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Panchgani: Explore The Vintage Colonial Vibe Of Hill Stations!



Panchgani Explore The Vintage Colonial Vibe Of Hill Stations

Panchgani is a pleasant spot for hill station lovers searching for the best experience in India. This location is situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Tableland is the major tourist attraction of the place and there are a lot of tourists who visit the place just out of the curiosity to see this geo marvel. Another tourist attraction of the destination can be a volcanic plateau looking quite magnificent with an intense backdrop and surroundings.

Moreover, there are also a lot of viewpoints in the location so that you will be able to enjoy the distinctive landscape of the place with delight. You can also visit several royal forts in this hill station town making the experience way more than nature. Impressions of a glorious colonial past also make this hill station stand out. You will definitely get that vintage colonial vibe in the respective constructions and monuments that can be seen in and around the town. Some of the best destinations having sufficient potential to gift you the best hill station experience are described below. 

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Kate’s Point

First of all, remember that you are in a town with the most charismatic views so make sure you don’t miss out on any of the viewpoints in the place. This will let you explore the destination from almost all of the aesthetic angles possible. Kate’s Point is one such location you have to consider as indispensable in your visit to Panchgani. Even though this location is considered along with the tourist destination of Panchgani, the exact geographical location is in the exterior of the center.

Kate’s Point

You are required to travel a distance of 15km from the town to reach the location of the viewpoint. You will get to see a gigantic rock boulder in the place and that is where you should get positioned to view the picturesque view of Krishna Valley and its mesmerizing surroundings. Dhom Dam is another important view of the region. This viewpoint also facilitates a beautiful visual of the same. 

Sydney Point

Another viewpoint gem you can consider hitting when you are on your Panchgani vacation. Just like Kate Point mentioned above, the view of Sydney Point is also towards the charming Krishna Valley. The name of the valley comes from the name of a Commander in Chief with the same name. He was the Governor of Bombay in the year 1830, that is during the colonial times. Apart from the view of Krishna Valley, you can also enjoy the sights of the Kamalgad Fort, Dhom Dam, and also Wai city from this magical viewpoint.

Sydney Point

The area where Sydney Point is located is known as the starting point of the city of Panchgani. People visiting the location have suggested planning the visit during the sunrise and sunset hours. Those views from the location can be breathtakingly beautiful and impressive. You are also required to climb a small hillock in order to reach the location of this viewpoint. This climb will prove worthwhile after the sights for sure. 


When it comes to the tourism prominence of the city of Panchgani, the destination of Tableland assumes a landmark position. This is basically a geographical formation of a mountain with a flat top. Different people call this particular landmark quite different varieties of names. Butte Mesa Plateau is one among them. The elevation of this flat-top mountain is also quite interesting with a measurement of around 4500 feet.


You need to travel to the Godavali region in Panchgani in order to visit the destination. But the accessibility is relatively easy since this place is visited by tourists around the year and the transportation facilities are also available without any difficulty. This place is also special on account of the fact that it is the highest geographical point in the entire territory of Panchgani. Even when taking into consideration all the mountain plateaus in the Asiatic region, this plateau assumes the second-highest position. 

Rajpuri Caves

These mysteriously beautiful caves are located in the Satara region in Panchgani. This is one of the destinations in the whole of Panchgani where you must go to feel the authentic vibes of your vacation. Considering the tourist crowds found in the location every year, this destination competes tightly with the landmark attraction of the place, Tableland. Apart from being a geographical delight, these caves are also significant when it comes to the religious and spiritual aspects of it.

Rajpuri Caves

Visiting these caves is also considered a pilgrimage, attracting believers to the location in large amounts. This is also one of the reasons behind the rushing tourist crowds found in the area. There are a total of 4 caves found in the location. All these 4 caves are surrounded by ponds and also have certain sacred identities. These caves and the ponds found in the proximity are also associated with the great Indian legend of Mahabharata in the Indian tradition. 

Pratapgad Fort

As already mentioned, the city of Panchgani has also got a glorious past and this is evident when it comes to the royal constructions and structures found inside the territory. The fort of Pratapgad is one among them. Chhatrapati Shivaji is behind the construction of this visually grant fort in the location. 1657 is the year in which the fort got constructed with all the pride and repute. 3543m is the height measurement of the structure making its beauty and charm visible and admirable even from a far-away location.

Pratapgad Fort

Since this is a hill fort, it can help the construction stand out from the rest of the structures and buildings nearby. There are a total of 4 lakes you can find inside the location of the fort. This also helps in grabbing the attention of the tourists to this fort destination in Panchgani. To pay respect to the man behind the construction of the fort, a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji is also constructed in the fort. 

Parsi Point

Panchgani’s surprises with its viewpoints can never end and the Parsi Point is just the next on the list. Tourist presence in the point is also quite great just like the other two points mentioned before. The main view possible from this scenic viewpoint location is the Krishna Valley itself. However, don’t try to miss out on the location of this viewpoint on account of the repetitive Krishna Valley view. Even if you are getting the view of the same valley from all the three viewpoints discussed, each of the views would be entirely different and uniquely beautiful. So that visiting the point is worthy in every sense.

Parsi Point

Dhom Dam also appears with a totally different outlook from the location of Parsi Point. You can also relish some delicious food from the street vendors finding their livelihood in the surroundings of Parsi Point. Moreover, this viewpoint is also one of the ideal locations to take your kids along with since it has also got a spacious play area nearby. 

