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Places To Explore In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh-2022



Places To Visit In Jabalpur

Jabalpur is a major city situated in the heart of the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. The geographical positioning of the city in the region of “Mahakaushal” has also enhanced its importance in every aspect. “Jabal Rishi” was a saint who was a native of this region. The name of the city is indebted to the name of this saint. Gond Kings were the royal dynasty who ruled the city during the earlier days.

This has also contributed to the significance of the city in the history of the nation. The picturesque location is another specialty enhancing the city’s tourism prominence. Moreover, the city was also quite important as a trade and commercial space in the past. A geographical marvel of the city is the abundance of Marble rock formations found at many places in the city. This has also helped generate revenue and thereby spiking the splendidness of the city.

Geologists and archaeologists found this place as a paradise and hold on to the city to learn and research more about their concerned topic. The architecture and design dynamics of the city have always been loved and praised by tourists all over the world which get exhibited in its ancient forts and temples. These sites including some of them in ruins have become the major tourist attractions of the city. Get to see some locations that you can visit during your Jabalpur trip. 

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Marble Rock At Bhadeghat

Marble Rock at Bhadeghat

This natural marvel of the city of Jabalpur is situated at a distance of 25km away from the center. Narmada river flows nearby the formations. These marble formations are seen in a length of 25km in the location with a height of 100 feet. During clear and sunny days, you can see the rocks making shadows on the water of the Narmada.

It also reflects sunlight well making the atmosphere quite pleasant and charming during those times. If you would like to indulge in the superior glam of the rocks, it is better to visit the place during nighttime. Owing to this fact, entry to the location is allowed until midnight during full moon days. On all other days, entry is restricted up to 7 pm. The rocks are not found in a static color at all times. It switches colors according to the different sunlight intensities. 

Dhuandhar Falls

 Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur

This 30m deep waterfall in the city of Jabalpur is one of the most crowded tourist destinations of the city. If you wish to visit the marble rock formations of Bhadeghat, the Dhuandhar falls are also nearby and help you cover both locations in a go.

The waterfall originates from the river of Narmada flowing beside the marble formations. The river falls with great force to a descending water stream giving birth to the Dhuandhar falls. The force is increased since the river narrows down at the point of joining with the falls. This narrowing down and the increased force are responsible for the mist masses formed at the time of the fall.

This misty atmosphere is a beautiful sight to witness and is loved by visitors. The roaring sound of the fall is high in intensity and reaches even distant places from the fall. Since the authorities have made all their efforts to make tourism comfortable and easy, you don’t have to take risks to enjoy the breathtaking views of the falls. There are proper platforms providing great views of the fall in the location. These platforms and the security wire fence are not to be crossed for safety concerns if you are visiting the location. 

Boat Ride To Bhadeghat

Boat ride to Bhadeghat

This is a complementary activity you get when you visit the location of Dhaundhar falls as well as the marble formations. There are not many things to engage in these locations except enjoying the views. So this boat ride will give you an opportunity to engage in something and have fun in the same location. This can also satisfy adventure lovers in a very subtle way.

The distance of the boat riding estimates to be 22km and you can enjoy a splendid and whooping view of the surroundings of the river Narmada while taking the ride. Even if this is an activity as such, this is the most convenient and smart way for sightseeing in the location. The ride services are open for tourists on all days for a 12-hour duration, that is from 7 in the morning to 7 at the night. This boat ride connects two ghats in its service.

When you wish to visit the Dhuandhar falls or the marble formations from the city center, you can hire a taxi and reach the location of Panchvati Ghat. From this location no road transport facilities are available and you have to take the service motorboats to reach the Bhadeghat to watch the falls. Hence this boat ride becomes a compulsory activity if you would wish to see the falls. 

Chausat Yogini Temple

Chausat Yogini Temple, Jabalpur

As the name suggests, the temple is devoted to Yoginis, the worshippers of Lord Shiva. The temple has got a total of 64 chambers. These chambers commemorate those Yoginis. Accessing the location of the temple can be quite difficult, especially for old age people.

So if you are planning a family trip with elderly people you must make up your mind wisely. This temple is an exemplary viewpoint to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Narmada valley. You also need to travel a distance of 40km from Gwalior city to reach the location. This further intensifies the low accessibility levels of the temple.

But if you are searching for a quaint and tranquil location for your Jabalpur vacation, the temple would be a highly satisfying option for you. Yogini temple of Jabalpur is not just an individual entity. The temple belongs to a series of Yogini temples found in 11 different locations across the nation. 

Dumna Nature Reserve

Dumna Nature Reserve

This is a location in the tourism spotlight of the city of Jabalpur. Biodiversity enthusiasts would love this location. If you are curious about the species specific to the city and its environment, a visit to Dumna Nature Reserve would give you the answers.

The bird species found in the location have always been a reason for the excitement of the tourists visiting the city. Moreover, the flora and fauna of the reserve are abundant and highly diverse feasting your love for nature. You can also stay lively and engaging in the location since there are a lot of service providers offering activities like fishing and swimming.

If you have kids along with you, toy train rides are the best option to keep their needs satisfied. If you are in the surroundings of the reserve, pretty good accommodation facilities are also available with that perfect picturesque natural vibes. Tent houses would be a great option if you are traveling with friends or solo. There are also premium and budget-friendly guest houses offering stay options perfect for family groups and honeymoon couples. 

