Sundarban Wildlife Tour: Best Places To Visit In 2023!

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Ruchika Mandora

Sundarbans' creeks, tributaries, waterways, and islands make it India's most beautiful National Park. It's one of the world's best mangrove habitats.

Sagardwip's beach has a lighthouse. The lighthouse offers tourists a great perspective of the area.

Sagar Lighthouse


Its flora, fauna, and scenic beauty attract visitors and adventurers. You can see spotted deer in the morning.

Tin Kona Island


If you're here on vacation, this is the perfect place to go for a walk. You could see the Peechkali and the Gomti in beautiful ways.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary


Sundarban mangrove forest is beautiful but scary. The Sundarban has mangrove trees and a mystery aura that locals believe is the forest's God or Goddess.

Mangrove Eco Garden


You could climb the Sudhanyakhali watchtower to see tigers in your area. This is the best place to see tigers, which are the most famous animals in the Sunderbans.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower


Dublar Char is a beautiful island that is best known for its beautiful scenery. It is also a well-known fishing spot with a lot of fish.

Dublar Char Island


Hiron Point is a good place to see tigers and other uncommon animals. It's noted for tigers, monkeys, deer, crocodiles, and valuable birds.

Hiron Point


The ashram contains a small temple and offers lodging. The Ashram offers cheap lodgings during the Gangasagar Mela.

Bharat Sevashram Sangha Temple


Sundarban Roadwild Tourism recommends a visit. It is for nature lovers.

Sundarban Roarwild Tourism


Because of the rivers, canals, mangrove forest, tigers, birds, and canoes, this place is extraordinary.

Sundarban Wild Safari