Saputara: Discover The Hill Station Of Gujarat In Sahyadri Ranges!

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Gopika VC

This charming hill station is a great place for nature lovers, friends, and couples. It has beautiful views of nature that are sure to captivate you.

It is one of the best places in Saputara to get your senses back and feel better. The best time to see the waterfalls is during the monsoons.

Gira Falls


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built it at 3,600 feet. The fort can only be reached by traversing a relatively rocky path.

Hatgad Fort


The Townview Point is one of the most popular places to visit in Saputara because it gives tourists a view of the whole town.

Townview Point


By karma, Lord Rama met a Bhil woman named Shabari at this beautiful Hindu temple. She was a follower of Rama.

Shabari Dham


At the sunset point, which is also called the Gandhi Shikhar summit, people can see the setting sun in a beautiful way.

Sunset Point


It is in Gujarat's Navsari district, around 110 minutes from Vansda town. Vansda Park, home to Adivasi tribes, is the village's major trading centre.

Vansda National Park


Since 1990, the 160 sq km sanctuary has been there. It houses elephants, sloth bears, bulls, rhinoceros, and more.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary


If you want to learn about the city's culture, go to the Nageshwar Mahadev temple, which is near the Saputara lake.

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple


The Bhil, Kunbi, and Warli tribes' ancient handicrafts, bamboo relics, and Warli paintings make Artist Village a charming hamlet.

Artist Village


If you're an artist or historian interested in body tattoos, grass decorations, funerary stone columns, woodcarving, and dance-dramatic masks, you must visit this location.

Saputara Museum


The Pandavas used the Arvalem caves to hide and unwind, according to legend. The caverns are perfect for adventurers.

Pandava Gufa