Quaint And Wonderful Place To Visit In Kasauli

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Gopika VC

Gilbert Trail is a Kasauli tourist destination where you will fall in love with the alluring beauty of gracious nature.

Gilbert Trail

This is also a popular tourist destination in Kasauli. Trekking and hiking are also options for adventure activities in the area.

Sunset Point

The sunrises and sunsets in Kasauli are unquestionably beautiful due to the city's incredibly beautiful and mesmerising natural surroundings.

Sunrise Point (Hawa Ghar)

The Gurkha Fort is an example of such a historically significant location in the city. To reach the fort, you must arrive in Parwanoo.

Gurkha Fort

This is the highest point from which one may traverse Kasauli's region. Due of this peculiarity, travellers find trip to this location to be incredibly exciting and thrilling.

Monkey Point

Mall Road is the place to go for souvenirs and other interesting items. During India's period of colonial authority, the Mall Road was constructed.

The Mall Road

This is a pilgrimage spot for Sikhs in Kasauli. Even while the area has religious significance, it is also historically significant in many ways.

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak ji

The Christ Church is a landmark in Kasauli, proving the same point. The stained glass windows are the church's main attraction.

Christ Church

This region is blessed with a serene and quiet atmosphere, therefore many people make an effort to visit it.

Timber Trail

If you enjoy drinking and experimenting with different sorts of drinks, this is the most fascinating area in Kasauli territory.

Kasauli Brewery