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Himachal Pradesh

Destinations To Visit & Things To Do In Kasauli | Himachal!



Destinations To Visit & Things To Do In Kasauli Himachal!

Kasauli is a wonderful terrain of hills and mountains situated in the North Indian region in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The town has got due prominence in the colonial history of the country. The agricultural abundance of the area is also worth mentioning. The Christian religious supremacy and a different side of the Indian culture are also quite particular about this hill station in India.

The lush green forests and the woods vibe we get from the town are also distinctive and dynamic. Apart from all these the town has also got some temples where you will be able to feel a serene mood altogether. The rich biodiversity and vegetation of the area are also significant when analyzing the prime features of Kasauli.

The exotic varieties of birds found in the area also make this a favorite hangout spot for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. Moreover, Kasauli has also got several institutions of national repute inside it. The peculiar landscape also provides facilities for adventure activities for the tourists visiting the place.

Certain popular breweries are also located here making it a fun place to visit especially for those who love to try varieties of drinks. Some of the places that mark the characteristic features of Kasauli can be spotted below. 

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Gilbert Trail 

Gilbert Trail is a tourist attraction in Kasauli where you will fall for the seductive beauty of gracious nature. This is one of the most romanticized locations that you can visit on your trip to Kasauli. Even though nature in its most attractive attire is found here, this is not an offbeat or rural location. You can easily get into the place from the main road.

Gilbert Trail 

A stroll through the trail is highly recommended. You can enroll for a trek from the location. This trekking would gift you the most chilling experiences ever. Even if Kasauli is not at the highest of elevations, the feel of nature and climate you will earn from the trek would be one of a kind.

The steep fall found when you finally reach the tip of the hill will amuse you with a kind of magic that the universe has been waiting to gift you. Most of the rocks and cliffs can be found in a broken state hence utmost care is required while ascending and also while you are on top of it.

To go trekking in this romantic hilly location, you can select two slots, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. 

Sunset Point Kasauli

This is also a traveler’s favorite location in Kasauli. Adventure activities like trekking and hiking are also possible in the location. Moreover, Sunset Point has got the ability to satisfy most of the travelers visiting the place by serving their interests in a surplus manner.

Sunset Point Kasauli

The natural backdrop of the location is quite wondrous so taking portraits and nature photographs from the location can be extremely joyous and satisfying. Wildlife and nature photographers are hence found in the location extensively.

There are also people coming to the location to just enjoy the serene and exhilarating vibes catered by the nature. Just as the name of the place suggests, the perfect time to visit the location would be the sunset.

In order to enjoy the view in its most captivating visuals, it is recommended to reach the place before sunset. You can spend a good 30 minutes to 1 hour here enjoying nature and indulging in the mesmerizing view of the sunset. Also, don’t forget to have good quality trekking shoes with you since the path towards the point can be quite risky.

People visiting the location are often found lying on the mountains to watch the sunset from quite an interesting angle. If you would like to do the same, you can also carry a mat or sheets of newspapers to spread on the dirty mountains. 

Sunrise Point (Hawa Ghar)

Since the nature of Kasauli is extremely breathtaking and captivating, the sunrises and sunsets in the city can be undoubtedly wonderful. Just as the sunset point discussed above, there are also viewpoints where you can enjoy the most beauteous of the sunsets. One among them is the Hawa Ghar. Visitors coming to the city of Kasauli, irrespective of foreign and locals flock in large numbers to this location to indulge in the charm of the rising sun.

Sunrise Point (Hawa Ghar)

The accessibility of the location is also another factor enhancing the attractiveness of the point. With just a distance of 1.5km, you can reach Sunrise Point from the Kasauli Bus Terminal. Another peculiar feature of the location is the steady currents of air found here around the year.

This natural feature is the reason why the place has got the name called “Hawa Ghar”. This is an older name of the place and is not actively used these days. The sunrise from the location would satisfy you with the scenic beauty of the rising sun and the magical sight of the enchanting city of Chandigarh. 

Gurkha Fort

Apart from the nature, climate, and biodiversity that are the prominent features of the Kasauli vacation, you can also explore the historical side of the city of Kasauli, especially the colonial side of it. Gurkha Fort is one such historically significant destination in your trip to the city. Parwanoo is the location where you should reach to travel to the fort.

Gurkha Fort

The fort is built on top of a hilly terrain making its pride accentuated from all the 360 degrees. We will definitely stay wondering about the idea of constructing a fort in an interior area like it. But the forest that surrounds the fort like a green blanket makes its charm and grace stay multiplied always. The constructors of this fort are undoubtedly British officials.

This fort was also a part of their attempt to establish imperial and colonial autonomy upon the people of India. Locals spread a lot of historical tales and assumptions regarding the Gurkha Fort. Most of them are regarding the fights and conflicts that happened between the British officials and the natives of India. Nature photography and trekking are also possible in the location. 

Monkey Point

If you are fond of conquering heights, then Monkey point is where you should goal on your trip to Kasauli. This is the highest point where you can traverse the territory of Kasauli. Due to this peculiarity, tourists find traveling to this location extremely exciting and exhilarating.  The location can be reached after traveling 4 Km from the main bus stand of Kasauli.

Monkey Point

The name “Monkey Point” is derived from the fact that the place is overpopulated with monkeys. There is also a temple nearby the location where the main deity of worship is the Hindu lord, Hanuman. Since this lord appears in the form of a monkey, the monkeys found in the temple and its premises are also worshipped and paid respects.