Dhom Dam

While talking about all the major viewpoints in the location of Panchgani, Dhom Dam has been a common major sight visible from there. From the main center of Panchgani, you are required to travel an average of 21km in order to hit the location of Dhom Dam. It is basically a picturesque gravity dam found in the location of Panchgani. You can finish exploring the dam and its surroundings just by taking a good 3-4 hours.

Dhom Dam

It was in the year 1976 that the construction activities of the dam started in the location. By the year 1982, the construction got wrapped up and finally, the government commissioned the dam. Considering the projects undertaken by the government of India during that particular time period it was one of the greatest and largest civil engineering assignments. This dam is built across the sacred river of Krishna in the city. 

Kamalgad Fort

The fascination you will get by visiting the forts of Panchgani will reach on top by visiting the location of Kamalgad Fort. It is located on the Nandgane side of Panchgani. Kattalgad and Bhelanja are the other two names attributed to the fort of Kamalgad. It is also a hill fort so the beauteous visual of the fort will certainly exceed your expectations. The fort is in the shape of a square making it also called the name, Square Fort. 4200 feet is the height measurement of the fort and this itself shows the grandeur that the fort owns.

Kamalgad Fort

The maintenance and management of this historically relevant fort are undertaken by the Government of Maharashtra. A visit to the fort gives you a two-fold benefit since it will let you indulge in the architectural aesthetics of the fort as well as enjoy the views possible from the top of the same. Even though the location of the fort is located in an off-beat area, tourists make it a point to visit the fort without fail in their Panchgani vacation. 

Kaas Plateau

This is a reserved forest area to testify to the biodiversity richness and quality of the region of Panchgani. From the Satara main center, there is a distance of 25km in order to reach the destination of this plateau. This plateau and the reserved forest associated with it are closely related to the Western Ghats region and the sub-cluster of Sahyadri. The significance of this location is quite huge when it comes to an international context too.

Kaas Plateau

As per the new listings of the year 2012, this plateau has been included in the group of UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites. This location has got a total area of around 10 sq. km. This scenic natural location is looked after by the Government of India in order to maintain its natural charm and prevent any littering. The flower blooms found here are also quite popular about the place. 


The elegance and class of the Western Ghats region in India are quite expressive in the town of Mahabaleshwar. So if you are looking for a place of rich natural elements, Mahabaleshwar is where you should go on your trip to Panchgani. Mahabaleshwar is a place where you will find mesmerizing viewpoints all around. Arthur’s Seat is one of the popular ones. Moreover, you can also get to see a lot of royal and colonial forts as you will see in the surroundings of Panchgani.


You can also visit a couple of beautiful waterfalls in the region so that a perfect natural retreat would be assured in this place. Boat rides and minimalistic adventure activities would also be there to accompany you in the place. There are also a bunch of photogenic cliffs in the location making it quite worthy to visit for your Instagram handles. The point of intersection of 5 rivers is the other major tourist attraction of the place. 

Babington Point

In the unending list of viewpoints in the territory of Panchgani, Babington Point has also got relevant significance. You need to travel to Tapola Road near Panchgani in order to find the location of this viewpoint. Tourists prefer this serene viewpoint over the rest of the surroundings for a lot of many reasons. 1200 m is the calculated elevation of this beautifully located viewpoint. Unlike the rest of the viewpoints mentioned above, the viewpoint of Babington has got something else to show you other than the Krishna Valley and Dhom Dam.

Babington Point

Chinaman Waterfalls is the major view possible from the location of this point. This milky cascade would be a stunning sight to watch especially if you are visiting the location during the monsoon months of the year. Moreover, the backdrop of the majestic mountain ranges of the Sahyadri also adds to the pleasure and satisfaction derivable from the viewpoint. This location is quite far away from the hustle and bustle of Panchgani town so you can absolutely enjoy some tranquil time with nature. 

Bhilar Falls

If you would like to go a bit playful and engaging in your trip to Panchgani, Bhilar Falls would be an ideal location for you. Considering all the destinations and experiences mentioned before, you will have that craving to indulge in something lively. Having a shower in the base stream of the falls can give you a chilling experience in the location. However, Bhilar Falls is a seasonal waterfall so if you have plans to visit the falls, try scheduling your trip during the monsoon months of the year.

Bhilar Falls

The cascading will continue up to the winter months of the year. Moreover, there are also spots popular for relaxing and spending some alone time in the destination. So apart from those who are craving a playful time, solitude lovers are also seen hitting the location of Bhilar Falls. However, the popularity of the location is quite underrated in the tourism records of Panchgani. 


It is a historically significant town you should visit in the nearby areas of Panchgani. The proximity to the river of Krishna also makes the city quite rich and relevant in lot many aspects. Peshwa Era was the most glorious period of the city. It is also the hometown of the women legends in the history of India, Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi and Gopikabai. A lot of royal families had their existence in the city of Wai.


Their presence has also gifted the city with quite a lot of temples with some peerless architecture. Mandradhevi Kalubai Temple is one of them. Moreover, it is also best if you are searching for the aesthetic side of your Panchgani vacation. A bunch of movies has also made use of the location of the city of Wai proving the picturesqueness of the place. 

How to reach Panchgani?

Nearest airport: Lohegaon Airport

Nearest railway station: Jarandeshwar Railway Station (JSV)


A viewpoint paradise with a bunch of spectacular forts and nature retreats. The best time to visit Panchgani is Winters and Summer beginnings.

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