Panchgani: Explore The Vintage Colonial Vibe Of  Maharashtra!

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Gopika VC

Panchgani is a nice destination for hill station enthusiasts in search of India's finest experience. This locality is in the state of Maharashtra in India.

Kate's Point is considered along with Panchgani as a tourist destination, but its precise position is on the outskirts of the city. The viewpoint is 15km from town.

Kate’s Point


Sydney Point is an another viewpoint that you may like to visit while your Panchgani holiday. Sydney Point faces the charming Krishna Valley.

Sydney Point


Panchgani's main tourism attraction is its tableland. This is essentially a flat-topped mountain structure. The destination is in Godavali, Panchgani.



The Rajpuri Caves are located in Panchgani's Satara area. This is one among the places in Panchgani where you must go to experience the genuine vacation spirit.

Rajpuri Caves


Chhatrapati Shivaji was responsible for the construction of the Pratapgad Fort in this area. In the year 1657, the fort was completed with great pride and renown.

Pratapgad Fort


Panchgani's vistas never cease to amaze, and Parsi Point is the latest addition to the list. From the site of Parsi Point, Dhom Dam has a completely different appearance.

Parsi Point


To reach the area of Dhom Dam, you must travel an average of 21 kilometers from the center of Panchgani.

Dhom Dam


 Kamalgad Fort is a hill fort, and the scenic appeal of the fort would beyond your expectations. The fort is square, hence its name.

Kamalgad Fort


Kaas Plateau is a reserved forest area that attests to the biodiversity and quality of the Panchgani region.

Kaas Plateau


Mahabaleshwar is a location with amazing views in every direction. The meeting of five rivers is another major tourist attraction in the area.



Chinaman Waterfalls is the most notable view possible from Babington Point. To reach this viewpoint, you must travel to Tapola Road near Panchgani.

Babington Point


The Bhilar Falls is a seasonal waterfall, therefore if you plan to visit, try to schedule your trip around the monsoon season.

Bhilar Falls


Wai is a historically significant town near Panchgani that you should visit. The city's proximity to Krishna River makes it rich and relevant in many ways.