Pathankot In Punjab: Weaving Town At The Foot Of Kangra Hills!

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Gopika VC

People who like to go on vacation to hill stations would love to go to Pathankot. Let's find out what you can do on vacation that fits your goals and interests.

Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir share this dam. This dam is on Ravi. If you like lush greenery, gentle winds, rich biodiversity, and serene moods, you'll love the vacation.

Ranjit Sagar Dam

If wildlife fall is your thing, you should definitely visit this place. This sanctuary is home to several wildlife species.

Kathlour Wildlife Sanctuary

It's a cable-wire bridge. Bridge commissioning occurred in 2015. Former defense minister Manohar Pareekar commissioned this city cable bridge.

Atal Setu

The Pathankot Gurudwara is 11km from the city center. Guru Nanak's son meditated there for a long time.

Barth Sahib Gurudwara

To visit Mukteshwar Temple from Pathankot's city center, go to Thara Jhikla. You can visit this Hindu pilgrimage site if you're interested in it.

Mukteshwar Mandir

Visit this place to enjoy its trees, views, and biodiversity. Camping is possible there. You can swim in the camp's lake or relax on its banks.

Dhar Nature Retreat and Awareness Camp

This is one of the places in the city of Pathankot that you can visit to learn about its history. Most people think that this fort was built in the 10th century.

Nurpur Fort