Even though this is not necessarily a pilgrim center, believers of Hinduism visiting the location on their vacation do not miss paying a visit to this temple and caring for the monkeys. The main purpose of visiting Monkey Point is none other than enjoying the panoramic views of the cities from an aerial angle.

The cities of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Kalka, and Sutlej can be viewed magnificently from the point. The shape of the hill upon which the viewpoint is located resembles a foot. This shape is also connected with several Hindu legends and myths. 

The Mall Road

If you are visiting the hill station town of Kasauli, Mall Road is where you should go shopping for souvenirs and other things of interest. The construction of the Mall Road happened during colonial rule in India. The administrative functions of the city and other day-to-day life of the natives happen in this location.

The Mall Road

You can see a couple of government offices and institutions in the place. The total length of the road would be 1 km. The word “Mall” in “Mall Road” is an abbreviated term in military terminology. The full form of the abbreviation reads, “Married Accommodation and Living Line”.

The name of this road throws light upon the cantonment culture and lifestyle that is significant about the town. You can enjoy the color and vibrance of the hill station from this road. The happening vibes of the town will be felt here.

The art, handicrafts, and other merchandise available from the vendors on the road would be highly aesthetic and make you fall for it. Such things will reveal the craftsmanship of the natives and their creativity. Evenings would be the best time to take a walk through the road. 

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak ji

This is a pilgrim destination in Kasauli for the Sikh people. Even if the location has due religious prominence it is also historically significant in a lot of aspects. Garkhal Bazaar is the main location of the center. Visitors to the Gurudwara can also avail of accommodation facilities in the place. Sikh people are found chanting their prayers and doing their respects in the Gurudwara.

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak ji

All you get from the location are some pure and tranquil spiritual vibes filling a ton of positivity and soulfulness inside you. Every Sunday morning, there will be grand programs and events in the location since the day is considered auspicious by the believers of Sikhism. You can also find the Air Force Radar Station close to the Gurudwara. 

We won’t be able to find any religious symbols, idols, or statues in the Gurudwara abiding by their belief systems. All you can find is a holy text teaching the religion. To enter the shrine by wearing footwear is not allowed and the visitors are required to have a piece of cloth handy to cover their heads. You can also taste sweet delicious food, a vegan preparation offered to the devotees as “Prasad”. 

Christ Church

As we have already mentioned, the rule of the British people in the area during colonial times brought a kind of Christian religious supremacy to this hill station town. The Christ Church is a landmark in the town of Kasauli justifying the same fact. Glass windows that are stained are the prime attraction of the church.

Christ Church

Apart from that, there is also a clock tower in the church enhancing the class and elegance of it as a prestigious construction. The church is very close to the bus terminal in Kasauli hence you can easily visit the church without any excuses. The picturesque way of construction is more than enough to attract visitors to this location.

The architecture and design incorporated while building the church are quite impressive showcasing a British character. When considering all the other Christian churches in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the Christ Church in Kasauli is the oldest.

This also enhances the importance of the church in your Kasauli itinerary. St. Barnabas and St. Francis are the holy figures to which the church has been dedicated. The regulation and management of the church are done by the authority called the Church of North India (CNI). 

Timber Trail 

Another fascinating nature destination in your Kasauli vacation. This location is blessed with a calm and quiet atmosphere making a lot of people take an effort not to miss out on the place. The lush green found everywhere in the location is quite attractive and perfect to enjoy an alone-time.

Timber Trail 

The pine and coniferous trees found in the location are also characteristic of the trail. Backpackers and groups of students are the categories of tourists mostly found in the location. You can also enjoy ropeway rides in the place. The rides are mostly affordable but the experience you get in the lap of nature would be incredibly priceless.

The aerial view you will get from the ropeway is remarked as the best if you would like to enjoy the beguiling beauty of the timber trail from the place. It will take you through the mountain terrains and such an experience can never be equated with anything else in the world.

The adrenaline rush you get while enjoying the ropeway as well as walking through the Timber Trail is beyond verbalization. Moreover, this place also offers decent accommodation facilities in the form of hotels, homestays, and resorts. You can spend 2-3 hours in a good mood with nature in the location. 

Kasauli Brewery 

This would be the most exciting location you will find in the territory of Kasauli if you have an interest in drinking and experimenting with exotic varieties of drinks. Apart from being just a center for brewing, this is also a place where you can visit to get in touch with the rich culture, tradition, and heritage of colonial India.

Kasauli Brewery 

It was the British people who brought the concept of establishing a brewery in the location of Kasauli to satisfy their requirements for refreshments. You can visit the brewery anytime between 7 in the morning and 7 in the evening. An average of 30 minutes – 1 hour would be enough to explore the brewery and understand the history and heritage behind it.

The major drink produced in the brewery is none other than malt whiskey. The produced items are given for sale in both India and abroad. The year of establishment of the brewery was 1820 and the British official named Sir Edward Abraham Dyer is the one who was behind the idea.

If you are interested to drink, try gathering with your friends when you visit the brewery. You can also click photographs and learn the process of making the drinks. 

Best Time To Visit Kasauli:

Monsoon months

How To Reach Kasauli?

Nearest Airport: Chandigarh Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Kalka (KLK)


This offbeat hill station destination can be regarded as underrated in the North Indian region. Explore the place with an interest in heritage, nature, birds, history, religion, and so on. 

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