Madan Mahal Fort

Madan Mahal Fort, Jabalpur

This is peculiar to the royal glory of the city of Jabalpur in the ancient days. Raja Madan Shah is the one from the dynasty of the Gond who ordered the construction of the fort. 1116 AD is the construction year of the fort. The pride of the fort is accentuated by its location on a mighty hilltop. Hence, the visit to the fort offers you a magnificent view of the city of Jabalpur.

There are also a lot of locations that can add to the charm of your Jabalpur vacation photos. Hence if you are looking for Instagrammable locations on your trip to Jabalpur, your search ends with the Madan Mahal Fort.

Access to the fort does not require any fees making the visit quite economical and remarkable. The fort will be open to tourists from 7 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening. But you need to climb a total of 205 steps to reach the zenith of the hill, where the fort is located.

Hence this can be challenging if you are not that physically fit. Due to this location, the scorching heat of the sun will mostly be there to accompany you throughout the visit. Hence take precautions handy if that is your concern. Even if the charm and pride of the fort would excite you, don’t expect a perfectly functional fort in the location. By the date of the construction, you can be quite obvious that the fort would be in its ruins, however without losing its majestic vibes. 

Balancing Rocks

Balancing Rocks

Geographically, the location of the exciting rocks is quite close to the fort of Madan Mahal. The rocks found in the area are the remnants of a volcanic eruption. The erosion that happened during the rupture of the volcano caused these rocks to reach the location. The weird positioning of these rocks is quite surprising for the visitors. It seems to be maintaining quite a subtle point of equilibrium and is quite probable to lose the balance and fall with just a small distraction.

But quite unexpectedly, the rocks have proved their powerful balance even by surviving earthquakes. The highest intensity of the earthquake that happened in the location marks the Richter scale measurement of 6.5. The locals of the place hold strong faith in the balance of the rocks, some are also seen to be attributing divine powers to it. However, no worship has not yet been permitted in the surroundings of the rocks.

The rocks are believed to have reached their current location during the volcanic eruption that happened during the 11th century AD. The location of the balancing rocks has thus become a famous landmark in the city of Jabalpur. The science behind this natural marvel has not yet been discovered and scholars are still busy doing research and studies on the same. Photography is a rampant tourist activity found in the location of these balancing rocks. 

Cable Car Across Dhuandhar Falls 

Cable Car Across Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur

This is one of the most engaging tourist activities found near the Dhuandhar falls and the marble rock formations. Enjoying the views of the falls is quite a blissful thing to do and hence different activities and provisions are made available to indulge in the same in a lot of different ways.

The cable car ropeway is one among them. The ride is not that expensive and you can easily fetch one. The views of the waterfalls are quite ravishing when you watch them from a moving cable car. Selfies taken from the car are quite popular and the most listed when you search the location on Instagram.

The destination of the cable car is the other side of the Narmada river which is more serene and calming in comparison to the side where you start the ride. A stroll along the river banks on the opposite side is soothing and would fill you with positive energy and a refreshed sensation. The street vendors selling sugarcane juice along the river banks should never be ignored since they can be quite delicious and can help you beat the scorching heat of the surroundings. 

City Shopping

City Shopping

Jabalpur shopping is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will not be availed of at any premium destination in India. Hence, do not forget to indulge in this hilarious experience before you pack your bags back. The most important souvenir you need to buy from the city streets and markets are the artworks of jute that testifies the skill and design dominance of the local craftsmen of the town.

Apart from collecting pieces, you can just take a stroll along the markets which will fill you with the vintage vibes of Jabalpur. The street markets are not yet sophisticated and maintain their good old charm which is loved by tourists all over. The Old Bazar is one such vintage market you choose to shop in the city.

The toys and dolls of the city are worthy of buying which will help your child touch and feel the rich cultural experience of the country at a very young age. Silver and brass ornaments, utensils, and equipment are some other worthy stuff to buy from the Jabalpur markets. These metal stuff usually have premium quality and are testified by the tourists as quite durable.

If you are a fashion lover, Jabalpur won’t be satisfied enough to feast you with its unlimited collection of traditional sarees and clothing. Maheshwari and Chanderi sarees are some of the tourists’ favorites and the fast-moving in the markets of Jabalpur. You are also supporting the about-to-extinct population of weavers in the city by buying these exceptional works of art. Mrignayani, the Government Emporium also facilitates tourist shopping under one roof. 


Jabalpur is an all-inclusive city catering to different types of tourists. The city is quite developed in terms of industrialization and trade making it an easily commutable location. The nature-specific location welcomes tourists holding similar interests. Adventure and fun activities associated with these natural locations also serves the needs and requirement of those fun-loving tourists visiting the city.

If you are a history enthusiast, the city has also got proud royal tales to unfold before you in the form of forts. The architecture and design of the structures can also excite your aesthetic senses, undoubtedly. The sociocultural features of the place get embodied in its temples. The religious mythology and tales would satisfy you if that is your point of interest.

Moreover, the climate of the city is worth experiencing to understand the dramatically changing climatic conditions in central India. The biodiversity and ecosystem of central India are also encapsulated in a nutshell in the city with natural reserves and parks. Hence a visit to the city of Jabalpur would never disappoint you and is perfect to feel the heart of India in all its emotions. 

How to reach Jabalpur?

Nearest airport: Jabalpur Airport

Nearest railway station: Jabalpur (JBP)

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