is located in the town of Landour. This was a cantonment town during the earlier days. It also possesses a deep British connection since it was they who discovered the possibilities of this little town and took attempts to make this a center of attraction.

Sisters Bazaar

During the 19th century, the British constructed an Army Sanatorium in the place. If you are visiting Mussoorie, you should definitely go shopping in the location and buy something distinctive from the place so that you keep it as a souvenir or gift it to your loved ones.

Moreover, typical Indian masala chai and snacks would also be served in the stalls near the bazaar which will provide a refreshing street hopping experience for sure. 

George’s Everest House

This is a noteworthy construction in the town of Mussoorie you can visit on your vacation and gather a lot of colonial feel and vibes. The house is still standing on the top of the hill with all the pride and prestige it had during the past.

George’s Everest House

You can experience the heritage and nostalgia in their purest form in the location. If you are someone who is seeking some minutes of ultimate peace and tranquillity this place is gonna occupy the top of your favorites list. The construction year of the house is known as 1832.

Park Estate is the exact location of the house. If you enquire with the locals and the cab drivers about the “Park House” they will easily take you to the location from the Mussoorie city center. Aglar River Valley and Doon valley are some of the mesmerizing views waiting for you in the location of the house. 

Mussoorie Adventure Park 

A typical tourist destination in Mussoorie. This is the place to go if you are fond of trying adventure activities on your trip. The establishment year of the park is 2003. The fun, thrill, and spirit of adventure join together in a beautiful formation in the park. If you wish to get engaged to the maximum in your Mussoorie vacation, nothing better than Adventure Park can satisfy you.

Mussoorie Adventure Park 

Moreover, the adventure activities provided in the location are supervised by experts in the field assuring safety in every aspect. Rock climbing, trekking, and rappelling are some of the most popular activities enjoyed in the park.

When you are engaging in zip line and other aerial adventure activities the panoramic scenery near the park would give you a matchless experience. Apart from adventure, you can also indulge in some peaceful time either with your loved ones or alone in the refreshing grasslands of the park. 

Nag Tibba Trek

Get ready for this high-altitude trek of around 3022m. In relation to the lower ranges of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand, this is the highest point. The name of the trek is derived from the Snake Goddess or “Nag Devta” in Hindu mythology.

Nag Tibba Trek

If you are interested to indulge in some natural adventure and exploration, the Nag Tibba trek would the perfect activity for you in the Mussoorie vacation. The jungles and the lush green present all over the trekking routes are sufficient to excite the people who are fond of nature and its marvels.

The vegetation and the biodiversity of the routes are also much splendid so if you have such interests, this trek should not be missed out on at any cost. The trek is possible for almost all people since its difficulty levels are suitable for beginners and intermediates. The duration of the trek is also quite less and so it won’t take much of your time. 


This quaint little town is one of the popular tourist attractions in Mussoorie. 2250m is the altitude of the town. Spectacular views are the specialty of the Dhanaulti. The higher elevation is the reason for such amazing views possible from the town. The pleasant weather of the location is also loved by the tourists visiting the town.


The thick Deodar woods are also beautiful and speak out of the grandeur the town owns as the natural assets. You must take a walk through the village to enjoy the real beauty and charm of the place.

This will be a sensual experience for you with the musical accompaniment of the gushing streams and the vegetation. You will also be able to explore the culture and lifestyle of the native people of Mussoorie. 

Best Time To Visit Mussoorie:

The best time to visit Mussoorie is March to June!

How To Reach Mussoorie?

Nearest Airport:  Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is the nearest airport

Nearest Railway Station: The nearest Railway station is Dehradun Railway Station 36km away From Mussoorie!


A north Indian vacation perfect for adventure buffs in the lap of nature. Explore peace, spirituality, colonial past, cultural heritage, and everything on the go. 

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