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Explore Sundarbans: The Attractive UNESCO Heritage Site!



Explore Sundarbans The Attractive UNESCO Heritage Site!

India may have a myriad of exhilarating wildlife destinations situated throughout its length and breadth but one place that proposes a pristine and enthralling environment, not just for the animals but also for the visitors is the attractive Sundarban National Park.

It resultant its name from a Mangrove plant named Sundari which is found in richness here. Abundant creeks and tributaries, waterways, and islands make Sundarbans the most beautiful and appealing National Park in India. It is also one of the most exclusive and great mangrove ecosystems in the world. In this article, we have listed a few best places to visit in Sundarbans

This most well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site is a perfect place to see wildlife at its best and is extensively popular for the attractive orange-black striped Royal Bengal Tigers. Besides, this national park which comprises 102 islands on the Indian side also houses different small enclosures such as crocodile and turtle farms, and there are wildlife museums as well as watchtowers.

You can also find a few wildlife sanctuaries situated in the Sundarban Islands of Lothian and Halliday which add so much to your Sundarban Wildlife tour.

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Sagar Lighthouse

The Sagardwip has a lighthouse in the neighborhood of the beach itself. The lighthouse carries a beautiful view of the surrounding location and is open for tourists to admit.

Sagar Lighthouse

Also, for all those photography partisans, this lighthouse is the accurate place to capture snaps of this earthy town.

Tin Kona Island

Tin Kona is an attractive island and one of the best places to visit in Sundarbans. West Bengal. It’s a prevalent place for tourists and adventure lovers alike for being rich in flora, fauna, and picturesque beauty.

Tin Kona Island

It’s also home to the attractive spotted deer and you can watch it in the morning. Those who visit this island can watch different wildlife animals like crocodiles, various primates, leopards, King Cobras, and rattlesnakes.

More so, Tin Kona Island is also well known for fishing and audacious activities. You can get or rent a safari to visit this location. February to April and September to November is a great time to visit this place. This place is situated at some 31.4 km distance from Siliguri, west Bengal. It’s open all days of the week and everyone can according to expediency.

Tin Kona Island is an accurate place for those who love nature and adventure. Those who come here can effortlessly get a budget hotel and restaurants and have fun. The evening is the best time to visit and take pictures of this Island. This island looks inordinate at sunset. Come here, celebrate nature, revel in the sight of wildlife, and have a beautiful time here.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

This, along with the tiger reserve of Sunderbans, are the major crowning jewels of, gleaming feathers in, Sunderbans’ cap. This is the perfect place where you can go for a walk-through if you’re here on holiday. You’d get beautiful views of the Peechkali and the Gomti.

  • Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary
  • Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

The emphasized bird species here are egrets, herons, and the like. Also, this place is hygienic and the sir vigorous for you, along with being eco-friendly. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is located right near its sibling animal reserve, the lordly Tiger Reserve. This also marked as one the best places to visit in Sundarbans

Mangrove Eco Garden

Sundarban Mangrove Eco Garden is one of the most attractive forests yet full of mysteries and dangers. Individuals of Calcutta always get enthusiastic while fantasizing about the attractiveness of Sundarban.

Mangrove Eco Garden

The Sundarban is amusing in mangrove trees while enclosed by a mysterious aura of something that locals have faith in to be the God or Goddess of the forest. In 1987, the Sunderbans were designated as a Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Royal Bengal Tiger, India’s national animal, survives in the Sundarbans. Despite the hazard, tourists are fascinated to see the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Sundarban mangrove forest is not only a natural marvel but also vital to our atmosphere and the animals that live there. The Sundarbans are vital for around the globe vulnerable species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, Ganges and Irawadi dolphins, estuarine crocodiles, and the approximately extinct endemic river terrapin (Batagur Baska).

Panthera tigris has no other mangrove habitat around the world. The Sundarbans are a significant example of ongoing ecological procedures because they represent delta forming and the succeeding establishment of newly formed deltaic island chains and linked mangrove populations.

This procedure promotes our atmosphere by causing monsoon rains, delta formation, flooding, tidal influence, and plant colonization.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

If “All Along the Watchtower” popped proximately into your mind when you read this headline, you’re an individual I’m speaking to. Playing along the track on your tranquil vacation, you could ascent the Sudhanyakhali watchtower to spot tigers in your neighborhood. This is the most appropriate place to watch tigers, the highlight of the Sunderbans.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Also visible, with the luck of course, are axis deer and the like. An added bonus is the delightful vista full of trees and greenery you get to see for miles all across when up high on this vacation must-visit.

Dublar Char Island

The Sundarban is one of the biggest single blocks of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. It is situated in Bangladesh. There are many tourist places there. Dublar Char Island is one of them. Dublar Char, an attractive island better known for its attractive scenes, is well-known for fishing and is a place for fishermen with plenty of fish fauna.

Dublar Char Island

One can celebrate fishing here and have a first-hand experience of this fun-filled activity. The Island has all the natural attractiveness of any other place of the globe-renowned Islands.

On the eastern side of this island, River Passur flows, while on the western side River Shibsha. In addition, this island is better known for its attractive views.

