Discover The Scenic Charms Of Jabalpur: Best Places To Visit!

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These 100-foot-tall marble formations are 25km long. On sunny days, rocks cast shadows on the Narmada.

Marble Rock At Bhadeghat

The waterfall begins when the Narmada River flows over marble formations. The river's energy creates the Dhuandhar falls.

Dhuandhar Falls

In certain places, only the vistas are worth seeing. This boat ride gives you a chance to enjoy the water ride, and explore the waves.

Boat Ride To Bhadeghat

The temple is dedicated to Yoginis, who worship Lord Shiva, as suggested by its name. There are 64 chambers in the temple as a whole.

Chausat Yogini Temple

This is a destination that is well regarded among tourists who come to the city of Jabalpur. This is an ideal spot for anyone interested in biodiversity.

Dumna Nature Reserve

This was Jabalpur's historic royal grandeur. Gond Raja Madan Shah authorized the fort's construction. 1116 AD: Fort built

Madan Mahal Fort

Geographically, the intriguing rocks are relatively close to the fort of Madan Mahal. The rocks discovered in the area were formed by a volcanic eruption.

Balancing Rocks

One of the most interesting tourist attractions close to the Dhuandhar Falls and the marble rock formations is Cable Car Across Dhuandhar Falls 

Cable Car Across Dhuandhar Falls

Shopping in Jabalpur is unlike any other premium location in India. Before you leave, don't miss this amusing encounter.

City Shopping