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Saputara: Explore Gujarat’s Only Hill Station!



Saputara Explore Gujarat's Only Hill Station!

Saputara is the only hill station across the western state of Gujarat, but it has perhaps much more things to serve travelers than most other hill stations in India. Located in the Dang district of South Gujarat, on the border of Maharashtra, this gem trove is jaggedly 410 km from Ahmedabad and has different surreal nature spots, historic monuments, remnants of ancient civilization, and attractive waterfalls. Below we have mentioned a few best places to visit in Saputara.

This captivating hill station is certainly a great place for nature lovers, friends, and couples proposing mesmerizing sights of natural beauty.

It has all the essential amenities for tourists such as fancy hotels, parks, viewpoints, theatres, ropeways, and a museum to confirm a remarkable holiday in the laps of nature. 

Table of Contents

Gira Falls

On the state way Waghai Saputara, Gira Falls is close to Waghai. It is among Saputara’s top places for revitalizing the senses and improving well-being. The greatest period to view the falls is throughout the monsoons.

Gira Falls

If you want to take your family or friends picnicking nearby the falls, we recommend that you go there between July and October. Relatively, fewer individuals are here than at other good tourist destinations. Traveling to it by road is modest.

Hatgad Fort

Hatgadh Fort is the perfect picnic spot for families, couples, and backpackers. The fort is situated on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra at a distance of 5 kilometers from Saputara. It was constructed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and is positioned at an altitude of 3,600 feet.

  • Hatgad Fort
  • Hatgad Fort

The only way to arrive at the fort is through a trekking route via a slightly rocky path. A statue of Lord Ganesha is placed on the topmost of the fort. You can also see the attractive Suragana village from the top. It is one of the most prevalent places to visit in Saputara.  

Townview Point

One of the most popular lures in Saputara, the Townview Point offers tourists an all-encompassing view of the entire town.

Townview Point

Since the place is situated at a greater level than the town, it functions as a vantage point. The best part about the lure is the night view of this place that it proposes.

Shabari Dham

It is problematic to ignore Shabari Dham, which is situated on Ahwa Road. It is a prevalent mythological destination on a hill, Chamak Dungar, nearby Subir village. This beautiful Hindu temple is the spot where Lord Rama met a Bhil woman, Shabari by karma. She was Rama’s devotee. Constructed in 2006, Shabari Dham pays homage to that milestone meeting.

Shabari Dham

Purportedly, there are 3 stones there on which Rama, Lakshman, and Shabari are supposed to have sat together. It is one of the best places to visit in Saputara throughout winter.

Sunset Point

The sunset point, also better known as the Gandhi Shikhar summit, proposes visitors a breathtaking view of the setting sun. It is among Saputara’s prevalent places to visit in the summer.

Sunset Point

The summit may be retrieved by ropeway from Vanity Ropeway Resort and is close enough to the hill town to be available on foot. When you reach the topmost, the surrounding lush green trees and attractive waterfalls will enthrall you. Nature lovers and snappers will like this location.

Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park Inserted in between the Sahyadri ranges, lies this preserved wildlife park straddling an area of nearly 24 sq kilometers. It got its name as Vansda because it was once privately ruled by the Maharaja of Vansda. Not an individual tree has been cut since then.

Vansda National Park

Due to this, in some locations, the canopies are so thick that sunlight does not pass through. It is an open park, and you can conveniently get a permit if you want to discover it in your own vehicle.

It is located in the Navsari district of Gujarat and is a nearly 110-minute drive from Vansda town. Vansda, the park is the main trading place for the village of Vansda and its surrounding location, inhabited by tribes, primarily known as Adivasis. The park is very nearby to Waghai town which forms an entry point for the Dang jungles.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are enthusiastic to observe the wildlife of Saputara and have an exhilarating experience while holidaying there, then go visit Purna Sanctuary. The sanctuary has been there since 1990 and is scattered across an area of 160 sq km.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

It is home to animals such as elephants, sloth bears, bulls, rhinoceros, and many more. Not only is it countless for animal lovers but also for nature fanatics as it proposes teak forests, bamboo trees, etc.

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

Visit the Nageshwar Mahadev temple, which is set on the shorelines of Saputara lake, if you want to get a sense of the city’s cultural side.

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

Shivratri is a festival where residents and travelers sacrifice to the Lord, bringing the beautiful temple to life. Visit the temple in the early morning if you want to celebrate the calm there. 

Artist Village

Artist Village is one of the best destinations to visit in Saputara. If you have an inclination towards art and ethos, you cannot afford to disregard Artist Village. Artist village is a beautiful hamlet better known for its breathtaking, colorful artifacts of bamboo, Warli paintings, and ancestral handicrafts made by the Bhil, Kunbi, and Warli tribes.

Artist Village

Scholars of fine arts often visit the village to select the nuances of the craft and get hands-on information about the state of the arts in India. You will take away a lot of information with you. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Saputara throughout the monsoon.

Saputara Museum

You may get a glance at the customs, attire, and history of the Dang community at Saputara Museum. This location is a must-visit if you are a potential artist or historian inquisitive about learning about body tattoos, grass decorations, funerary stone columns, woodcarving, stuffed birds, clay ritual artifacts, and dance-dramatic masks.

Saputara Museum

Apprentices must pay INR 1 as their admission fee. It is among the topmost attractions in and nearby Saputara.

Pandava Gufa

Pandava Gufa is a captivating places to visit in Saputara. The history of Saputara includes the caverns in a significant way.

Pandava Gufa

The myth behind the caverns, also better known as the Arvalem caves, is that the Pandavas optimized them as a place to hide and relax. For those searching for unexplored adventures, the caverns are ideal.

Best Time to Visit Saputara

Saputara has a favorable climate all throughout the whole year, hence, it can be visited anytime. Relying on what you want to do, here’s a monthly breakup of Saputara’s climatic situations so that you can forecast when to go: 

October to February: October is commonly pleasant in Saputara. Winter season starts in the month of November and endures till February. Sometimes the temperature can drip down to 8 degrees Celsius but complete the weather is quite pleasurable and this duration also marks the peak tourist season in Saputara. 

March to June: These months establish the summer season in Saputara. Even in summer, Saputara does not have thrilling temperatures and the supreme temperature would not go beyond 28 degrees Celsius here. One can forecast a short trip throughout this time as well due to its cool climate.

July to September: These months constitute monsoon season in Saputara, particularly the months of July and August which receives hefty rainfall with slight moistness in the air. Monsoon generates magic in the hills of Saputara as the complete environment is lush green in color. Those who love rain must come for a visit throughout this season for great photographic shots and also escape the summer warmth.

How To Reach Saputara? 

Saputara is situated on hilly terrain and is well linked to cities in Maharashtra and Gujarat by road. No airport, although you can reach it here from Gandhidham. Here is how to arrive at Saputara:

BY AIR: Closest airport is Gandhidham Airport.

BY TRAIN: Waghai railway station is nearly 50 km from Saputara. This station is directly linked to Mumbai and several other cities in Gujarat. Taxis are accessible from Waghai for Saputara. However, Billimora would be the most expedient rail head. Bilimora is linked to Saputara by direct bus services.

BY ROAD: Saputara being on hilly terrain is well linked with the neighboring cities of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Both government and private buses ply unvarying services to the visitors.


You can visit Saputara at any period of the year. The average temperature hovers at nearly 28 degrees Celsius. The region is frequently packed throughout Holi and other prominent Indian festivals. From a variety of flora and fauna to a variety of arts and crafts shops, there are different places to visit in Saputara. Book a trip to Gujarat to marvel at the natural attractiveness of Saputara.

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