Ongole: A Journey Through Culture, Cuisine, And History!

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Gopika VC

Chandavaram is a renowned tourist destination and Buddhist site. Rock-cut carvings identify this 2nd-century BC Buddhist site.

Chandavaram Buddhist Site


A lovely and serene beach lies close to Ongole Pakala. Both locals and visitors frequent the place because it is so great.

Pakala Beach


Vodarevu Beach is another prominent Ongole beach with beautiful scenery. Adventurers can swim and surf in Vodarevu.

Vodarevu Beach


Kothapatnam, near Ongole, is one of the less popular beaches. The beach's seclusion makes it a peaceful escape.

Kothapatnam Beach


Amazing waterfall Bhairavakona is located not far from Ongole. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and is a must-visit location for wildlife lovers.



Tangutur is a small village famous for its ancient temples. The town worships Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and other Hindu deities



Chennakesava Swami Temple honors Shiva with intricate carvings and architecture. This is a must-see for history and Hindu mythology lovers.

Chennakesava Swamy Temple


Another prominent Shiva temple is Kashi Visweswara. The temple is a place for spiritual enlightenment and calms with stunning architecture.

Kashi Visweswara Swamy Temple


Vetapalem, Chirala, and Bapatla are tiny towns near Ongole. Beaches and scenery in these towns are notable. One-day excursions to the three towns are easy.

Vetapalem, Chirala And Bapatla