The Island has all the natural beauty of any of the world’s illustrious Islands. It is a good-looking island where herds of marked deer are often seen grazing. A casual walk across the Island delivers the tourist the chance of spotting different wild animals. With water all across and with lots of fish fauna, Dublar Char offers a unique experience to enthusiastic visitors.

Hiron Point

There is a number of spots in sundarban. Hiron Point is one of the best tourist spots to visit in Sunderban. Hiron point is named a world heritage state. Hiron Point is an attractive spot, prodigious for spotting tigers and other extraordinary and rare wildlife animals.

Hiron Point

Also better known as Nilkamal, it is well-known for tigers, monkeys, deer, crocodiles, and different precious birds. Often, they are looking out for them. This place appeals to many tourists due to its natural attractiveness and connate splendor.

This is a place to have a look at the infrequent species of wild animals and birds, to be noted in the diary of bird watchers and wildlife fanatics. Every visitor can celebrate their time by watching this attractive scenery of nature.

Bharat Sevashram Sangha Temple

The Bharat Sevashram Sangha Temple is a minor ashram run by a non-profit trust in Gangasagar.

Bharat Sevashram Sangha Temple

The ashram has a small temple and proposes accommodation to pilgrims and guests. The Ashram is one of the most trusted places for inexpensive rooms during the Gangasagar Mela.

Sundarban Roarwild Tourism

A feel of the natural attractiveness of the mangroves and the appreciating surroundings in Sundarban. It is quite interesting. Sundarban Roadwild Tourism suggests an admirable journey to the place. The predominant Sundarband Roarwild Tourism will captivate you to spend a vacation at the place. Being a wildlife devotee, you will love Sundarband Roarwild Tourism. 

  • Sundarban Roarwild Tourism
  • Sundarban Roarwild Tourism

An audacious and exciting journey of Sundarbans at the Tiger Safari is best with roar wild tourism. A Scenic view of the flora will carry you a nice shot. The UNESCO World Heritage Site can be a most captivating location with Sundarban Roarwild Tourism.

Your trance will turn into authenticity after getting a closer shot of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The magnificence of the mangroves in your vicinity is terrific but electrifying. Grasping the most ferocious species in the lens is such a dream come true. Sundarbans Roarwild Tourism makes this happen with comfort. 

The lucrative experience of Sundarbans is a paradise for every individual. The Sundarban National Park is accompanied by attractive flora and fauna. The mangrove forests are distributed over forty thousand kilometers in the Sundarban Delta. The Mangroves are the fine guards of the wildlife. Social communities residing thoroughly feel safe from the dense mangrove forests. 

Sundarban Wild Safari

This place is eccentric because of the rivers, the canals, the mangrove forest, the tigers, the birds, and the canoes.

  • Sundarban Wild Safari
  • Sundarban Wild Safari

Although the accommodations are classically modest. But a visit here is valuable just for the highlights, sounds, and smells.

Best Time To Visit Sundarbans

To visit Sundarbans, September to March are the best months, the winters being the most enjoyable period in the region. Summers can be pretty hot and with temperatures and moistness growing as the months roll on, but can accommodate travel to some amount.

The monsoons bring heavy and long showers which make traveling somewhat problematic but does see tourists who can brave the rains.

How To Reach Sundarbans

By Air: The closest airport to the Sundarban National Park is the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, which is situated in Kolkata, the capital of the state of West Bengal. The airport is situated at a distance of 120 km from the origin point of the Sundarban safari at Godkhali Port. Further, you can rent a taxi or cab to arrive at Godkhali from Kolkata airport, which will take nearly 3 hours by road to trach and visit Sundarban.

By Train: The closest foremost railway station is the Sealdah Railway Station and the closest local railway station is Canning Railway Station. The Sealdah Railway Station is one of the major Railway Junctions in West Bengal Sunderban Tour and is situated on the foremost route of the northeast railway zone and linked to the different cities of India by the unvarying trains.

So, you can visit the Sealdah railway junction from other corners of India and then arrive at the Canning railway station by utilizing the local trains from Sealdah, which will take nearly one and a half-hour of train ride. Further, you can take a private taxi or shared public transport at the Canning to arrive at the entry point of Sundarban at Godkhali to board the boat for the safari.

By Road: The Sundarban visitors, who want to travel by road, can either take public transport from Kolkata to Canning and further from Canning to Godkhali or rent a private taxi or cab to reach directly to Godkhali from Kolkata for the Sundarban National Park tour. It is better to rent a cab or a taxi as public transport may seem to you unmanageable and overfull crowded. The road distance from Kolkata to Godkhali and Canning is nearly 120 km and 64 km, respectively. At Sundarban Tour from Godhkhali, you can get into a boat to further discover the forest.


Sunderbans in West Bengal is the greenest, clean, and most offbeat tourist destination in the near about by a mile. And it is all of those things for good causes, too. It is lush green wherever you look at it, sheltered by vast trees. It is clean and stimulating, you understand that part as soon as you breathe.

And it is marvelously offbeat and delightful because it’s not every tourist spot that can propose tigers and watchtowers over forests instead of nightclubs, and kudos to you for being one astounding unconventional traveler too. 

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